7 Best Romantic Destinations in the World 2024

Are you thinking about having a romantic getaway or vacation with your loved one? Perhaps you want to unwind on a beach with a cocktail in hand, or probably you are seeking a daring, venturesome destination that’ll bring you and your significant other much closer to each other.

Whatever the reason, romantic vacations can come in multiple forms, and we assume that the list of romantic destinations in this article, has got them covered. For a little help, here are some of the best romantic places to stay in the world. Read on!

1. Santorini, Greece

The domes of whitewashed villages, beautiful sea, and electric blue skies combine to bring about a soulful, romantic setting, perfect for couples. The many places in Santorini, such as Akrotiri and Oia, please with its gorgeous restaurants, panoramic views, and iconic landmarks that make your stay in Greece straight out of a romantic film.

Undoubtedly, Santorini is a stunning Greek island with many places for couples to explore. You can witness the sunset in Oia, with the views of Nea Kameni, Volcano of Palia, and Thirassia Island. Make it more romantic with lunch or dinner at cliffside restaurants.

Moreover, you will surely relish and enjoy the local wine in Imerovigli. This place is popular for having one of the prettiest sunsets. Also, you can spectate the black sand in Perissa. What’s more, there are many hotels on Santorini with wonderful views. You can reserve a room at Perivolas or any other hotels on Santorini via an online booking website like PlanetofHotels.

2. Bali, Indonesia

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Bali exudes beauty, charm, and character. Regardless of how you plan to spend your time here, you can guarantee to have one of the most romantic destinations in the world as your backdrop.

The best views, great outdoors, you and your significant other, together with the aphrodisiac sunsets and tropical weather, there’s no doubt that Bali is a little paradise for any couple. There are a lot of things you can do as a couple in Bali.

For instance, you could enjoy a floating brunch. Bali undoubtedly shines and stands out with regard to brunching. Many cafes are available almost everywhere. Also, you can ensure to have the best sourdough with smashed avocado.

Or, you have brunch on a floating raft. Set in a safe and beautiful floating raft, go on a brunch date with your loved one. As you relish and adore the excitement of this experience, you can enjoy seeing the rich forest, too.

What’s more, you can sign up for a spa on the rocks or a relaxation therapy above water. Another thing, you can hike the Mendel hill. Take note that amazing views follow suit the most difficult climb, so is your relationship.

3. Ushuaia, Argentina

Source: Chimu Adventures

The fine wine and seductive tango dancing in Argentina make the country a romantic place in its own right. However, Ushuaia takes things up to another level for couples. What can you do here? Well, you can head to the end of the world, not metaphorically but literally, with your significant other.

Go to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and obtain or acquire an amazing perspective. Ushuaia is very romantic, especially for couples who like to explore the great outdoors. Also, it offers tons of activities for couples to do together. Plus, beautiful scenery of no end.

4. Easter Island

Source: CNN.com

This romantic destination is Chilean territory. Here, you can watch and enjoy the sunset behind the human figures chiseled and made by the Rapa Nui people or Moai at Hanga Roa. Of course, sunsets (on its own) are always romantic.

But imagine how excellent they’d be from the mid-Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is the best destination for couples who want to discover and explore the world together. Not only is sunset best here but also the sunrise.

That said, it would be wise to visit Moai at Hanga Roa during sunsets and sunrise to relish two different, yet romantic experiences. What’s more, you can visit Anakena beach and enjoy the beautiful white sand and fun waves.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Source: Wine Enthusiast

Sail through Bangkok in a tuk-tuk, explore temples, learn the modern-day local culture at the street markets, and watch the beautiful view of the plenty of buildings that decorate Bangkok. This destination is known as the city that never stops to intrigue you and never sleeps.

Bangkok will undoubtedly keep you busy and active trying local foods at the many fantastic restaurants and street markets. After some time, you and your significant other can enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic Thai massage. Then, you can get ready and geared up for a romantic cruise or voyage on the Chao Phraya River.

6. Paris, France

Source: Aviatica

There are many things you can do in Paris. You can simply stroll around the city and feel its pulse. Or, you can satisfy and gratify your sweet tooth at the many patisseries situated around the cobbled streets. Then, you can visit the temple of love and perhaps share a loving kiss.

In fact, according to legends, those who kiss at the temple of love will have a stronger relationship and love if you ask us why this place is romantic, well, because it is the city of love.

7. Venice, Italy

Source: Azamara

Take a walk over the many bridges in Venice and cherish the reflection of the beautiful buildings on the canals’ water. Also, enjoy and relish the grandeur of Saint Peter’s Basilica or visit the island of Burano.

Venice is undoubtedly perfect for a romantic getaway because the canals and a floating city of gondolas are simply the paragons of a romantic vacation. The classic beauty of Venice will surely seduce you and your significant other.


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Love is in the air, as they say. Fortunately, the world is packed with amazing places for the best romantic getaway. Whether it is for your anniversary or just because! Do you have no idea where to go for a lovers retreat? If so, then the list of places in this article will surely help you out.