Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make When Monetizing a Blog


A lot of people out there think that starting a blog will be an easy way to make a profit, however, this isn’t entirely true. How can’t it be true when you’ve read about popular bloggers that travel all over the globe while earning thousands of dollars? Well, the truth is, hundreds of people try to monetize their blogs, but only a few of them actually manage to do it.

In most situations, individuals try to rush the entire process and end up making some big mistakes along the way. And, if you’re wondering what those mistakes are, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most common mistakes bloggers make when trying to earn money from their content:

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Most of Them Don’t Have Plans to Follow

Most people that are thinking about starting a blog know what they want to write about. But they don’t really think about the method that they need to use for generating revenue. Besides this, they don’t think about how profitable the subjects they’ll write about are, which means that they could end up wasting their time, skills, and effort.

This is why you’ll need to think about all of these things before you actually decide to start writing. And don’t forget that you’ll have to answer so many questions before you could begin your journey. By answering all of the questions, you’ll be capable of determining what you need to write about, but more importantly, you’ll learn more about your audience, which leads us to our next point…

They Choose Their Audiences Randomly

If there is one thing that you should take away from this list, it’s the fact that you should never choose your audience randomly. A lot of individuals opt for choosing a popular audience, mostly because they notice this niche on platforms that are popular and well-known. However, this is something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Hence, if you’re thinking about writing articles online, you must research your audience. In fact, besides determining your plan, one of the most important things that you should also determine is which niche suits your content best. If you do, there will be various benefits that you can reap.

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They Forget About Spending on Promotions

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone could make is not investing in different promotions and processes that will help them to reach the audience that they want. Currently, naturally growing your site is extremely daunting and complex, which is why you must ensure that you invest in promotions that will help you. Keep in mind, your investment will return to you in different ways.

People that earn money with the content that they generate, also need to spend money. This means that you’ll have to do this as well. When you’re starting out, you’ll have to invest time and money – hence, you should ensure that you establish a budget that will help you grow your blog. Read more here about tips and tricks for starting your blog.

They Don’t Post Frequently

You shouldn’t expect to start earning a profit just after a few months of starting your blog. This is why you need to set several objectives for yourself, mostly because it’ll help you along the way. Yes, having a site is one of the easiest methods for making an extra profit – however, it will require a lot of your time and effort.

Not posting frequently is one of the biggest mistakes a blogger could make, mostly because the audience that they have at the beginning will want to see what you have to say, at least twice a week. Hence, you’ll want to make sure to have new content all the time. This is something that’ll help you with your SEO and social media strategies as well.


They Don’t Focus on Social Media And SEO

As you might know, social media platforms are one of the cheapest methods for promoting your site, however, a lot of individuals completely neglect them. By posting on social media platforms, you’ll be capable of expanding your reach, and more importantly, you’ll allow your readers to easily share your content.

Additionally, SEO is incredibly important because it’ll guarantee that your site ranks higher in the search results, which means that more people could discover your content. Again, investing your time – and money – into these things will help your posts thrive, something that could easily ensure success.

They Forget About Using the Data They Gathered

Social media platforms will provide you with a wide range of data, which is why you must use it to your advantage. By analyzing the data you’ve gathered, you’ll learn various things including info on your readers, how well your content is performing, and you could also learn, for example, which days are best for posting new content.

However, most people forget to analyze the data they gathered. This could easily lead to them choosing the wrong audience or it could lead to making some really bad decisions. Hence, you must ensure that you gather some data on your readers, mostly because you’ll be capable of understanding them better.

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They Don’t Use Proper Tools

The Internet is filled with free tools that people can use for improving their content and saving a lot of resources, such as their money and time. But, a lot of individuals fail to use these tools for some reason. So, when you’re just starting out, you must ensure that you find suitable tools for yourself.

For example, Grammarly can help you correct any and all grammatical and writing errors, which means that you can guarantee that your content is well-written, while Google Analytics will help you with gathering and analyzing different information. So, when it comes to the tools you should use, do some digging and determine what you’ll need.

They Overlook Marketing

When you start your site, don’t forget to advertise it! In fact, this is one of the most important things that you should do, because it’ll allow you to gain more readers, and more importantly, it’ll drive traffic to your pages. If you overlook marketing, you probably won’t be able to create a successful platform.

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Although most people think that it’s extremely easy to start a blog and monetize it. But this isn’t entirely true. In fact, if bloggers make some of the aforementioned mistakes, it’s pretty safe to say that they won’t be capable of gaining a proper audience. This means that they won’t make a revenue from the content they post.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the mistakes you should avoid making, you shouldn’t lose any more of your free time. Instead, open up your browser and start looking for some useful tips and tricks that’ll assist you with correctly starting a blog, and more importantly, in a way that’ll help you generate an income.