6 Tools to Help You Get the Best Returns on Your Bet

Whether you are coming from a series of lost bets, you have just created your first ever account or have made money from betting but want more, chances are you are interested in winning more money from your bets.

In this list, we will go through a number of techniques and tools that you can use that are helpful for winning bigger and better bets. These will not guarantee you victory but if you follow them properly, then you should see increased returns from your betting.

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1. Welcome offers

The first tip on this list is about welcome offers. These are one of the most profitable things in the world of gambling, and if done correctly can win you substantial amounts of money.

They are a deal only available for new customers that offer very good value: they can match your deposits with a free bet of the same value, give you risk free ones which are bets that are refunded in cash if you lose and much more. It is a lot easier to make money through these than it is generally betting.

With this information in mind, you should try and make all the welcome bets that you can find from reputable and certified sites. Bookmakers in the UK like findbettingsites.co.uk offer £20 in free bets for example, whereas others like Bet365 prefer to match your deposit. There are no terms and conditions that stop you from doing multiple welcome offers, so make sure you fulfill the requirements, win some money, withdraw it and repeat on different sites.

You do not have to withdraw it though, and it can even be a good idea to keep some money in different accounts in case some good offers are offered on specific sites.

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2. Odds comparisons

Another reason you have to not withdraw everything from all of your accounts is that you will also be wanting to use an odds comparison tool. You can find one of these on the internet very easily and for free and they compare all of the odds offered by different companies and sites and show you the best odds for each result.

The difference in odds can be quite significant so this is a crucial thing to do. It does not require you to change your selection at all and can still increase your profit margins considerably, so always remember to do this.

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3. Offers and promotions

Once you have created various accounts, make sure to monitor your email address for offers and promotions that they will send through. A good idea is to create one email address specifically for betting and then you will have all of the promotions in one neat place.

Offers and promotions can be very different but are generally all worth it. From companies such as Ladbrokes, you will receive one pound free bets fairly regularly but better offers come on sites such as Bet365 who often give a free bet of the same amount as your bet for big football matches for example.

This is a fantastic way to increase the returns on your bet, because you are guaranteeing another free five pound bet. Of course, this is not guaranteed income, and only place the original bet if you are happy with it: it is not worth using offers in order to use offers, you need to be happy with your original bet as well.

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4. Built in company advantages

Another way to make sure you get the best returns is to use each site or app based on what kind of bet you are going to make. They all have different little add-ons to your bet that you can use to your advantage, especially when it comes to the different kind of bets.

For example, Bet365 has an early payout function. If the team you have picked to win goes two goals up, then the bet, or that leg of the bet, is paid out no matter what happens at full time. If you are wagering on teams that are likely to win, it is better to use Bet365, as they are more likely to go two goals clear.

On the other hand, if you are betting on the outsiders, or even just not on the clear favorites, it may be worth looking at Ladbrokes or some other site. Ladbrokes offer an odd boost that you can apply to your bet and it will boost the odds. The bigger the odds, the bigger the boost, so it can earn considerably more if it is a big odds bet.

These are just loose recommendations to show that knowing each company and what they offer that is profitable will allow you to have bigger returns on your bets. Bet365 also have an accumulator booster which means they are still good at these kinds of bets.

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5. Be smart about your bets

The more research and effort you put into your bets, the better returns you will get. This may not happen instantaneously, but if your choices are sensible and fact and statistic driven, then in the long term you are more likely to succeed.

You must always bet based on the odds, not just on what you think will happen. For example, if you are confident that one player is going to score but you are looking to boost your bet a little bit, you might add that the player’s team is going to win.

However, although if your player scores, his team is more likely to win, but it does not happen automatically and makes you less likely to win the goalscorer bet. In this case, make sure that you are certain that the odds represent value for your selection before placing it.

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6. Tipsters

Tipsters on social media can be very hit and miss, so do not just follow their advice blindly. Look for a tipster who seems to be respected, whose followers actually interact with them and who seem honest about winning and losing money.

Once you have found one or several tipsters that you are happy with, think about the bets that they are placing and try your best to learn from them.