Best Sex Guide in Times of Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

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The ongoing pandemic has affected the lives of people across all dimensions. Whoever are you & wherever you live, your life must have got affected due to COVID-19. Everything passes, so will the ongoing pandemic, but there are many vital social issues that need to be addressed immediately as such issues can’t wait for the pandemic to get over.

Among the social issues that demand immediate attention, such as healthcare, aid for the underprivileged, mental health, physical well-being, etc., sex life is one of the most crucial ones. People have been mandated to observe social distancing and avoid physical contact. In fact, there are many parts of the world where strict lockdown has been imposed meaning you can’s step out of your house.

Due to such regulations, many individuals have stuck in isolation away from their partners. Luckily, they can perform oral sex or online sex during these times. On the other hand, there are many couples who either decided voluntarily to live with their partners or got stuck with them in one way or other. You must be wondering why someone is behaving as if they consider living together as some sort of an issue. Let me explain.

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Living with your partner 24*7 is a great experience, but sometimes it becomes the cause of lost interest in sexual activity. For instance, when you start living with your partner, you will do all sorts of sexual experiments to seek an immense amount of pleasure, but it is possible that you might experience a loss of sexual desire after some time.

You don’t have to worry about such a situation as there is nothing abnormal. It happens with human beings. Whenever we get something in excess, our minds might start losing interest in it. But, as a couple, lowered sexual desire is highly unacceptable as this will impact your relationship. You might lose the spark of your relations.

Whether you are going to get intimate with lovely escorts from Oklute or your partner, you must be cautious about the virus to prevent its spread. Moreover, in case you are living in with your partner, additional recommendations given in this blog will help you keep the spark on!!

Sexual relationships need not be avoided during times of ongoing pandemics. In fact, it is impracticable to expect people around the world not to have sex for such a long period. So, the best solution is caution & prevention.

This guide intends to help you understand how you can keep your sexual activities safe & pamper relationship bonds. So, let’s begin!!!

Do something new, spend quality time together!

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Sex is great, but there are other activities that couples can do together to keep the heat on. If you belong to that region where going out is allowed, you can take your partner out for a romantic dinner. You both can go on a romantic date like a new couple even if you have spent years together. Hanging out together, going to movies or shopping is a great way to spend quality time together. You can sit together in a park on a dusky evening and talk to each other about your passion for the love that you both share.

If you live in that part of your country where the public movement has been restricted, then do creative activities to renew the sensation. A couple can cook together their favorite dish. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your love while helping each other. Partners can do exercise together in the morning or play games in the afternoon. If you have a front yard or back yard with excess space, then you can test your skills as a gardener.

Evenings are meant for snacks & chats. Discuss topics that you both are interested in. These topics may include politics, sports, or simply gossip. At night, simply turn on your television, switch to your favorite channel & watch a movie together while sharing a little dose of love-popcorns!!!

(Can we give you a suggestion? Watch a horror movie together!!)

Talk out your desires precisely!


To have an intimate relationship, it is important to know about your sexual needs & desires. Sexual intercourse becomes less pleasant if you are not getting what you want or if you are not doing what your partner expects.

Take some time to realize what you expect from your partner or vice-versa. It must be done by both partners. Knowing about your desires is good, but discussing them with your partner is even more important. Talk out everything that you expect from your partner as far as sex is concerned. You don’t have to shy about anything. There is nothing that is weird in love.

In case you want something but your partner isn’t willing to do that, then give them some time. Never force anything on your partner as sex gives maximum pleasure when both partners willingly participate.

Enhance your experience

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You can enhance your sexual experience by trying new things. For instance, go for different poses while having sex. You can try lubricant or vibrators. Some people prefer condoms with a dotted pattern. We would also recommend you to try role-play. This is a great activity that gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.

It is also important to focus on oral sex. We can understand that you might sometimes rush to direct penetration if you are doing sex with your partner a couple of times every day. But make sure this never happens. You must ensure that you are building proper physical intimacy prior to the main action.


These were some of the tips that you can try to implement in your life and I am confident that you will start observing the difference from the very first day. You don’t have to stick to the activities mentioned in this blog only. You can be creative about it and try to explore new ways to please yourself & your partner.

Whatever you do, you have to make sure that you are never disrespecting yourself or your partner.