10 Best Realtor Tools for 2024

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Not only do real estate agents play an essential role in the sale of homes, but they also often help people find their dream house. However, it is important to remember that while some homes are on the market for a very short time (sometimes just one weekend), others can take months or even years before finding a buyer.

In fact, it has been estimated that real estate brokers perform almost one-third of all U.S. home sales, or roughly 5 million per year (2013 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Survey).

As the demands for Realtor’s rise, so do their workloads. According to a recent report, real estate brokers are now spending more time selling, translating into more business trips around the nation.

The survey conducted by Bloomberg ranks Realtors among the top 7 jobs ranked for travel. So, if you’re a realtor and looking for ways to make your life easier, here are 10 Tools designed just for you.

1. Zoom (Video Conferencing)

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Zoom is an all-in-one, high-definition video and audio-conferencing app that can help you manage your meetings better. You can start a webinar by sharing the link with your attendees. You do not need to install any software on their computers.

It also allows up to 50 participants in one meeting or up to 200 for HD video conferencing (for Elite accounts). For an additional fee, you can even record your video conference. It’s estimated that 300 million people work from home; not all can afford an expensive telepresence setup.

Zoom fills that gap by giving the look and feel of being in a meeting room, but at a fraction of the cost. Zoom is beneficial for real estate agents because it’s an easy way to have video conference calls with prospects, colleagues (or the spouse). Plus, you can store your video conference history for future use or record them to promote your expertise.

2. Conversant (Lead Generation)

Conversant is an outbound prospecting platform that provides real-time sales insights. The software allows users to discover cold leads and start conversations with them 24/7.
Real estate agents can use Conversant to help fill their pipeline and generate more sales opportunities, especially in a competitive market like todays.

You can find your next client by searching or browsing through its prospecting tools (or even share lists with your team if you’re working on a joint appointment setting campaign). As Ivar Jacobson, the father of Object-Oriented Software Engineering, pointed out: “The biggest ROI often comes from finding new and previously undiscovered revenue streams and growth areas.”. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time.

3. Configure.IT (Project Management)

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Configure.IT is an Australian project management tool for real estate agents that allow users to build, share and track their progress. The tool is packed with features that allow you to create your own workflows, assign tasks, set timeframes for deliverables, and keep everyone on the same page (literally).

You can also add integrations such as Google Calendar or other productivity apps like Trello or Asana. Configure.IT helps real estate agents manage their calendars and deadlines, preventing them from missing important milestones in the sales process. It’s another excellent way to stay organized and cut back on excuses (Don’t say I didn’t warn you: “I’ll get it done tomorrow” does not count).

4. Zillow (Website)

Zillow offers a variety of tools designed to help users discover homes and connect with agents. It’s a real estate marketplace and information hub that can give you insights into the industry – from the latest market trends to MLS listings and price reductions of recently sold homes.

Whether you’re looking for ways to sell your own home or looking for a new property to invest in, Zillow is one website worth checking out. In fact, it has been ranked as no.1 on Google’s results page when searching “homes for sale near me” so expect those traffic numbers to rise even more in the coming years.

5. AgentMax (Lead Generation)

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Real estate agents who want a seamless lead generation experience need to look no further than AgentMax. The platform offers a full range of services, including data enrichment, outbound prospecting, lead scoring, and nurturing.

The CRM tool allows users to create a more personal experience for their prospects by segmenting them based on the information you’ve gathered (like job titles, buying preferences, and location). For real estate agents who want to be laser-focused in their sales outreach, AgentMax is the more innovative way of doing it.

6. Background Check Service

Background check is an essential but potentially slow (and expensive) process. That’s where UnMask comes in; it uses new technology to make the process faster and easier while also giving you reliable results.

This website allows real estate agents to screen their leads faster by verifying their identity without calling them up for more information. It also helps agents keep track of past communication with prospects, so they can easily follow up when necessary or refer them to another agent if needed.

7. Slack

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Earlier this year, Slack added a new feature that allows users to integrate more than 85 other productivity apps directly into their workflow. This includes tools from companies like Salesforce, Dropbox, and MailChimp, just to name a few.

Slack’s newest integration is one of the most significant updates to its chatbot platform since it first launched back in 2014. And with more than 8 million daily active users, Slack continues to lead the charge when it comes to communication and collaboration tools for real estate agents.

8. WeVideo (Online Video Editing)

WeVideo is a web-based video editing service that allows you to create videos from scratch or use templates to get started. In addition, users can crop and edit their videos faster by choosing from various themes and styles.

WeVideo also has many built-in effects and transitions that make it easy for novice editors to create pro-level videos. This is a great tool to show off real estate listings on your website, social media pages, or YouTube.

9. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Source: matterportvirtualtours.net

A virtual tour is a great addition to any real estate agent’s online marketing strategy because it improves on what your website can’t show off. Matterport 3D virtual tours not only allow you to create more compelling listings but also help drive more traffic to your site.

This new tool allows users to easily upload floor plans and related content (like furniture or artwork). It then uses computer vision algorithms to generate interactive 3D images that agents can use on their website, Google Business View account, or YouTube channel.

Matterport has also partnered with Google Street View so users can make their latest listing accessible by anyone, no matter where it’s located. This helps increase conversions by making it easier for prospects researching a neighborhood to find the perfect house.

10. Canva

Featuring more than 58 million users, Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design platforms available. It stands out from similar services like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop because of its simple interface that allows users to get started with no design experience required.

With Canva’s easy-to-use templates, you can create graphics for social media posts, flyers, business cards, blog graphics, and much more. The best part about this tool is that it’s free, so agents can get started right away without worrying about hidden costs.


Finding the right tools for your real estate business is vital because it can help you scale more efficiently. In addition, as technology continues to evolve, new products are constantly being released that make business processes faster and easier.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or increase conversions, these 5 tools will help make it easier for you to find success.