Does Using Beard Oil Really Make Your Facial Hair Healthier

A lot of men struggle with thin, sparse, as well as stubborn beards. Are you one of those guys as well? If so, have you ever considered using beard oils? This can be a life-changing product that will do wonders for all men, no matter their age or facial hair length! This item can be an amazing product once you add it to your everyday skincare routine, and once you learn how to apply it. Keep on reading and find out all the pros of beard oil and what it can do to your facial hair.

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Why you should use beard oil and what are the benefits?

This item is not only beneficial for your facial hair, but it can also do a lot for your skin that sometimes gets clogged, or since it can’t breathe underneath all of that facial hair. Maintaining hydrated and smooth skin is quite important since you don’t want to experience dry patches and redness, right? Well, the regular application of this product will allow you to achieve hydrated skin, nicely-scented beard, and it will also keep your bear dandruff under control. Men of any age can use this oil, as long as they have some facial hair that they wish to nourish. In conclusion, here’s why you should use beard oil:

  • You love the scent that it leaves
  • Your skin will look supple & hydrated
  • Helps with redness
  • Helps with dandruff
  • Promotes healthy & shiny hair growth
  • Gives your skin the needed moisture
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Steps on how to use a beard oil

The best part about beard oil is the fact that it is not too pricey. You can use the oil sparingly and remember that a little goes a long way with these watery and oil-based products. How to apply it?

Step 1: Use it in the morning after taking a shower since this is the best time of the day for your application. The steam will open up your pores, which will result in better and deeper product penetration.

Step 2: Use 2-3 drops of your oil and massage it in. Make sure that you rub and warm up the product between your palms for even distribution.

Step 3: Gently massage the oil upwards (this part is crucial) through your hair. Never drag it downwards since you will pull onto your hairs.

Step 4: Get rid of any flyaways. Comb the product out with your small hairbrush or comb to get smooth & straight hairs.

You should also apply some hair wax to your hair to round up the look. Don’t pay attention to your beard only & let your hair look like a mop, and vice versa.

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How often to use your beard oil?

This part & this step is individual since everyone’s hair & skin type is different. Ideally, you should use it 4-5 times a week since this number will help you strengthen your hairs. This also depends a lot on its consistency and ingredients. If the product is filled with some harsher & stronger ingredients, you shouldn’t overuse it and abuse the application. It is always a good idea to read the back label of your purchased bottle and see what the manufacture recommends when it comes to your application.

PS: Each skin type is different in its own way. Drier skin, for instance, will demand often product application, while oily skin can handle smaller amounts of product.

What will your beard look like if you pass on using this product?

An un-oiled beard is often left looking quite dry & ugly. Not taking care of your beard will lead to stubborn and wiry hairs that can’t be tamed. Your hair will also look uneven throughout your jawline, while your skin can stay red & inflamed without the needed moisture. In conclusion, it is always a good idea to use beard wax, balm & oil.

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Can I use some natural alternatives instead of beard oil?

If you want the moisturizing and softening benefits, but you don’t want to purchase your new oil sometime soon since it is not practical for you, or you’re on a budget, just know that you can use different natural oils. A lot of people prefer mineral oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil. You can rub these into the skin and let them do their magic overnight, but rinse out in the morning. These ingredients should be on your go-to list when purchasing your new beard oil as well.

Are there some other techniques that you can use for faster beard growth?

Beard growth is commonly linked to your genetics and the hormones that you produce, mainly testosterone. If you’re dealing with short, stubborn, as well as uneven facial hair, you should consider doing the following tips & tricks to boost its growth:

  1. A) Eat foods that are high in protein. Make sure that you also include good carbs and some fats.
  2. B) You can take supplements that are filled with Vitamin D & zinc.
  3. C) Buy some over-the-counter medication, a lot of people prefer hair, skin & nail boosting supplements.
  4. D) Exercise 2-3 times a week & boost your cardio sessions for proper results.
  5. E) Drink water and stay hydrated. Aim for two liters per day.
  6. F) Make sure that you sleep for 7-9 hours. Reduce your levels of stress and consider meditation or doing yoga.
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Where to shop when it comes to your new facial beard oil?

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