5 Best Apps for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in 2024

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

When our health is at stake, we shouldn’t take any chances with potential factors that impact it. That’s why so many people aim to obtain devices and software that can aid in keeping track of constant changes in our health as well as the normal variability of our organism. The field of mobile apps has been working hard on providing useful features and potent applications that allow just about any person to take care of their health with little time required.

These applications measure our blood pressure and heart rate which are two important factors of our health, providing us with timely updates and allowing us to prevent heart issues from getting out of hand.

What makes a blood pressure app good?

These applications have an immediate and obvious utility but to know what makes them good is also important to know. The first sign of a good app is its lightweight nature. An app must be able to run without consuming too much of the resources of our device. That way, it won’t compromise the speed of the said device.

Functionality refers to the capability of the device to operate without malfunctions or other issues that may mess with the accuracy of the data. This is extremely important because wrong measurements can easily mess with our measurements, which are very important for determining behavior and solutions necessary for our health to improve.

The last thing to note is the features available on the application of our choice. These apps are capable not only of measuring blood pressure but many other measurements which impact overall health. These can include anything from irregularities to weight.

1. Welltory

Source: welltory.com

The importance of just about any app is to cover multiple grounds it is tied to well. We are frequently made to install more and more applications on our phones in order to keep up with the times so at times it can be quite difficult to find storage space for all of them despite the massive internal storage of new phones. The Welltory app covers anything from fitness schedules to blood pressure.

Welltory is a versatile application with rather good reviews on official app stores. It will allow you to track various traits of your blood pressure among other possibilities it offers. It can act as a fitness app, heart rate variability app, blood pressure app, and other useful applications that we can find a use for in everyday life.

Welltory is available on both Android and iOS devices. This wide availability means you won’t have to worry about being unable to install it on your device. The additional features can also help you cover for the lack of other applications that would be utilized for those specific purposes, making Welltory even more versatile.

2. Blood Pressure Companion

Source: apple.com

With each new app that comes out the question of its utility remains pretty much the same. Other than the standard use of measuring blood pressure, we assume the app will give us useful information to help us improve our health overall. That’s something Blood Pressure Companion very much provides. Apart from standard blood pressure management, it offers weight measurements as well as heart rate checks.

The simplicity of its UI makes it so each and every single bit of information is provided to you quickly and clearly with zero worries that you’ll get lost in the app. Blood Pressure companion also comes with various reminders you can utilize to mandate a healthier lifestyle.

This application is available on iPhone for free. Simply download it from the official app store and get started with tracking your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight. By tracking and reacting to changes in these measurements, you should see a quick improvement in your overall health.

3. Qardio

Source: instagram.com

As far as specialized heart tracking apps go, Qardio is one of the most robust ones out there. This application provides not only blood pressure, heart rate, heart variability, but a slew of other features. Calculating BMI, measuring weight, calories, and other items are all present in this huge list of capabilities that Qardio possesses.

Qardio is an application that can easily be connected to the corresponding Qardio devices and gather information from them. It’s like combining all of your sources of heart health into a single device which is more than useful in our busy everyday lives.

Qardio is available on iOS and Android devices for free. It will provide all the necessary information to just about any person who needs to get blood pressure and heart rate measurements.

4. Heart Habit

Source: heartattackpedia.com

Speaking of good applications, Heart Habit provides those who download it with the ability to track all the troublesome details tied to heart health. This can include your risk of heart attacks and other issues. Reports on high blood pressure and risks of its increase as well as side effects are presented on this app in order to help better your life.

The advantage of the Heart habit is its inception. This application wasn’t developed just by competent software engineers and developers, but by medical personnel as a source of consultation on various health concerns too. The utility of this is that the measurements and warnings have been finely tuned to warn you of any potential troubles that may occur due to the behavior or diet you utilize.

This application can be found on the iOS app store and downloaded quickly in order to get your health back in good shape.

5. PulsePoint Respond

Source: pulsepoint.org

To alternate to another application that is widely present, we have PulsePoint Respond. This is a free application with good ratings on both iPhone and Android stores, resulting in overall positive reception. Along with that positive reception, we have actual features provided with the item.

This app is unique, it allows you to connect with a community member trained in CPR when you need it most and have no assistance on hand. This can assist you a lot during situations where trained personnel isn’t fast or close enough to aid you during emergencies. The application provides immediate help to those who are most at risk of cardiac arrest.