Best Water Purifier – Quick Buying Guide 2024

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Having a water purifier in your home is no more a luxury – it is a necessity for access to fresh drinking water. Because of numerous harmful bacteria and chemicals, drinking tap water is not safe. The health can get affected from such contaminants that no one will wish for their family.

A water purifier can save you by supplying you with safe drinking waterafter removing all its impurities. As you have decided and probably searched for the best water purifiers, you have found hundreds of water purifiers that offer different facilities.

Also, you have to determine a few factors before purchase. We have listed those in our buying guide so that you can purchase the right one. Take a look at the buying guide at the careful manner.

Know the Source of Water

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The source of water determines the level of impurity in it. Based on the sources, either you get hard water (underground water) or you get soft water (river water) in your home. First of all, you have to identify this because different impurities need different types of purifiers.

Hard water contains heavy metals, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals and soft water, on the other side, contains house and factory wastes. Based on this, the TDS rating will be different and purifiers will differ too. You can check lapakle for some top best water purifiers for your home.

Know the Required Technology

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According to the TDS rating, you can get different technologies of your filter like UF, UV, RO, UV+RO, EAT and Universal. Right after confirming the source of water and the TDS rating, you have to understand which technology is suitable for the TDS rating of the water you get in your home.

As the TDS rating of the water supplied to our home ranges from 200-2000 ppm, the water purifiers for domestic usages are mostly UF or UV or RO or UV+RO.

There are non-electricity gravity purifiers too, but, it is not at all recommended because it cleans only the natural impurities. The activated carbon water purifier is another non-electricity water purifier which releases all the impurities of tap water with charcoal granules. It is an ancient way of absorbing the dirt and chlorine from water to reduce its bad smell.

For domestic use, we recommend you to get a minimum UV+RO purifier to get fresh and healthy drinking water to stay safe. If you have a higher budget, it will be better to get the UV+RO+UF purifier. To find the best water purifier for home, you may visit reviewcircles.

Storage Facility

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After knowing which type of filter you need in your home,the first thing that comes in your mind is to get a purifier with storage or the without storage!

As the purifier needs electricity to purify the impure water, a sudden power cut will cease the filtering process unless it comes with storage. That’s why it will be better to get a water purifier with a storage tank. It is not difficult to get a water purifier with sufficient storage capacity, so, go ahead and get one according to your requirements.

Depending on the number of people in your family and space you can allow to the purifier, you have to select the storage capacity.

Space Requirement

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Water purifiers need space, so make sure you have measured the dimensionsof the product. Also, check whether you can allow the purifier access to electricity and water at a time or not before buying.


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Just like any other electronic device, maintenance is very important in a water purifier – after a certain period of time, you have to change the filters. Unless you perform the change, your purifier will stop functioning. You may need the help of a service person for this, so, before buying, check the after-sale service of the brand of the purifier.


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Any electronic gadget comes with a warranty package. We recommend you to get the product that offers the maximum warranty so that you can enjoy the free service for a long time. It will help in saving a great sort of money in the long run.


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As it is discussed previously, the budget of the purifier will increase according to the advanced technology it enlists. Also, the storage capacity of the water purifier can determine its price. Larger storage naturally indicates a higher price. In case, you cannot afford larger storage, just a get a smaller one. For this, you only need to store water multiple times.

Installation Feasibility

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As we all know that the majority of water purifiers are bulky and heavier in construction. That’s why we suggest the buyers to be aware of dimensions so that they can create the right plan for mounting in the right area. There will be a proper need for an inlet each for electricity and water. Please ensure that you have an adequate supply for water at a decent pressure because the water purifiers are usually mounted higher.

TDS Levels

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For those who don’t know, TDS means total dissolved liquids that show the presence of minerals, metals, and salts in the water. The water becomes harder with the increase in the levels of TDS. The thing that you need to ensure here is the purifier has the technology to work according to the TDS levels.

As you are now aware of the things to check in a water purifier, it does not seem extremely difficult to get the best one. UV+RO purifiers serve satisfactory for domestic purposes and we believe it will be a great selection for you, as well. Now, just fix your budget and understand how much storage you need and buy the best water purifier easily. Our team has explained the right process following which you can easily end up shopping the required unit.

Please use the suggestions we have mentioned in this post in a rightful manner so that you end up making a perfect choice. If there is a query in your mind regarding this equipment, we suggest writing in the comment section or contact us through email.