How to Bet on the NFL Playoffs – 2024 Guide

Recreational gamblers come out of nowhere during Super Bowl week. Some even start during the NFL Playoffs and get hooked right away. But those who start betting on football during the postseason will get the thrill, but not the earnings. It takes time to develop a winning form.

Luckily, I have had my share of bad beats, and now I will share a few pointers from betting the NFL. This is what you need to look for before betting on the NFL in January and February.

How to Bet on the NFL

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Most sports betting sites will give you the necessary forms of bets during the playoffs, meaning the spread, the money line, and the game total. Each represents an excellent opportunity to win substantial money, depending on the matchups you like.

The point spread is the number intended to give each team an equal chance of winning a bet. The oddsmakers set the number, and players bet one side. The money line is just picking the winner of the game. And the total number of points scored by both teams combined, like the spread, that the oddsmakers set the total.

But there are other betting forms—for example, proposition bets, futures, alternative lines, and more. The sportsbooks will offer a buffet of bets, and you will be able to spot the value.

Best Offshore Sportsbooks for NFL Playoffs

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Sports betting is legal in 20 states, but what about the rest? Well, that’s where the best offshore sportsbooks come into play.

Finding the right sportsbook could be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. My friends usually hit me with the classic “Where can I bet on the NFL playoffs?” You can find the best sportsbooks with bonuses at

I’m going to give you a few options to try.

My favorite is BetNow. Their website is simple, straight to the point, and it doesn’t take a genius to play on it. They give new players a $500 welcome bonus, which is a great way to start a business relationship. comes in second place. Their marketing department has done a fantastic job of promoting their sportsbook. A few years ago, MyBookie started, but now they are one of the industry’s most popular brands.

Bovada is another good option. They will offer casual betting odds than you won’t find on any other site. The site also has a low bonus rollover that helps players collect their welcome bonus. and are brother sites with similar odds and bonuses. Both are amongst the sportsbooks with the quickest payouts. They also take and prefer crypto money. BetOnline, in particular, is one of the most respected betting sites in the world.
Any of the five options should help you bet on football. Most professional bettors have accounts on more than one betting site. The numbers on the spread and totals vary on each site. It is a must to shop around and hit the best number for each wager at several trusted betting sites.

What to Look for When Betting the NFL Playoffs

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The new people willing to bet during the NFL playoffs make the same mistakes every year. They follow the NFL and try to translate what they usually see every Sunday from September to December. But when January comes, they get hit by surprises they never saw coming.

January football is different. The talent gap between the contenders and those who barely made the playoffs gets exposed. My advice is, don’t forget about things that you probably know, such as:

Know-How the Playoffs Work

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Before, the NFL allowed 12 teams -six per conference- to advance to the postseason. That number increased to 14 in 2024. This means only one team per conference gets a bye week, and 12 will clash right from the first weekend.

That team with a bye week will have an undeniable advantage the rest of the way.
Also, don’t forget the NFL playoffs are entirely different from the rest of American sports.

While the NBA, MLB, and NHL go by the rule of the best of seven, the NFL is one and done.

If you win, you advance, and if you lose, better luck next year.

Line Shopping

Line shopping will separate you from the average sports bettor. Most losing bettors log into their sportsbook accounts and take the first line given to them. They almost do it without thinking. They have money and their account, and they want to bet. So, they do.

Yet, what most average bettors don’t know is getting the best line is likely to be the difference between winning and losing. Let’s say you bet a team -3 (-110), but there is that same line elsewhere at -3 (+100). By taking the first line, you will lose $10 on a $100 wager each time.

While $10 might not be a huge hit in your bankroll, nobody likes to give money away. The correct move is to shop around for the best price. Once you found it, you hit it, even if you have to open a new account on a different sportsbook.

Proposition Bets – Limits and Opening Odds

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Proposition bets are a great way to get into the action without betting the game’s result in any way, shape, or form. Most sportsbooks since there is a liability for prop bets and set their betting limits lower than the side bets or the game totals.

Many props have maximum betting limits of $250 and could go as low as $50. Unlike the spread, money lines, or totals, the oddsmakers have problems setting the right number. They need to figure out how many yards a player will get during a game or how many touchdowns a QB will throw. These odds also are not given nearly as much attention compared to sides and totals.

The prop bets are usually attached to a player’s performance during a matchup. You won’t find them at the beginning of the week, but the sports betting sites will make them available to the public hours before each game starts.

Importance of a Bankroll

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Most recreational betting fans will wager anything in their pocket. Then if they lose, they will get discouraged and maybe never bet again.

My advice is to adopt a bankroll strategy and stick to it. That way, you will have more money to line shop on different sportsbooks. It also allows you to withstand variance, which happens for every bettor, winner, or loser. You will have a better chance of hitting the right number, therefore increasing your winning percentage.

Injury Report

The NFL is a collision sport. Teams who win the Super Bowl are those healthy enough in key positions. Losing a member of the offensive line is more challenging to replace than a receiver or a running back.

Snoop around the injury report every week and determine if the name on the list will impact the weekend meeting.

Public Betting

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Plenty of professional bettors love to fade the public. This means when everybody likes one side to cover the spread, they choose the other side. This is not a slam dunk strategy, but it’s something to consider every week.

There isn’t anything guaranteed in the NFL, which means favoring one team so much could be a mistake. How to profit betting on football? When a team gets a lot of hype and love, the pros sometimes see value on the other side.

Betting Football Is A Grind

Wagering on football isn’t worth going after if you’re trying to get-rich-quick. Sports betting is a grind. Most people lose when betting on sports. It takes hard work and dedication for success, just like anything else in life. However, choosing a reputable sportsbook and utilizing the tips above is an excellent blueprint for success in betting the NFL Playoffs.