Spotting the Best Online Casinos in Australia that Offer Free Spins


Receiving more than your money’s worth is always a good thing; be it in food, clothing, or in gambling online. And in the world of online casinos, having extra turns to take on your favorite slot machine gives not only more fun and excitement but also more chances to increase your play money.

So, how does one pick the best online casinos in Australia that have free spin bonuses? While a lot of online casino websites offer a list of casinos with free spins like DiverJoe Casino, it’s also helpful to know what makes an online gambling site worth more than just the free spins. That’s why we’ve listed down what to look for on an online casino’s free spin promotion to call it an awesome catch.

Five important factors to look at when searching for online casino sites in Australia with free spins:

  1. Costs
  2. Frequency of bonuses
  3. Additional bonuses (if any)
  4. Licensing
  5. Safe and honest software

What’s with a Free Spin and Why Should You Chase It?

In preparation for diving in on looking for the best free spin offers on Australian online casinos, let’s understand what the term ‘free spin’ means and how they work. Knowing the term not only provides you a better grasp on the term but also adds more appreciation in selecting the right deals when you find them online.

In a nutshell, free spins are play credits online casino players can use on the site’s slot machine games at no cost. Most online casinos offer these free credits to players who either make an initial deposit to their bankroll upon signup or existing patrons that deposit an amount to their current bankroll. The bigger the deposit amount is, the more free spins players get.

What’s great about free spin bonuses is that even if you play for free, you still get the same prizes when you hit a pattern! This means you get real money for playing with free games.

Now that we have a better appreciation for free spins and why they’re worth searching on online casinos, how about we delve deeper into the discussion, shall we?



The first thing that we need to look at when deciding on which is the best free spin online casino is the amount of deposit needed to meet the illustrious free spin bonus requirement. Regularly, each online casino would offer different rates for the free play money, with the sites competing for either the best price or best value. Some may provide fewer free spins bonuses for smaller deposits, while others would offer more free play money for a larger deposit amount.

On one hand, the bigger bankroll option would be a better option, as they tend to have more perks aside from more free spins. On the other hand, if you’re a player that tends to do small but frequent deposits, opting for the lower option might give a more sustainable and rewarding experience.


Frequency of Bonuses

Another point to consider when locating the best free spins online casino in Australia is how often the online casino gives out their bonuses. Do they provide a one-time promotion, or constantly refresh their deals to better attract more players to their site? The answer to these questions will help you know if the online casino is worth signing upon.

The more frequent the online casino gives its free spin deals, the more opportunity players have to take a turn on that elusive slot machine theme or replenish their nearly-depleted bankroll. Thus, the best free spin online casino in Australia must offer their bonuses more often to draw the attention of the crowd.


Additional Bonuses (If Any)

Everyone wants to get more bang for their buck, right? So aside from free spins, the additional treats that the online casino can provide for their patrons is a big indicator of the site’s confidence in their brand. This shows that they are more concerned about making their players stay rather than getting a one-off payment from them. Incidentally, this action acts as a form of ‘loyalty program’ with their patrons, making them stay longer with the site, leading to more transactions.

Studies show that when companies establish a loyalty or incentive program with their customers, it is more likely for the customers to remain with the business and less likely to turn elsewhere. This also causes them to spend more, knowing that they will be rewarded for their purchase, making it a win-win for both the online casino and their patrons.

The usual freebies that online casinos give on top of the free spins include cashback, more credits, and VIP bonuses, among others. Some bonuses can even be converted to real cash upon check-out, which is great news for avid players.



Apart from the free play money and other deals the online casino is offering to players, ensuring that the site has the proper licenses to ensure quality gaming and prompt payment. Nothing bums an online casino fan more than spending time and money without the assurance of payment.

To guarantee the legitimacy of the online casino you’re frequenting, check the bottom section of their website and look for license codes or accreditation. Legitimate online casinos will be proud to showcase their accreditation on their site, treating it like a badge. Not finding this on an online casino, however, could mean that they’re either working on accreditation or can’t secure one.

Gambling forums are also a reliable source to learn more about the online casino you plan to play at. These forums have detailed information and stories from fellow online gambling aficionados, sharing their experience with certain sites along with some recommendations.


Safe and Honest Software

Checking the online casino’s software is also crucial in determining if it’s a safe place to play casino games and spend money. Specifically, the random number generator of the online casino must be tested by governing bodies to guarantee fair and honest gameplay. Pulling levers on slot machines with free spins would be wasted if the site’s RNG system is not properly calibrated, as it would result in lower chances of winning.

Final Words

Free spins on online casino games allow players to take part in more games and possibly win more for the bankroll. Selecting the best free spins online casino is the best way to enjoy online gambling.