How to Find the Best Mobile Storage Unit Hire Companies in Melbourne


Mobile storage units are the modern way to store things due to their high convenience and flexibility.

Because of their rising popularity, you can see many companies offering this service. They are all good, but there are some obvious characteristics that set some industry leaders apart.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what services, sizes, prices, security, and contracts an industry leader will offer you. From there, you will know the benefits of hiring a professional company.

Mobile Storage Units Services You Should be Offered

The basis of mobile storage unit services is mobility. Unlike the usual self-storage, mobile storage units are mobile and they can be delivered to your premises easily.

However, delivering containers should not be the only service a storage company offers you. Every customer has different needs and schedules, and not all companies can meet these conditions.

Therefore, you can easily spot an industry leader from the services it offers. An industry leader will have these services;

  • Mobile Serviced Storage

Storing things takes time, especially the packing part. Not all people have time for this, especially those with a packed work schedule.

So, great companies offer an end-to-end service where the company does all the work for you. They will take a mobile storage unit to your house, pack all your things, load them inside the unit, and store the unit in their storage facility.

Basically, you don’t have to do anything other than make a phone call and secure a booking.

  • Mobile Self Storage

If you have enough time on your hands and you love organising, this is the right service for you. Putting the emphasis on self storage, you basically have control over the packing and loading of the container.

The company will deliver the storage unit and drop it off on your premises. Then, you have time to load all your things inside without any rush. Once you are ready and all is done, you call the company for collection and storage.

The good thing about this service is it will make your access after storage easier. Because you organise the unit yourself, you will know where exactly you put your things. So, there will be no confusion when you try to search for something specific.

  • Mobile Onsite Storage

Some people may need to store some of their things but still need to use them daily. This is a difficult situation for some customers because access to storage units in a storage facility is complicated.

However, companies now offer onsite storage, where the storage unit is dropped off on the customer’s premises and left there until it has served its purpose.

Therefore, with the container on your property, you can access it all day, all time. After you have finished using it, you can arrange for the company to collect the container.

  • Shipping Container Hire

If you are doing a big project, such as a big move, full-house renovation, or business stocking, you will need a lot of space. That’s why the shipping container hire service is handy.

The storage units offered for this service are double the size of the usual small storage units. With their big size, you can store all your things in one container rather than three small ones.

If the company you are considering doesn’t have this variety, then they most likely cannot meet your specific needs. Better to pick a company that can be versatile and flexible with their services.


Mobile Storage Units Sizes and Prices

A great company will give you multiple sizes to choose from. If they only have one size, then you better move on to the next candidate.

Only having one size will be difficult for customers with different needs. Customers with little things will have too much space. On the other hand, customers with a lot of stuff will have to rent another container.

Either way, they lose money. So, a good company will offer these sizes;

  • 6ft Containers, which can fit 2 bedrooms worth of things = $3.27 per day.
  • 8ft Containers, which can fit 2.5 bedrooms worth of things = $4.7 per day.
  • 10ft Containers, which can fit 3 bedrooms worth of things = $6.13 per day.
  • 20ft Containers, which can fit 3-4 bedrooms house worth of things = $8.56 per day.

Every size has a different price, as you can see above. Hence, if you choose a smaller container, you will pay a lower fee.

Storage Facility Security Measures

Every storage facility should have security measures in place and the company you are considering should give you the details if you ask.

At the very least, all companies should have;

  • CCTV cameras
  • Full-day staff monitoring
  • Alarm systems and motion detector sensors

Industry leaders will take security a step further. If you choose a good company, your container will come equipped with a padlock protector. The padlock protector is there to prevent attempts to break the padlock.


Protection Against Damages

An industry leader will go out of their way to ensure there is no damage to your things. Despite thorough stacking and organising, things can still bump and jostle each other.

Therefore, industry leaders will provide all protection materials, like furniture blankets and tie-downs for free. If you get all of that free of charge, you can save quite a lot of money.

So, make sure to choose a company that gives you complimentary items.

Mobile Storage Units Contract and Insurance

Rather than asking for a contract, you shouldn’t get a contract at all.

A good company knows that storage length can change if plans change. If you are bound by a contract, you will have to return the container even when you’re not ready yet.

As a result, there is no time to find space to hold all your things while you empty the storage unit. This will cause you more stress in the long run.

Therefore, choose a company that offers no fixed-term contract. With that flexibility, you can rent for as little or as long as you like.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is insurance. Insurance is important because damage can always happen. You have to have the guarantee that you will get your money back if your things come back damaged.

So, make sure that the company you choose has insurance and willingly shares all the details with you.



You have to choose an industry leader to take care of your storage units. They will have more service, size, and price options to choose from. Moreover, industry leaders take security and protection seriously.

Furthermore, a good company will not bind you with a contract. They will offer you flexibility and convenience instead. Lastly, you will also get insurance to make sure that you get your money back in case damage happens.

So, make sure you put your trust in the right company.