10 Beneficial Hobbies for Web & App Developers in 2024

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Web programming is hard work. It is a constant, long-term struggle with new problems, deadlines, and stubborn customers. All programmers, without the slightest exception, face a situation when there is an impossible task that takes hours, days and sometimes months to solve, because the answer is always slipping away. All of this can make the work unbearable and lead to burnout. Yes, despite all the advantages of programming, it can be tedious. The ability to cope with the stress of work is a significant thing.

Many of us have noticed that the answer comes in unexpected moments when we are engaged in entirely different kinds of activities. That is why we have created a selection of exciting and useful hobbies for developers.

1. 3D-modeling

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The development of technology leads to the appearance of devices that were not available on the market before. Today everyone can buy a small 3D printer for a low price. The creation of 3D-models allows you to spend time interestingly and to distract from problems with code.

Such a hobby will involve an abundance of mathematical calculations and logic operations. The necessity to see the model in perspective will develop your imagination. All these features are essential for a programmer. Give this hobby a try, and maybe it can turn from entertainment into a useful habit.

2. Card Games

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Many successful programmers are fond of poker, blackjack, or similar games, and this is no coincidence. It is necessary to have a good memory for counting cards. Mathematical and statistical mind tilts are essential for estimating probability, and attention is needed to gather information from details. To win, you have to add a large portion of strategy, a pinch of cold blood, and a bit of luck. The listed qualities can be found equally in software development.

Go, and chess are standard games for developing mental qualities. You will have to choose the right strategy and continuously adjust it based on the opponent’s moves. In the course of the game, you will learn to think ten steps ahead.

3. Cooking

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Cooking is the closest programming analog and can be a great hobby. Initially, cooking the simplest dishes seems to be an impossible task. Poor choice of ingredients, heat treatment conditions, or wrong spices choice can result in tasteless food and wasted time.

Accurate measurements are crucial, steps must be taken in the right order, and small deviations can have catastrophic consequences. It sounds a bit like programming, don’t you agree? And by the way, Elon Musk adores baking.

4. Photography

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For a programmer who has no professional connection to the visual art, it is difficult to imagine the number of small details in the picture. It is essential to consider all of them to get only one quality photo.

A photographer, in a sense, can be compared to a programmer – professionals have a task and a vast field of activity. There are many ways to solve a problem, an infinite number of functions and variables, and a small number of basic rules. Photography requires a lot of attention and allows you to develop creative and logical thinking.

5. Gardening

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Gardening may seem like a hobby more suitable for housekeepers and seniors. But it is also an excellent option for developers. Gardening teaches you how to troubleshoot and adapt. Sometimes the plants look beautiful, and the next morning they are sick. Why is this happening? The problem may be hiding in the lack of nutrients, poor lighting, and so on. You need to understand this and then solve the problem.

Gardening also teaches you to be patient and persevering. What you plant today can take weeks, months, or even years to grow. The same can be said for many programming projects. Through gardening, you will learn that daily passion is the key to long-term success.

6. Writing

Developers and specialists in this field often write articles, blog posts on IT and related topics. A subject interesting to you may as well be interesting to someone else. So why not start a blog? For example, you can become a writer for writing service such as EssayPro. Your articles will cover a significant number of matters including IT education, startups, business and marketing trends.

Writing skills help to keep documentation for your projects more efficiently, and also to perceive writing code as a creative process. Additionally, it is an excellent way to capture memories that can’t be achieved by a camera. You cannot photograph your thoughts and emotions.

7. Competitive Orienteering

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Sport orienteering is the ability to determine the location and direction using a map and compass. The skills involved (using the compass, reading the map) develop different brain areas. Plus, you are engaged in healthy physical activity.

Fresh air, emotional relaxation, and hiking are great ways to relieve tension and refresh your brain from work-related problems. Most likely, when you return, a problematic code will be solved within minutes or hours.

8. Puzzles

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A quite enjoyable way to spend your free time is solving puzzles. However, it is entirely passive and monotonous, so you should use this option only as an additional hobby. There are many variants of paper puzzles. All of them can help you improve memory, develop motor skills, and teach you logical thinking.

Some puzzles are more active – these are quests in real life. You can create a quest room or go to one to participate. There are road quests, online versions, and others. Boredom will be dispelled instantly.

9. Sports

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We often associate sports with things like losing or gaining weight, but exercising has far more benefits. Many people find solutions to their mental health issues in working out. Engaging in sports allows you to maintain not only a physical condition but also the ability to solve problems.

Once you start, you will immediately discover all the advantages of constant training. And this is not only getting rid of excess weight but also improving sleep, physical shape, and mood in general. Participating in sports will help you train both your body and mind, keeping both sharp and active.

10. Musical instruments

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It has been proven that music has a positive effect on the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity. In contrast, learning to play instruments, memorizing new tunes, and introducing complicated methods of play have an impact on the left hemisphere. Besides, music has a positive effect on your  concentration. Because when you are distracted, it is impossible to play complex parts.

Also, in the 21st century, you do not even need an instrument to play. The abundance of all kinds of applications for musicians dramatically simplifies the process of mastering a certain instrument. In turn, as an app developer, you can improve any of them in your favor.

Final Words

Searching for new activities within one area limits your ability to do other exciting things. If you break away from technology and go hiking to take pictures, or try out an original recipe, it will make your life more enjoyable. A new hobby will free you from the pressure that you do not even realize because you are used to it. Do something new without waiting for the burnout to happen. Give in to these hobbies with the same passion as learning technology, and you will notice how your perspective changes.