5 Best LED Backup Lights For Trucks

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Whether you’re looking for better visibility while backing up your truck or want to add some style, LED backup lights are a great option. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best LED backup lights for trucks.

How do LED backup lights work?

LED backup lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce light. They are much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last for tens of thousands of hours.

One of the benefits of LED backup lights is that they provide a very bright, wide beam of light. This is ideal for backing up a truck, as it allows the driver to see clearly what is behind them.

LED backup lights are also very rugged and durable. They can withstand shocks and vibrations, making them ideal for use on trucks.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to light up your truck’s rear end, then LED backup lights are a great option.

There are thousands of products available for purchase, but not all of them will be suitable for you, your objectives, or your budget. By removing the majority of your concerns when purchasing or using one of the led backup lights for trucks on the list, we hope to make your life easier overall. Here is the list of the Best Led backup lights for trucks.

#1 Torchbeam 1156 LED White Backup Light Bulb (Recommended)

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These lights are Extra Bright. Each of the 1156 replacement lights is built with 9-SMD 3030 LED chips of the best quality. Each 1000 lm, 360° uniform beam pattern, Torchbeam reverse bulb is 250% stronger than regular lights.

To guarantee a consistent current and prevent radio interference, this brake light features a built-in efficient IC controller. Plug and play with no bias. immediate functionality with no warming trend. The 6063-material used to make the Torchbeam tail light bulbs efficiently distribute heat, extending the life of the reversing lamps to up to 3000 hours.

You can buy these high-quality LED backup lights from SuncentAuto.com, an online auto part stores for selling automotive lighting and accessories.

#2 SEALIGHT T15/912 White LED Backup Light Bulbs 2PCS for 2008-2013 Suzuki SX4 (Recommended)

Plug-and-play, simple installation. CANBUS driver, non-polarity, and instant-on functionality with no warm-up period are all included. This bulb has Long-Life. The aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum SEALIGHT LED backup bulb. Fast heat dissipation makes the bulb last up to 30,000 hours.

Much longer than the original light bulbs. It has a life of 50,000 hours. Power consumption is also less in this backup light. Fast cooling capacity. Installation is also very easy. Same bulb size and light location to original halogen lights. You get a clear view with a beam angle of 360 degrees with the LED backup lights from SEALIGHT.

#3 Nilight LED Pods with 4 Inch and 60W with 2.5 Inch Mounting Brackets

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LED lights are very Bright. This led pod emits 6000k pure white light, efficiently lighting the gloomy road at night. It has a powerful 60w led light bar, quality led circuits, and a clear PC lens. For general lighting and further lighting at a distance, a combo beam is a suitable mix of a spot beam and a flood beam.

“Designed for most trucks like SUVs, trailers. High-quality aluminum alloy material and advanced production process make the tow hook mounting bracket impact resistant and anti-corrosion. There are 60w led pods and mounting brackets included.

#4. Nilight 42W Flush Mount LED Light for Off-road 4×4 Truck SUV Jeep

Combo beam type design produces the brightest spot and additional light at 15 degrees from the top and bottom rows, and wide-angle flood light at 170 degrees from the center rows. The vanity mirror light pods emit a better and perfect 7800LM lighting the entire road in front of you.

It provides exceptional visibility and removes any fear of the dark and a potential truck accident. It has more LED and a triple-row design. To ensure the precise size of the mounting holes and their location, a paper model is included.

This is to make the installation very simple. Just mark the location, cut and drill the slots, check the thickness, attach the light, and fasten the bolts. On 4×4 trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, Tacomas, and other vehicles, the flush mount LEDs can be perfectly fitted on the rear bumper or grill to function as the backup/reverse light and foggy light.

#5 Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Lights Bulbs

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Each 4014 SMD high power & high illumination LED chip in a 912 921 LED reverse light bulb is 30 pieces long. Working Voltages: 12V to 24V; Working Power: 5.5W. Better performance thanks to an integrated intelligent IC driver. Also saves energy, and it is low on temperature. The LED light will long for a long time.

How to install LED backup lights

Installing LED backup lights is a pretty simple process, and we’ll walk you through it step by step.

First, you’ll need to find a suitable location for the lights. You’ll want to avoid any areas where the light could be obscured by cargo or other objects. Once you’ve found a good spot, use a drill to make two holes for the screws.

Next, take the brackets that come with the lights and attach them to the back of the LEDs. Once they’re in place, screw the LEDs into the holes you drilled earlier.

Finally, run the wires from the LEDs to your truck’s battery. You can tuck them away behind trim panels or other areas out of sight. Once they’re connected, give the lights a test by turning on your truck’s reverse lights.


Make sure to take into account these considerations before purchasing led backup lights for a truck. If you buy a good quality product it will not only last long but will also give the value of your money.

The product should be durable and will save some money for you. Buy from good and reliable brands. In this case, the most trustworthy brand to buy these LED lights is SuncentAuto.

SuncentAuto is the most trustworthy and renowned name in the industry as it comes with many benefits. They provide good discounts to the customers and also have good customer service to answer all your queries.