Bingo: From Humble “Beano” Origins to a Treasure Trove of Rooms and Themes


Bingo is a popular game that’s played around the world, both online and in halls. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up and start playing. There’s a range of prizes available to players, along with bonuses that can be won along the way.

Online bingo, in particular, has reached a whole new audience, who can play it on a range of devices whenever it’s convenient for them. This means that bingo can be played at any time of the day and night. Here’s more on the background of online.

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From Beano to Bingo

American bingo, as we know it, has moved far from the days of it being known as Beano, which was first played over here over a century ago. It was only played at carnivals, and instead of dabbing numbers, beans were used to cover numbers.

Online slowly gained popularity as people got used to playing on the internet. As it continued to develop, chat rooms were introduced, as were rooms with different themes. Themes included movies, celebrities, wild animals and plenty more, so when people joined them there was a topic they had in common.

Bingo can be played either live or online. If it’s live, there’s a bingo caller whom players can interact with. If it’s not then players rely on a random number generator (RNG) to produce numbers.

Use of Random Number Generators (RNG)

Have you ever wondered how the numbers called in online bingo are chosen? Well, it’s not done by a human, but an RNG. With an RNG, no one knows what number will be called, nor will players be able to predict what numbers will come next.

Bingo sites tend to rely on software, which has to meet strict rules. The software will use a pseudo RNG. Pseudo RNGs make use of numbers to determine which one is next using an algorithm.

Unpredictability is what keeps games fair. Bingo sites that use this type of software have to have a third party verify their authenticity. This is an extra check that works in the favor of both the bingo site and players.

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Bingo Software

There are downloadable and instant-play bingo that often have different audiences. This means that players are already given a choice when it comes to the type of bingo they want to play.

Downloadable bingo can work on many devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are different themes, with good quality graphics and sound which are stored on the player’s hard drive. As it takes up memory on devices, downloading software is worth doing if players have a bingo site of choice they frequently use.

An alternative to downloading is streaming games. With HTML5, players are able to play games on various sites instantaneously. This is done through their browser and is often seen as easier than downloading software, especially if players like to play at different sites.

Bingo Apps

These are available on different devices, including smartphones. There is also a race for apps to be smartwatch compatible, as well. These apps are a popular way to access games quickly. They also have added extras, like being able to store payment details, and player stats, too.

Some even let you set up alerts if you’re waiting for a certain room to start playing. Bonuses such as recommending a friend and welcome bonuses have given thisa new lease of life. All of this combined has opened bingo up to a wider audience, and is now seen as a game that’s for all ages and generations.

This is an important step for this. It managed to keep up with the changes and weathered the market storms. There are many sites that have popped up, some dedicated solely to bingo, and others that have the game as part of its collection of games. There are so many versions available that it really is down to the player to decide what type of bingo they want to play.


How has bingo retained its popularity today?

There are so many components that make bingo what it is, today. Keeping the online game as similar to the game played in halls means that players can play the game anywhere, knowing the basic rules won’t change.

It’s still always worth knowing what the rules are when playing a new version of this. It’s just so you know that the game is the right one for you and that you’re happy with the prizes and any bonuses offered.

Sometimes playing online is more convenient than going to a hall, especially if time is limited or if you have other commitments during its opening hours. Online things allow you to play whenever you want. If you don’t feel like going out, or are chilling on your sofa, but still want to play, it’s OK because you can make online bingo work around your life.

Players are able to choose different rooms with different themes, such as Deal or No Deal or Rainbow Riches at places like BuzzBingo. This means you get to see the prizes you want to try to win, which include jackpots and free tickets. With different themes, players don’t have to play the same game, but can pick and choose whatever they feel like playing.

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Bingo is a game that seems to transcend the ages. It’s been played generation after generation. It’s managed to evolve with the changing times and adapt along the way. From bingo halls to online, there are so many versions of bingo that can be played that players are spoiled for choice.

Online, there are different rooms, each with a different theme and different prizes and bonuses that can be won along the way. Some sites include chat rooms where players can communicate, or they have social media platforms where players can join in discussions. This helps to keep and its community alive.