10 Best Gifts That Give Back to Charities in Need

Have you ever thought of buying presents that have some worthy causes related to them? Whenever you buy charity gifts for your family or friends, it adds to their happiness. The charity presents are known to support several important causes such as minority groups, fulfilling orphan children’s needs, protecting the environment, and many more.

The presents that spread happiness to your dear ones and the second party have a wide range of variety. Giftsforgood.com is the one-stop destination for all those who want to invest their money to purchase something for a good cause. This website’s primary mission is to empower people of the planet by giving them back through the gifts purchased by you.

Source: Food & Wine Magazine

List of 10 Charity Gifts

Every kind of recipient can find something of their choice on this list. It doesn’t matter what you pick from the list because everything you buy contributes to the world’s betterment. You will get all the items listed below from giftsforgood.com:

  1. Weekender gift box: The weekender gift box is an eco-friendly box designed beautifully with certain food items. It contains items such as golden cornbread mix, Lentil soup mix, Blue popcorn, salted caramel seasoning, a blend of southwest spices, etc. Purchasing this gift hamper would be directly linked to impact women’s lives. Click here for more eco-friendly options.

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  2. Smokey black throw blanket: Gifting a throw blanket to your friends living in cold climatic conditions is such an excellent idea. This beautiful grey and black in a color throw blanket are hand-loomed by a Nestor Yana ( artisan of Peru). The blanket is made up of acrylic and alpaca mix and has fringes at its end portions. If you buy this blanket, it will provide four hours of employment to some poor artisan situated in Peru.
  3. Hand-made custom candles: Customers from various parts of the world love these candles specially made in the USA. The candles are made from clean coconut wax, making them the most sustainable candles in the whole market. You also choose to customize the vessels or the candles’ containers. Candle Candles are available in different variants or flavors, such as amber, santal, vanilla bean, white tea, Darjeeling, etc. Purchasing these candles will allow people with developmental disabilities to work for 15 minutes in Los Angeles.

    Source: Good Housekeeping
  4. Water bottles: Sleek glass bottles do look good both with logos and without them. You have the freedom to customize the logos and color as per your choice. These bottles are made with high-quality glass and provide easy grip to you. It can fit perfectly in your cup holders or small bags. The website offers drinking water to many developing countries when buying these bottles.
  5. Dog treats box: Pups from across the world love treats, agree? These dog treats are made only from six ingredients that are natural and gluten-free. There are two social benefits linked with the purchase of these dog treats. First, it provides care for one hour to the rescue pets. Second, they are connected with Wagster, a social organization that aims to teach individuals employment skills to make their future stability.
  6. Nazca Travel Pack: Are you looking to buy something for your colleague? Then, this is probably the perfect gifting item. The Nazca travel pack is a good option for everyday use in the office and even while traveling. It is equipped with protective features and a laptop sleeve of 15 inches. This bag is the best seller bag for all the employees. The website provides grants to non-profitable sectors such as health and education when purchasing this gift.

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  7. Brownies in gift: There is no need for any occasion when you want to treat your family and friends with chocolates or brownies. Sending brownies or chocolates to cheer up someone is always a good idea. There are different flavors available such as chocolate brownies fudge, vegan fudge brownies, snickerdoodle blondie, etc. With every purchase, gifts for good provide employment to people who are in need in New York City.
  8. Cecilia Tote Bags: Are you on the hunt for some excellent purchases for your female friends? Then, you should probably stop wondering now. This leather tote bag is handcrafted and is perfect for all the females present on your list. With your every purchase of this bag, a poor child situated in Honduras gets the opportunity to attend the school for 13 days. What is better than giving someone the chance to learn and make their future fruitful?
  9. Power bank or a solar charger: Nowadays, everyone who travels a lot knows the importance of having a power bank. This solar charger can charge your phone or tablet up to 3 to 4 times on a single full charge. All you need to charge these power banks in sunlight. It is water-resistant, dust-proof, and also comes with a flashlight. It is a perfect gifting item for someone who gets to travel frequently. The social cause related to it is that the website will give a solar light to any needy person on each purchase.

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  10. Chef’s board: Cooking is practiced as a hobby by many people. We all have at least one chef in our home who cooks delicious food. This chef’s board comprises high-quality material and is unique and durable. The customizing option is also available where you can get the person’s name printed. It is a very heavy-duty chopping and serving board, which works well with even cheese and bread. Purchasing every board will save trees from being cut.

To Sum Up

Buying presents to please someone is something different. But to purchase items that can give something back to someone in the form of charity brings true pleasure. We hope that you find the right present for your loved one from our list. Don’t miss the opportunity to spread happiness among your near ones and the whole planet.