Best Time To Visit Orlando In 2024


Are you planning to make travel arrangements to Orlando but are uncertain of the best time to go? Millions of tourists are drawn to Orlando by its abundance of entertainment and their desire for a fun-filled getaway from their hectic life. You’ll be astounded by the number of attractions available in Orlando, including the numerous surrounding towns and cities that each have their specific activities.

The ideal time to travel to Orlando, Florida is from March through May. This time of year, when temperatures fluctuate from the 50s to the 80s, is more pleasant for outdoor activities.

Yet, around January and February, you may find accommodations for as low as $80 per night and flights for as little as $130. Winter temperatures will most likely be on the cooler side, at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider the variables that will assist you in deciding how to schedule your vacation when visiting a place like Orlando.

When Is The Most Affordable Time To Visit Orlando?


Orlando is most affordable to visit between January and the beginning of February. Traveling over school breaks might be costly and stressful, but you can plan to save money if you go during the off-season. It may get pricey if you intend to visit Orlando’s amusement parks, shopping centers, or other attractions.

The cheapest time to travel is in the off-peak months, but if your timetable is flexible, you can still get inexpensive tickets. Orlando flights are available for as little as $130. According to some patterns, flights are typically about 16% less expensive during the off-season than the yearly average.

Many places will reduce the cost of hotel rooms as the weather cools off in summertime hot spots because fewer tourists will travel there. In January, you can get a hotel room in Orlando for as little as $80 per night.

What is the Best Time to Visit Orlando With Family?

Have you considered visiting Orlando but are wondering if it would be wise to bring the entire household? Orlando is a destination where families can explore and enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities. Orlando is best visited with family from March through May.

This time of year is more family-friendly because the temperatures are more bearable, particularly if you are traveling with young children. Orlando offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including water parks, theme parks, and more. Florida may get very hot; therefore, when planning your trip, make sure to pick a cooler month.

Families from all over the world love to visit Orlando. Orlando’s theme parks, which mainly draw young children, are the foundation of its fame. Thanks to the water slides and thrill rides there, you’re sure to have a great vacation!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Universal Studios?


There is rarely a poor time to go to Universal Orlando. However, the best way to experience the day is to arrive at the park as soon as it opens and remember to take breaks midday when it is busiest. We strongly advise anyone who can to tour the parks on weekdays , particularly during busy periods like the week before Thanksgiving, the end of December through early January, in addition to during spring and summer vacations.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Disney World?


The greatest time to visit Disney World is in September, especially if you want to avoid the crowds and get a reasonable deal. Most families have returned home from their summer vacation to prepare for the start of the new school year.

Of all the months, September is the “lowest” month that Disney encounters throughout the year. The ideal time will vary depending on your preferences for good weather, shorter lines, etc.

What’s The Best Way To Get Around Orlando?

So, you’ve planned your itinerary but are unsure of exactly how to get to and from your desired destinations and the hotel where you’re staying. Below are just a few of the options you can choose from.

Car Rental


Renting a vehicle is unquestionably the most common way to travel around Orlando. You may find businesses such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National, and Thrifty inside the airport. You must have a credit card and need to be over the age of 25 to rent a car.

If these options are too expensive (as most of them are) you can take a shuttle to other rental agencies in the area and try your luck there.

Private Chauffeur Service

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to get around Orlando is with drvn, where you can book a private charter minibus to take you to your destinations. This is the perfect option especially when traveling with a group.

With drvn you have the option to pay point to point or per hour. This way you’re sure to have peace of mind as their team strives for professionalism, comfort, and convenience while ensuring that their services are affordable!



In Orlando, many taxi firms and a handful of unlicensed taxis are in operation. Most taxis run on a meter, charging $2.23 upfront and $1.76 for every additional mile. For instance, a taxi from the airport in Orlando to Disney World would cost about $60.

As you can guess, taking a taxi from place to place will most likely break your pocketbook, unless you just want one simple ride from the airport to your hotel and back. Anything other than that is probably less than ideal.



One of the least expensive ways to move around Orlando is via the LYNX bus, which is the name of the primary bus system in Central Florida. There are around 60 routes, and each one costs $2 per trip with the option of discounted passes. Bus stops are identified by pink bus emblems or paw prints and are spaced out at intervals of 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

However, taking the bus all over Orlando, while cheap, can take a lot longer than booking the chauffeur service, or renting your own car.