6 Best Private Schools For Children Of American Expats

Are you thinking of moving to another country? You may be wondering whether there are any decent schools in the region. The good news is, many countries visited by expats have excellent educational systems. When you are going abroad, you have to select a school for your kids. It can be a public, private or international school. Consider learning ways of identifying a school in which your children can prosper. Always ensure you select the one offering quality teachings.

You may have to navigate the foreign schooling system. This is such an overwhelming obligation amidst the many changes coming with relocation. Nevertheless, some research is vital. Why do expats prefer private schools? The schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, create excellent studying environments and they have a powerful educational system. Also, most of them perform well. Here is a list of the best private schools for children of American expats.

1. Singapore American School

Source: WhichSchoolAdvisor.com

This school is located in the woodlands regions of Singapore on a thirty-six acres environment-friendly campus. It is a private, independent, and non-profit school offering an American High School Diploma curriculum. Its students are aged between 3 to 18 years. It is complete with 3 swimming pools, not less than 5 air-conditioned gyms, and a thousand-seat stadium.

Over time, it has accumulated more than four thousand learners from fifty various nationalities with American residents being more than 50%. This is an improvement compared to 1956 when the school only had a hundred students. Remarkable ACT, the low 30’s and SAT, the mid 600s graduates and scores go on to the top Ivies. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

2. St. Michael’s College School In Toronto

Source: CTV News Toronto

St. Michael’s college was established in 1852 by the Basilian Fathers. It is among the old schools in Canada.  It is also one of the few and autonomous Catholic boys’ schools. It is dedicated to educating the core curriculum while maintaining a Catholic lens as the commitment for robust scholars across boards. It offers scholars in Grades 7 to 12 a rich Catholic Liberal Arts education filled out by some diverse co-curricular activities.

It strives for the best through a synthesis of faith and culture. A substantial system of modernization was finalized in 2002 and got the school firmly in the 21st century. The school is best recognized in the popular intuition because of the storied athletic agenda. It has produced over 180 skilled hockey players.  It is large and with a strict academic program. The ideal learner can flourish in a rigorous, demanding, and sometimes active environment. You may also be interested to learn more about St. Michael’s College School before enrolling your kids.

3. Dwight School Seoul In South Korea

Source: Newsweek

It was started up in 2012 with the Dwight School campuses in the U.S, New York, Shanghai in China London, Vancouver Island, UK, and Canada. Students across its international campuses and Seoul interact, connect and share different cultural experiences and viewpoints. They do these activities via a variety of exchanges,  trips, and digital communications. Thus enrich the educational system for everyone.

It embraces the International Baccalaureate curriculum, as the IB World School. It is the only school in the area authorized in 3 of these curricula. They are the Diploma for grades 11 to 12, Middle years for grades 6 to 10, and the Primary years for the Pre-K-grade 5. This is a popularly known program around the world and it is the only one where learners are graded in regards to the International benchmarking. Dwight is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Its devotion to the IB curriculum assures academic merit is often in line with leadership training and service-learning.

4. Auckland International College In New Zealand

Source: www.aic.ac.nz

It is a top private secondary school and offers the IB Diploma curriculum. The school has a reputation for academic value. Its students get invitations to the leading universities worldwide. They constitute the UK, US, Japan, Korea, and Canada.  This can be the place for your daughter or son to enroll in. The school has internationally coached and gifted tutors. Its curriculum constitutes the IB program itself and the preparatory IB Diploma study. As the best private school, most novices earn above average global score in the IB Diploma course.

5. St. Paul American School Hanoi, Vietnam

Source: St. Paul American School Hanoi

Since  2015, it has thrived a lot.  It currently has more than 530 enrolled learners from  20 and above nations around the globe with almost 60 instructors. It nurtures learners into self-inspired and critical philosophers. St. Paul teaches its students to be grown-ups with great moral personalities and integrity. They emanate as responsible and compassionate global dwellers valuing diversity. Also, they are expected to maximize their potential and attain the highest quality of learning.

It has high anticipations and engages in an inquiry-based method. The learners collaborate to enhance their creative and critical thinking. This involves the capacity to effectively work with others and express in clear, compelling, and concise ways. This strategy promotes knowledgeable problem solving and decision-making. The students comprehend their strengths and deal with their challenges with priority and zeal. Additionally, they manage their manners by making accountable choices. They create relationships via a wide range of interchanges.

This school gives an environment that is facilitating social-emotional learning. This is by community building, relationship building, teaching the importance of character, and appreciation of diversity. It doesn’t only have honor for human dignity but also requires the novices to be managers of their surroundings. They are also engaged, empowered, and prepared to participate in a prosperous future. It continues to develop its culture and community.

6. La Paz Community School In Costa Rica

Source: La Paz Community School

This school has a specific kind of fairy-tale characteristic you may have to glance at and reckon. You will be shocked when you watch over 200 children sit in quiet meditation for the morning hours meetings. You can pinch yourself to confirm it is not a fantasy. La Paz aims to produce critical scholars who are not scared of stepping out of their comfort spots. It also creates lifelong students who are focused.

Its philosophy goes around establishing peace within the world, the community, the family, and oneself. It is a bilingual school. It offers IB diplomas and its graduates can proceed to the United States’s colleges or other places. La Paz’s learners are from many distinct backgrounds and socioeconomic classes. They comprise children from the United States, lots of other nations, and Costa Rica. This school is situated in Playa Flamingo. It is over an hour from the international airport in Liberia and 20 minutes from Tamarindo.

How Do You Decide on The Best Private School?

  1. You can choose the one complementing the high school requirements of which your child will attend.
  2. Enroll children in schools exploring a variety of curricula, for instance, the International Baccalaureate. This program gives the simplest transition for American learners.
  3. Consider a more diverse school in terms of culture. In the end, your children can make an effortless transition.
  4. Often, you may experience different behaviors about educating kids with special needs abroad. Choose a school for those with this kind of necessity.
  5. You can compare particular elements of the schools. The class, distance, size, the ability to attend school with neighborhood friends, and transportation
  6. Sports are a bonus and have to be checked out properly. Not every school administers all the programs, so take note as you research.