5 Best Temp to Curl Hair: Complete Guide

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People like to curl and wave their hair because they do not have time to make hairstyle. Curling and waving is the best thing for those who are busy in their personal and professional life and hates styling.

People also produce curls and waves in their hair to give a voluminous look to their hair. The NuMeHair have the best way of styling for everyone if they do not have time to make any special type of hairstyle.

A curling tong and a curling wand are not easy to use because a little carelessness can damage your hair. It is too much important to set your hair tool at a suitable temperature that is better for you. If you do not set your hair-curling tool at a specific heat temperature then it can damage your hair and lead yoru hair to many hair problems such as hair fall.

In this article, we will learn about the best temperature to curl hair, we will learn which temperature setting is suitable for which type of hair?

It is better for you to choose such a curling tool that has an automatic system and shut off system. Many tools provide facility of automatic shut off and shut off automatically when they get too much heat.

The best temperature to curl hair

Every type of hair tone demands a different heat temperature for curling. Not every curling tong provides you the best heating system. You should choose such a curling tool, which offers you the best heating technology, which you’re required for your hair, depends on the type of your hair. It depends on whether your hair been chemically treated or not. The temperature of your tool is an important factor in your styling. If you do not know about the proper temperature of your tool, which is required for your curling, then you have no need to take worry about it. You are at the right place and here you will learn all about the best temperature for your styling demanded by your hair.

1. Curling Fine Hair

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If your hair is natural and do not treat with chemical, then you have required taking care of your hair as expensive silk. It is important for such type of hair to treat with a low heat because a high heat level can damage your heat and makes them rough. It is right that your hair becomes ultra-fragile due to this processing.

2. Curling Chemically Treated Hair

If your hair is chemically treated, then you have need to take care of your hair. Chemically treated hair is sensitive as compared to natural hair. You have needed extra care to treat chemically treated hair. The sufficient temperature, which is required for chemically treated hair, is 180 Degree Celsius. It is safe and the best heat level for chemically treated hair because a temperature up to 180 is harmful for chemically treated hair. The heat level of 190 is becoming much harmful for chemically treated hair because it can burn and damage your hair if they are chemically treated.

3. Curling Colored Hair

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A temperature level of 200 degrees Celsius is sufficient for colored hair because this temperature makes your color long-lasting. heat less than 200 degree Celsius can make a large difference in locking your curls and your curls does not remain for a long time if you keep the heat level below 200 degree Celsius.

4. Curling Normal Locks

Normal and hard hair requires protection and a low-quality hair iron can damage your hair. a low-quality curling iron creates many hardships when you use it on your hair because it does not has a better grip at your hair so, your curls does not remain for a long time. Always use a high-quality hair iron and keep your curler at 200 degrees Celsius to maintain the health of your hair. The heat level up to 200 degrees Celsius can damage your hair and can burn your hair.

5. Curling Thick Hair

If you have thick and dense hair, you need much heat to produce curls in it. Keep your curler at 230 degrees Celsius if your hair is thick and dense. When you get your desired hair look then decrease the heat level to 190 degrees Celsius. Curl your hair at a specific and suitable temperature because the massive temperature can damage your hair. Dense and thick hair required a great level of heat for curling. 230 degrees is best temperature for thick and lengthy hair.

What is the best temperature for heat-styling hair?

It is a fact that the heat level of a curler depends on the thickness and density of your hair and the type of your hair. Thin and silky hair must be curled at a low level of heat and while thick hair must be curled at high temperature. If your hair is colored and chemically treated then you should take care of your hair and use a normal temperature of 130 to 105 degrees Celsius for such type of hair. Normal hair type can be curled at 180 degrees Celsius while thick hair required 200 to 230 degrees Celsius for proper heating.

It also depends on the kind of heat tool, which you are used for your styling. Always use such as tool which provides you many heat settings by which you can choose the required heat setting.

How does heat setting affect your hair styling?

Heat setting has a big effect on your hairstyling because you have required a specific heat setting for your hairstyling. If you have the wrong hair setting, then your hairstyling can be disturbed. You have required a better heat level for better hairstyling. It is too much important to set your tool at the perfect heat level as required by your hair.