7 Best Padlocks For High Security

No one wants to pick a padlock that breaks apart or freezes in the dead of winters. Storage places are handy places to store your valuables. But what if they are locked with a padlock that breaks apart with a mere hit? The whole purpose of a storage unit falls apart. Therefore, you require nothing less than the best padlock for high security.

A secure home or a place gives you peace of mind and sound sleep. With so many incidents of robbery and break-ins, security has become an integral concern. If you hear or go through a lock-picking incident by any chance, you would definitely want to upgrade your protection as well. Thus, one way to ensure security to select the right padlock for your needs.

There are so many padlocks present online with a variety of features that set them apart. People choose them because of their value-added performance that goes a long way. Below are the padlocks that will help you achieve your desired level of security.

Even if your storage unit is located outside the house, you can rely on them for your goods’ safety, but of course, with proper security measures.

1. ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock

Toolsplash recommends Abus 37/80 padlock as the best padlocks for high security for several reasons. As you have a keen look at the features, the recommendation seems justified.

The hardened steel body with a high pick-resistant core sets the quality bar high for others. Due to lengthy shackle status, it is convenient for people who operate their padlocks single-handedly. ABUS padlocks are demanded their precision and continue to garner support till today.

The only way to go through this padlock is a heavy drill. Probably, this is the only instance when the deafening sound of a drill won’t look bad as it will alert everyone around the poor thief.

Many people caring about the design and looks may not find added frills and bells in this padlock. But the good news is that it ranks way higher in what it is supposed to do.

2. Kwikset 50MM SmartKey Padlock

For a padlock, it is more important to score full marks on security because looks can come at any number later on as well. But if you are concerned about your padlock’s appearance, we might say that these are the best padlocks for high security.

However, let the sleek and chromatic color of this padlock not fool you, but it will surprise the lock-pickers. The makers are well-versed in making high-quality padlocks for a long time and know precisely what they are doing.

If you are already using other smart key locks, this will be a new addition to the family and can be opened with the same key. So, you get rid of taking a bunch of keys when you go to your storage unit. The padlock offers safety and convenience. Above all, its laminated steel body, molybdenum shackle, and ball bearing mechanism offer resistance against sudden attacks even with a hammer.

3. Digit Combination Disc Padlock

Some of you might feel that a padlock with a digit combination setting is more secure than the one operating with keys. This might be because there can be any number of combinations to open the lock. This suggestion is for people going after digital combination locks. Its ability makes it one of the highly demanded padlocks in the market currently.

With its keyless magic, there is no need to carry even a single key. The price range of a little more than $20 is neither too cheap nor too high. The price is way less than the provided security and ease with this padlock. The body and design are compact yet rigid and resistant against outside attack.

With an intact core and stainless-steel body, you get all the surety by the makers. As these locks are withstanding rain and moisture all the time, the stainless-steel body will bring its corrosion resistance property to the forefront.

4. ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock

It is quite amazing how many of you might get satisfaction about a padlock’s abilities with weight. Besides, you are not wrong; weight does add to the sturdiness and strength of the padlock. Among various reasons that make this ABUS padlock the best padlock for high security, one of them is undoubtedly weight.

The second highlighting feature is the unique design that sets it apart. On top, it is not as pricey as you might expect from an ABUS lock. Its primary function of providing security, with the strong shackle, offers resistance against powerful pulling and cutting attacks.

Its stainless-steel body also adds to its strength. This handmade lock is made in Germany, so strength and quality come as no surprise. With an extremely high number of key-variations, it is almost impossible to pick this lock. Besides, due to the same feature, there is a firmness among the pins as well.

5. Master Lock Pro Series – (3) Hidden Shackle Padlocks

This padlock made by Master Lock is one of its kind and perfectly works for people that like a little drama and suspense in what they buy.

This seemingly shackle-less padlock will startle the robber once, and indeed it will take some time to figure out that shackle aerodynamically folds at the back of the lock. This out-of-the-box design will give a tough time to the potential lockpicker coupled with its strength.

The lock is a combination of durability, sturdiness, and strength due to the zinc die-cast hardened core. The same features make it go a long way with a user.

If you are also fond of shackle-less locks with some suspense in them, these are the best padlocks for high security for your indoor and outdoor use. The spool pins of this lock make breakage even harder. Rest assured with these locks; the thief is going to go through the most challenging time of life.

The lock comes in a package of three locks that are rekey-able. Thus, you only need to carry one key to open all the locks.

6. Master Lock 178D

With its simplistic design, this padlock is perfect for fulfilling the needs of people going after the simplicity and core function of a lock. The master lock has been making security locks for a long time now. The lock has various safety usages from school lockers to storage units, garages, gates, and many more.

This lock comes in an old-school design with an inverted U-shaped shackle. Additionally, many people rely on it because of its bigger dimensions and size. Whether indoor or outdoor, out this lock on the door and let it guard your belongings with its dependable and sturdy build.

You might have seen faulty locks freezing in extreme weather or getting rusted under humidity—No chance with the Master lock. Its rust-resistant hardened steel body can withstand harsh weather conditions and outside cutting and assault. Finally, you can easily set the four-digit combination for foolproof security.

7. ABUS 92/80 Monoblock Solid Brass with Steel Jacket Padlock

ABUS is a trustworthy name and requires no further introduction because products and their strength and quality speak for them. ABUS 92/80 Monoblock is a tempting padlock for people in need of heightened security and protection for their precious belongings.

Having a look at the shape and design of the padlock, you will surely realize its strength and what it is capable of. The heavyweight adds to its strength instead of hindering it. At the bottom of the lock is the 8-digit pin setting offering you over 1000 keystrokes. For people who are ready to invest once for ensuring the security of their goods, going with this option is a wiser option, proving its worth over time.


The best padlock for high security becomes inevitable if you don’t want to compromise the security of your storage units. They are sturdy, offer strength, and are quite impossible to pick. Additionally, they are sufficiently resistant towards cutting as well.

One pro-tip is that you should always go with the one that is comfortable to use, offers resistance, and build with sturdy and durable material. Other specifications such as design, keyless options, etc., may vary, but the above features are a must for any padlock.