How Early is Too Early for Buying Christmas Decorations?


If you truly are enthusiastic about the holidays, it is never too early to start making Christmas decorations. Buying the necessary decorations is important so that you do not have to face the last-minute rush. It is also a good idea to make a list of everything beforehand to take advantage of the extra time you have in your hand.

However, you cannot start buying Christmas things in the summer. In this article, we will be talking about how early is too early to prepare for the biggest holiday of the year.


When Should You Begin?

The festive spirit begins around Thanksgiving and then is carried into the next year. For many people, as soon as they are done with thanksgiving, it is time to get geared up for Christmas. Strict traditions often dictate not putting up any kind of decorations for Christmas eve. However, we all know that traditions are now taking a back seat as people dream of enjoying their favorite holidays with all the cheer they can muster.

The preparations begin in November, traditionally as soon as one is down with Halloween. There is one technicality you need to take care of. The time when you buy the decorative items will be very different from teatime when you start to decorate your home in earnest. For instance, if you are planning to begin in November, you will have to make sure that all the required items are in your home well before that.

What Do Interior Designers Say?

Interior designers are conducted every year at the busiest time of the year to help make the homes of people more festive. They have some wisdom to share about when most people seek help while designing their home according to the festive spirit. The first week of December is preferred by many people who are too busy to get started earlier.

If you are hiring an interior designer, it might be easier to get the right kind of decor as the expert will bring it with them. But ideally, you should contact designers well before the holiday seasons so that they can reserve your dates. We would recommend booking in fall and buying some special items you have in mind after your appointment is confirmed.


What Does the Tradition Say?

Christmas is a Christian holiday even if many other people from different religions do participate in it. The Church gets decorated for this occasion as well. It is natural that there will be specific traditions related to the same. The traditions are dedicated to religious practices and the Christian calendar.

One of these traditions concerns Advent. Advent is the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Ask your local priest and they would recommend you to only put up your festive cheer for the world to see on the first day of Advent. Others recommend waiting until one day before to put up anything. This is a common tradition because it is concerned with attracting bad luck if you put up anything too early.

How Early is Too Early?

There is a lot of anticipation for a happy holiday after a long and tiring year. People are leaving behind traditions and making their own rules. Many people just wait for Halloween to get over after which they put up their desired Christmas decoration. Others wait until Thanksgiving and then decorate to their heart’s content.

But how early is too early? We would say that preparing for Christmas is too early when the summer heat is still around. However, you can make your own traditions and collect some items early that you think will go out of stock in the heat of the holiday season. Everything is available online now which is a great thing for you.

For instance, if something gets out of stock in your nearby retail store you can just order it online and have it reach you exactly when you need it. Websites like Christmas Elves specialize in offering holiday prices. They are great for celebrating with your friends or family depending on where you are based.


We can say that it is never too early to start planning for something you are very excited for. There are many stores and websites that prepare for your anticipation and offer good quality products. We would say the only time it is too early to buy Christmas decorations is when the new year rolls around. You can start collecting new products right when the summer begins.

There is also the possibility of waiting until fall so that you can get done with Halloween and then delicate your attention towards the 25th of December. There are other people who start buying around this time and then put them up after they are done with thanksgiving. There is no right date for buying but usually there are specified dates based on traditions.

Even if you follow the tradition of the Advent or decide to wait until Eve, you will need to have the right equipment at hand way before that. Make it a family activity and have everyone installed in the decoration buying. It will be great way to get everyone excited for the holiday season.

However, you can always reduce the burden of what to buy by looking at online catalogs and getting them delivered at home. This is preferable because it will mean less things you will have to carry. It is never too early to buy Christmas decorations if it is available online and at a better price than you would get at most retail stores without discounts.

The Takeaway


There is no right answer of when you should buy Christmas decorations for your home. The only thing you can do is to have the required things with you well before it is time to start decorating. This can be fall if you are starting after Halloween, early November if after thanksgiving. It can also be late November for Advent.