8 Best iPhone Data Transfer in 2024

We have noticed that transferring the pieces of data from the iPhone is a bit complex process. Logically, most people would primarily try to transfer files with iTunes. Yet, it might happen that you can’t do what you want. Because of that, many people look for alternatives.

Fortunately, the programmers are good people. They developed different programs that will help you transfer different types of files from your iPhone to your computer or laptop.

Yet, before we start with the list, there is one thing that we need to say. The programs for our list you can use for different purposes. Not all of them are all-rounders. Despite that, we will leave you to decide which one is the best for your needs.

So, let’s get started.

1. EaseUS

We will start our list with the first free iPhone data transfer software. This program does not only serve as a data transfer application. It can also back up your iPad or iPhone pieces of data. Yet, it also can transfer different types of files from your iPhone device to your computer. The pieces of data that you can transfer with EaseUS are contacts, music, notes, photos, and books. Yet, it is good to know that this program is suitable for devices that come with iOS 8/9/10/11/12/13. The entire transfer of the files won’t last longer than a couple of seconds.

2. CopyTrans iPhone Transfer Tool

Source: copytrans.net

Obviously, this software is developed by CopyTrans. It is one of the more popular alternatives to iTunes among iPhone users. That’s why it was not possible to write this list without mentioning this tool.

This tool is multi-practice because it offers different solutions to users. First of all, it allows users to back up and restore iPhone apps, documents, and settings. Despite that, there is one feature that we need to highlight. You will be able to transfer documents to apps and transfer iPhone games with progress and scores to any device. The entire installing process on your iPad or iPhone device is not complicated even for beginners. It will take you only two clicks to finish the installation without using iTunes.

3. Syncios iPhone Transfer Tool

Source: syncios.com

The first thing that we need to say about this software solution is simplicity. You do not have to be a genius to understand how this app works. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is less effective from others from our list. The main purpose of this tool is the transfer of files from one place to another. Some users say that Syncios control iOS device is much easier than iTunes. Yet, we won’t confirm this statement. We will let you check that out.

Anyway, you will be able to transfer and organize the files of iPod, iPad, and iPhone to any computer device.

4. PhoneTrans iPhone Transfer Tool

Source: dr.fone – Wondershare

Well, this transfer tool is a bit specific. We do not know which type of files you want to transfer from your iOS device to your computer. Yet, the developers of this program were mostly focused on music transport. Because of that, many people believe this is the easiest and one of the most quality iPhone music transfer tools.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the users won’t be able to transfer different formats of files. You will be able to transfer photos, apps, movies, music videos, podcasts, and ringtones. Yet, something that will cause a smile on your face is the fact that this service is completely free.

However, the advantages of this tool do not stop here. The users will have the chance to transfer their files to both the most popular platforms – Mac and Windows. As we said, for both Operating Systems, the app serves the purpose of 100% Free Transfer Media Files. This also includes different formats of apps that we mentioned – movies, ringtones, etc.

5. iSkysoft iTransfer

Source: Top Best Alternatives

Many previous users of this transfer tool will tell you that this app is “no brainer”. It allows people to transfer different types of files from iDevices to iTunes and PC. It covers various aspects of copy like Playlists, Videos, and Music to iTunes and laptop and computer devices. More precisely, you will be able to share Music Collected without the need of using iTunes. Despite data transfer, the app allows users to maintain the media files and create backups of them.

6. Zapya iPhone Transfer

Source: Enjoy Zapya!

When you check the reviews of this app, you will see people saying it is one of the coolest on the market. Of course, we do not claim the same and we suggest you check if these statements are correct.

Anyway, there are two common reasons why people say this app is one of the coolest. First of all, it has a simple but attractive design that is different from many others. Despite that, it has one feature that many other tools for file transferring does not have. You do not need Wi-Fi connection nor Mobile Data Network to transfer files. This literally means that you can transfer files in absolutely every moment and every place.

7. TunesGo iPhone Transfer Software

Source: Softonic

4 key features of TunesGo will confirm this app is a good alternative to iTunes. First of all, it allows the transfer of different types of files between iTunes, iPhone and computer/laptop devices. The files that you can transfer are music, videos, and others without using iTunes.

Despite that, it allows users to manage their files in a lot better way. You can easily delete, view, and add the files that you want. Many times will happen that the files you transfer are duplicated on your device. Well, with this program, that won’t be a problem. You can easily remove the unnecessary or duplicated files on your device.

8. iMyFone iPhone Transfer Software

The usage of this tool is completely free and we are sure many iPhone users will like that. You can easily transfer the preferred files between computers or iTunes and iPhone. The quality of the program ensures that neither of your files will lose. Some people say it gives more freedom to users than iTunes.

The installation and data transfer are easy and the beginners won’t need to look for additional guidelines.