6 Ways of Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

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Every day, we live our lives wanting to grow and better ourselves. It is a natural human instinct that everyone is born with. When you reach a certain age, the desire becomes, even more, hence people seek various ways of bettering themselves. In Abraham Maslow, ‘Hierachy of Needs’, there are steps taken in human development where there is a need to meet needs from the lowest level to the highest. Self-actualization is the highest level where people have achieved their potential and want to help others.

There are simple ways of becoming the best version of yourself, buckle up as we discuss.

1. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs are human’s worst enemy of progress. There are some misconceptions about certain things that are limiting growth. Getting rid of such beliefs will propagate your growth in various aspects. Growth doesn’t mean physical only; it entails mental growth, financial, spiritual, and other essential aspects. Becoming the best version of yourself requires change, and there is no change without growth.

2. Self Care

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Self-care entails activities that lead to you being okay mentally, physically, and spiritually. The most basic self-care activity is exercising. Create a schedule to guide you in your exercise, like morning or evening, depending on the available time. You can either go to the gym or run every day or just have some tools to help you exercise in the house. While starting, it will be a bit hard, especially if you are unfit, but eventually, your body will get used to it. Physical wellness also impacts mental wellness.

Also, exercise has other positive effects like your skin will glow, your body will function better, and you will be productive at work. For more self-care practices, use makeup to make yourself even more appealing. You can buy classic lash extension wholesale to ensure you don’t run out. Click here for more information.

3. Read a Book

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Reading is the best way of opening your mind to a variety of perspectives about certain issues. There are different genres of books, whichever you enjoy reading, it will still help you grow. Inspirational books are the perfect genre to read when you want to change from the person you are. They teach you various ways of adapting to situations. Also, if you want to grow financially, there are books meant for that and many more.

4. Attend Conferences/Seminars

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Attending some seminars will help you grow; for instance, if you are attending a seminar centered on business, you will get useful information on how to better your business. This information could be on how to improve revenues, ways of making your business sustainable, marketing through attending trade shows, and so on. Seminars are organized with the main purpose; find one that suits your needs and attend it.

5. Create New Habits

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Some of your old habits can be hurting you more than helping. Check which habits you need to stop and create new ones. Creating a habit takes 21 days if you do it consistently. Think of something you’ve always wanted and commit to it. After 21 days, it will eventually become your routine. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try green living, you can start by doing simple things like recycling, reusing old things, and proper waste disposal.

If you do these activities for the specified time, you will live the rest of your life practicing green living, which is very fulfilling.

6. Develop Your Strengths

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Amplifying the areas you are good at will make you an even greater person. Having talent is a special nut if you do not work on it and make it better, you are not the best version of yourself. Work on your abilities until they become stable. Use this strength as an entrepreneurship opportunity and come up with a business centered on your talent. You will live the rest of your life doing something you love, simultaneously earning you money.

7. Give Back

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Giving back means you help others in ways you can without compromising your needs. Giving back doesn’t have to be monetary; there many other ways of doing so. Being charitable makes you feel fulfilled since you are helping someone else with something they cannot do by themselves. Examples of charitable activities include; contributing money to charities, organizing/participating in community development projects, giving motivational talks, etc.

8. Accept Help

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Sometimes it’s hard to accept help from people because it shows you cannot do it yourself; however, in some situations, it’s very okay to accept help since it will lessen your stress and produce the desired outcome. In the same way, you are ready to offer help; you should also accept help once in a while. No one can do everything by themselves.


Becoming the best version of ourselves can be an uphill task since we sometimes have like a roller coaster. However, building yourself is the most crucial task you can ever do in your life. It is vital to prioritize your needs to promote your happiness. There are many ways to achieve self-actualization, and if you follow the tips above, you are one step closer to becoming who you are meant to be.