Bitcoin and Gaming Relationship

It’s fair to say that there are plenty of games to choose from thanks to the productivity of the gaming industry. You have loads of them from back in the day and you have a bunch of new ones coming out each year. That being said, you have thousands of options to choose from. And the majority of them is fantastic. How’s this possible?

The answer is simple – this industry likes to keep an eye out for trends and tech advancements. It is one of the most fast-moving industries, for a logical reason – video games are intertwined with the Internet, graphic and video design, programming or simply put – everything that has something to do with technology and technological innovations. That’s how PCs and consoles were first made, and then got better over time, and that is how basic mobile phones evolved into smartphones we have today, you can play games on, and use them for innumerable other things. Thanks to this, the gaming industry keeps the gamers satisfied, due to the fact that they get new and improved games every once in a while, paying attention to their user’s needs. As a result, the industry has earned their trust, and is working on an outgoing relationship with each and every gamer out there.

Thanks to the gaming industry’s ability to adapt to new circumstances and include technological innovations and advancements to the system, the world’s hottest trends are being integrated into video games, making them more fun to indulge in, and turning them into something that society loves to do, even into people’s main stream of income!

One of those trends is most certainly – Bitcoin. This is the virtual, decentralized currency that has the world excited. Excited, and rich. Not only has it already become a viable payment method available in many online gaming venues, but it’s become possible to earn Bitcoin by playing video games. However, there’s more to Bitcoin when it comes to gaming. The technology behind it has inspired a few game developers and they have produced a real mixture of BTC and traditional video games, resulting in Bitcoin games.

By doing so they have expanded the market and gave their users an opportunity to enjoy a new generation of games that can bring them multiple benefits. These titles come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them guarantee high-quality entertainment. So, if you’re looking for something new to play, then you can try these games out:

Bitcoin Hero

Source: CoinDesk

The interesting thing about this game is that it’s a trading simulator app you can enjoy on your phone. In fact, Bitcoin Hero is more of an educational app than an enjoyable game. It offers you a virtual market you can trade in with a budget made up of a virtual currency. You’ll also have some tools to analyze the market with which will help you make important trading decisions in real life when you’re trading. However, trading Bitcoin is still difficult to master. This is why you can go for an alternate option in the form of trading platforms.

In your search, you’ll come across more than one Yuan Pay Group which will convince you why you need to go for that platform. It can do the trading for you, but you’ll need to set it first. That’s why you’ll need to go over a training session and a demo lesson. Once the training’s done and you’re comfortable with the settings, then you’ll be able to take the platform for a test with a live session. Afterwards, you can increase your trading budget and experiment with the settings as much as you want to.

Spells of Genesis

Source: Cointelegraph

Unlike the previous entry, Spells of Genesis is a trading card Bitcoin title. As such, you’ll have lots of cards to collect as they come from different factions. You’ll also have multiple opponents to face and by defeating them you’ll get better and better cards. By doing so you’ll bolster your deck and be prepared for the next duel. There’s also another way to get an upper hand in Spells of Genesis and it’s buying cards and collectibles with Bitcoin. All in all, it’s an entertaining game that will help you relax in your free time.

Bitcoin Blast


The thing about Bitcoin Rush is that it’s delightfully simple to understand and play. You have a bunch of Bitcoin symbols in various colors which you’ll need to match. The more matches you have the better your score will be. You’ll also have a bunch of challenges to participate in and if you complete them successfully, then you’ll get some pretty interesting rewards.

BTC Alien Run

Source: Steam Community

This is a relatively simple game, that will allow you to have fun and as a result, you can get paid in Bitcoin. It’s a runner game where you go through daily challenges with the main character and you are trying to solve missions in order to get one of the amazing rewards. This game is a great option for all the people who are fans of old school games, since it reminds of one of them with its 2D technology. Exciting and colorful, it can be played on both Android phones and iOS.


The one thing to remember about the gaming industry is that it’s constantly looking to advance, which is why the games and systems keep getting better. That’s how tech advancements and trends like Bitcoin become a part of it and play a crucial role in the further development of the industry. This is great because it allows gamers to enter the world of modern technologies, and to become successful in a variety of fields, not only gaming. On the other hand, the fusion of cryptocurrencies and video games is giving an opportunity to gamers, to access the powerful crypto industry, which they probably wouldn’t have a chance to do if there wasn’t for this innovation. Finally, Bitcoin games are fun and entertaining, and they also have fantastic visuals, which is very attractive to both new and experienced players. Is that enough reasons to try and indulge in one of them? We think it is!