5 Best F1 Posters in 2024

Source: formula1.com

Do you have a favorite sport? You probably do. Everyone does. You don’t have to be an athlete in any capacity to fall in love with one beautiful discipline. Today, kids love superstars. It is easy to get attached to the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Their faces are everywhere. Of course, football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is closely followed by the likes of basketball and tennis. If you look only at the United States nothing can come close to NFL. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are idols to many kids and adults all over the world.

If you move further east, you’ll learn that in India the most popular sport is cricket. India loves it. They adore superstars who play this sport such as Sachin Tendulkar. On the other part of the globe, the likes of Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant are immortalized. Kevin Durant and LeBron James fall into the same bracket. Kids all over the world collect pictures and posters of these athletes and they’re almost celebrities in every sense of the word. In a few days, we’ll have the World Cup in soccer, and the eyes of the world will be directed toward Qatar.

By now, you must be wondering aren’t we forgetting something? The panic is in order but we’re not. Instead of all of the well-known athletes and sports let’s talk about one often overlooked. But, can we say that the world’s fastest caravan is overlooked? The F1 drivers are one of the world’s premium athletes. They lack the popularity of the folks we mentioned above because they always wear their helmets and are sitting in their racing modules. Immortal legend such as Michael Schumacher is the face of the sport even today. The likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso deserve a mention too. If you’re a fan of this sport you’ll be thrilled to see what we have in store for you. Below you’ll find the 5 best F1 posters in 2024 just waiting for you. If you want to decorate your household with one, please check them out and pick the one you like the most.

1. Circuit de Monaco – Racetrack Artwork

Source: trackscapes.com

Right now, we can almost claim this is a collector’s item. If you’re a fan of racing sports you need to own this one as one of your F1 posters.  The track in Monaco is a historic one. It ties so many memories with this sport that it’s unbelievable. It’s a tragic circuit and it’s a joyful one. You can claim both things and you’ll still be in the right. For many people, Monte Carlo is only a tourist destination and a gambling paradise. But, for anyone enamored in racing, it is so much more. These streets give life to one of the most exciting races in the world. You need to have a poster of it in your home. It will make it so much more enjoyable and unique.

2. Michael Schumacher Poster

Source: pinterest.com

As we said, here we are talking about an immortal legend. Yes, Michael had a tragic accident and little is known about his current condition, but he’s still alive. In our hearts, he’s the greatest face that has ever greeted a racing track. A man who inspired millions and for a long time was the undisputed F1 champion. His legacy will live on far long after we have left these pastures. Having a poster of this F1 superstar in your room is a must. Yes, his titles are a thing of the past but his legacy will live far beyond 2024. You need to give him the respect he deserves and buy this poster.

3. Lewis Hamilton Artwork

Source: carbonfibreart.co.uk

If you want to give credit to contemporary drivers you won’t do much better than Lewis Hamilton. An amazing driver in his own right and one who chased and reached some of Michael Schumacher’s records. The one he’ll try to emulate in the not-so-distant future is the one who holds the most titles. Both drivers are currently tied at seven each. So, you get the point why you should have his picture in your home in 2024. You can choose one of his 2024 Mercedes artworks or you can wait for the next year and the record-breaking title to have an even more original one. It’s up to you. But, if you’re a fan of F1 you’re a fan of Lewis Hamilton and he’s due some respect.

4. Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Wall Art

Source: canvaswall-art.co.uk

You either love or hate Max. he’s a polarizing person and a two-time world champion in F1. No one can take this from him. He’s a difficult guy to work with and the dark side of his persona is coming out for everyone to see it. You’ll see newsstands filled with negative talk about him. But, if you fell in love with his driving skill you’ll care for none of it. He should only be seen as a driver and champion. If you can do this, you can also decorate your home with a little bit of Max and Red Bull artwork. As a true fan of RB racing and this driver, you can find amazing art tied to their names on the web. Having a piece hanging in your home should be viewed as a gallery piece.

5. Ferrari F2001

Source: driven.co.nz

We gave you one amazing racetrack, and we gave you a few champions and racing teams. So, what’s left? Well, of course, what’s left is one legendary vehicle. Here we are talking about the 2001 Ferrari racing car driven by no other than Michael Schumacher. This piece of driving machine belongs in a museum and not only for racing. It belongs in Louvre. We bet you agree with us. When art depicting this vehicle is done right, nothing is topping it. It is truly a legendary one, and if you want a poster showing off F2001 you won’t make a mistake. This is what true fans and onlookers alike learn to appreciate quickly.