5 Best Italian Furniture Brands in 2024

In order to make a comfortable home one needs to have all the right elements that turn a house or an apartment from a place of warmth where a family lives. To full your place of living with the right things, you need to know about the best available products out there. If you are in need of some quality furniture in 2024, look no further than this article for advice. Moreover, if your wish is to equip your new home or refresh your current one with some high-quality Italian furniture, here you will learn everything you require to make it happen.

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History of Italian Furniture

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Although the Italians are hardly the first ones to introduce top-quality luxurious furniture to the scene, their dominance on the market is widely present today. It all started during the late 20th century when Italy as a newcomer started to contribute more and more.

What characterizes Italian furniture is the sheer variety of astonishing styles and designs. Italian designers have left, and are still leaving their mark on the industry, establishing their beloved country as a major manufacturer and exporter of the highest quality modern furniture.

Names like Harry Bertoia, Vico Magistretti, Gae Aulenti, Marco Zanuso, Carlo Scarpa, Fornasetti, Joe Colombo, Gabriella Crespi, Ettore Sottsass, and the Castiglioni brothers are all classic names in the modernist furniture style. As one of the most popular destinations in the world, their great taste and expertise in all dominant areas of life, especially food, fashion, sports, and vehicles are also present in their ever-expanding and changing furniture industry.

Paola Antonelli, the senior design curator of the New York Museum of Modern Art, perhaps put it best in his famous statement:

“Nowhere else in the world can one find so many varied examples, both in terms of conception and of the formal outcome. So many applications of diverse forms, from fashion and graphics to product and set design. Such extensive and multifaceted documentation recorded in literature, and such an international resonance. To this day, Italian furniture design companies have been able to maintain their status and their experimental verve and, in a time short of great indigenous designers, are attracting the best talents from all over the world.”

5 Best Italian Furniture Brands

The best of examples of their fine craft are the following Italian furniture brands worth considering in 2024:

1. Smania

Source: Ekaterina Elizarova

This brand is quite famous for its furnishings. One of their most wanted collections is the garden collection made from the walnut crotch and nubuck leather. They offer dozens of options for all the different parts of your home, exterior and interior alike. Everything is made exclusively by hand and is therefore pricey, but you cannot go wrong if you take longevity, comfort, and quality into consideration. Alberto Smania found the famous furniture brand in 1967. The first line of furniture was made with iron, but they soon switched to wood. With their contemporary furniture, customers can choose different finishes, fabrics, colors, and designs, and they allow many products to be tailored and custom-made.

2. Marioni

Source: Modern Sofas

The Marioni brand is a classic, statement Italian brand famous for its style. It is an example of the Maximalism ideas of the 20th century when furniture was much more obvious and had a dominant presence in the homes. Compared to the minimalist trends of today, they seem towering and quite brutish in comparison, but in the best way possible. In the case of large rooms, such furniture is the obvious choice. Marioni uses quite a lot of metallic details and glass surfaces with their products, especially with lamps and tables. If you want more pizazz, glamour, and flashiness from your pieces, look no further than their famous statement products. Other pieces are traditional and have all the right characteristics to make them comfortable and beautiful.

3. Selva

Source: Lusso

The third brand on the list has a very interesting slogan that perfectly describes what they are all about. It goes, “Love for tradition. Courage for innovation.” and this is exactly what their collections aim to be. They have a long heritage and tradition of harmony, feeling of home warmth, and the general elements that make Italian furniture stand out. On the other hand, they are not afraid to break some boundaries and offer something new and special with their innovative pieces. The brand started with decorative designs but has since adopted a sense of the modern needs of the customers who know and cherish well-designed furniture. Some of their most sought-after furniture pieces include armchairs, tables, chairs, and the new Downtown collection.

4. Cattelan Italia

Source: 197 Design Store

Cattelan Italia is a brand with a long tradition that lasts more than four decades. The brand was founded by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan in 1979, and ever since the early days, their goal was to produce comfortable, high-quality furniture for modern homes. Today, their son Paolo Cattelan is leading the operations and continuing the family business and tradition with great success. The brand cherishes beauty, innovation, and sophistication above all else. This becomes clear once you gaze upon their home décor and lighting items and pieces. Cattelan Italia has also won many awards over the years and employs famous and talented designers. Some of the most popular furniture they make include dining tables, beds, bookshelves, lights, and mirrors.

5. Capital

Source: Architonic

Last but not least, this brand is all about keeping it Italian from start to finish. They make it a prerequisite of quality furniture to use nothing but Italian natural materials for their every piece. This means that all of the wood, leather, fabric, marble, metal, and other materials are strictly grown and found in the country of Italy. They have been in the game for over four decades and one of their quests is to save the environment while using its resources gracefully and within limits. Attention to detail is what they also take a lot of pride in, evident by their best-selling pieces like sofas, armchairs, desks, and wardrobes. If you respect and adore brands that care about every step of the manufacturing process, Capital may be the ones to outfit your home with top-notch furniture.


As you can see, Italian furniture is a no-brainer choice when it comes to 2024 furniture. The best possible quality is there, the absolute comfort and aesthetics are always guaranteed, and thousands of happy and satisfied customers are there to confirm it. Such furniture is a luxury and an investment, and while they are indeed often pricey, you cannot really argue about it if you stop and think about what you are getting for the price. It is only fair!

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