What To See In Cambodia – 10 Best Places for Motorbiking in 2024

Renting a bike to travel around locally is a popular choice in Indochina countries. And Cambodia has always been in the list of the most worth-motorbiking destinations. Postcard-perfect landscape, rich culture, warm people, Cambodia has them all. Ready to rev up and go? Here are the recommendations for what to see in Cambodia.

What To See In Cambodia – 10 Places Definitely Worth Your Visit

1. Sunrise at Angkor Wat

As the best of Cambodia’s drawcard, the glorious Angkor Wat is a must-visit religious monument. And that’s why we have decided to give it the first place on our ‘What to see in Cambodia’ guide. It is a spectacle that you can see any time in a day. But contemplating the sunrise at Angkor Wat is a totally different experience.

The ancient vibe sparkling from the Angkor Wat early in the morning is a beautiful scene to get yourself immersed in. Capturing this magical moment is an ideal start for your Cambodia motorbike tours which are available on vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com.

2. Sunset at Koh Rong Samloem

Another “what to see in Cambodia” recommendation is Koh Rong Samloem. This seemingly untouched tropical island shelters many isolated beaches.

Powder-white sands, crystal-clear water, and vibrantly green tropical landscape are what you should expect from Koh Rong. This scattering of beaches is competitive to Thailand’s Koh Samui or Phuket. Chill with a cocktail while enjoying the sunset at Koh Rong Samloem can definitely be a highlight in your trip.

3. Night in Phnom Penh

Watching the city twinkling with hectic urban activities at night is also a special experience while motorcycling through Cambodia. Choose a sky bar or rooftop lounge in Phnom Penh; you will have the best view of the city while sipping a Cambodian-style coffee.

Being the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is like a frenetic heartbeat buzzing with motorbikes. Ride around the city, explore the narrow valley, and get to know the authentic Cambodian cuisines in local restaurants, you will fall head over heels for this country.

4. Cardamom Mountains

Cardamom Mountains are a complex of tropical jungles, lakes, and canyons. This place has also remained one of the largest rainforests in Southeast Asia.

Besides taking the view from the mountain ranges, spending a few hours hiking in the forest is a choice to-go. Cardamom Mountains are home to a lot of rare flora and fauna, making your visit more nature-involved.

5. Phnom Sampeau

Perched on the landscape of Battambang is Phnom Sampeau – not only a quaint pagoda but also a birds-eye view platform. It’s a gorgeous place to visit, fill your lungs with fresh air, and look down from the panoramic view.

The exquisite view of paddy fields, grassy hills, and villages are there to wipe out all the tiredness on the way. It’s a great place to stop by and let yourself recharged before getting back on track again.

6. Kampot River

Kampot River is blessed with calmy flowing water and densely arranged mangroves. It should take you half a day to explore the river by kayaking through the pristine countryside.

Floating on the flow of Kampot River and having yourself puzzled through the mangroves, you will soon discover a variety of fish villages and templates. Park your motorbike and spend a few hours there getting a glance at the Cambodian rural living.

7. Kep National Park

Motorbiking to Kep National Park is an ideal way to get yourself close to nature. Every turn on the stretching road will get you exposed to the seemingly endless mountain range and ethereal ambiance of the twisting old trees.

The loops going through Kep National Park also give you a chance to visit some farmlands and pagodas. It will be a mix of nature and culture in your motorbike trip, definitely worth passing by.

8. Preah Vihear temple

Preah Vihear temple is a world heritage ancient temple that is really off the beaten track. So if you want a less touristy and more Indiana John-style alternative to the crowded temples, Preah Vihear is good to go.

This temple is a quite remote destination; you’d better always rely on your map while moving. However, it is totally safe to reach; the terrain is also not so rugged, this hidden gem may just take you quite a while to find out.

9. Kirirom’s pine forest

Kirirom’s pine forest, which takes you a two-hour drive from Phnom Penh, should be included in your motorbike loop. It is a great escape from the chaotic capital city. You won’t be able to get inside it by motorbike. Find a place to park and take a short walk into it.

If it’s break time when you reach there, no worries at all, Kirirom’s pine forest is surrounded by different accommodations, ranging from rental tent, cabin, to homestay and villa.

10. Tonlé Sap Lake

Last on our recommendation for the What to see in Cambodia is Tonlé Sap Lake. It’s a primary waterway in Cambodia and one of the places with the most vivid local vibe. Biking through this area, you will see how people rely on their daily life on boats.

Schools, homes, shops, churches, many of them are built on bamboo and barrels. Be ready to get impressed by how the waterway has been facilitating everyone’s life so smoothly.

Cambodia Motorbiking Tips

Ask for a helmet when renting a motorbike in Cambodia. Further to the rural areas, local people tend not to wear them. However, it must be for your own safety, so always wear one when you are on the way.

Southeast Asian people seem to honk a lot when they drive, but it’s not because they are upset with other drivers. It’s more like a signal instead of saying “watch out.” So do it the same way every time you need to make a turn or overtake.

Cambodia gets very hot in summer (June – August). If you are traveling to Cambodia in the hot season, always wear outfits that cover most of your body.

When visiting temples and pagodas, make sure you cover up well. Your access to this place can be restricted without respectful clothes.


Above are all the best places for your wonder of finding what to see in Cambodia. Hope you will get to see some/all of them soon in your two-wheel adventure to the Kingdom of Wonder.