How to be More Approachable


Being approachable has many advantages, including fostering a strong relationship and a conducive environment. Therefore if we must access information, opportunities, and relationships, we must master approachability.

Learning to improve how approachable you are may not be a cakewalk, but thankfully it’s not impossible.

Leadership expert, Hyatt Simons, the owner of says “being approachable or not has to do with your body language. Maintaining a body language that’s welcoming and an attitude that fosters a healthy atmosphere for yourself and others will surely skyrocket your approachability level.”

With the help of experts, let’s walk you through the effective techniques of improving your approachability:

1. Put on a Smile


Experts believe that smiling is the first and easy trick to show your approachability.Wearing a frown or even going about with a neutral look may keep others at bay. Hence, whether you’re saying hello or replying to inquiries, wear a smile when you’re around others; you’ll appear relaxed and approachable.

2. Keep Upright Shoulders

When you’re in a place hoping to gain more contacts, such as a wedding party or a meeting, or you’re simply on a date, keeping upright shoulders will help demonstrate to others or your date that you’re interested, not tired, or disengaged.

To avoid a slouched posture, keep your head in a level position, and don’t make your ears lean towards your shoulders. Also, stand upright with your shoulders relaxed and pulled back a little.

3. Be Visible

Only people who are visible to others can be approached for conversations. So it’s important you position yourself in open areas. Don’t stand or sit beside a pillar.

Also, don’t place objects in your view that’ll block others from seeing you or send the wrong signal like you don’t want them around you.Standing behind people is also not a good idea. Endeavor to stay where others can see you.

Additionally, wearing hoodies, sunglasses, or any item covering your face may deter others from approaching you as they may feel you’re disguising or avoiding recognition.

4. Stay in a Circle of Three


Unless you’re standing alone with a smile on your face, experts consider an approachable group to be three. This rule is effective because two can seem too exclusive while a group of four or more may appear extremely crowded.

So, for instance, when out with your friends to the bar and you’re looking to get a date, ensure to limit your circle to three. This strategy will ensure you appear approachable to any man.

5. Fix Your Gaze on Others

Maintaining eye contact with the people around you will help you create a better connection with them. Thereby facilitating communication.

Try not to appear timid by looking away or bowing your head; it’ll keep people from approaching you. Instead, if you feel shy, look into their eyes at intervals or look in between their eyes. This strategy will help them believe you have your focus on them.

6. Speak in a Friendly Voice


Whether you’re speaking face to face or even on the phone via hotlines the tone of your voice is a significant way to show your approachability.Experts assert that a friendly tone of voice always helps others feel reassured, relaxed, and trusting of you.

To use a friendly tone, speak naturally and clearly so that you’re not too fast or slow. Ensure you use a softer and firm tone, and observe adequate pauses.You can improve the tone of your voice to become more friendly by practicing with voice recorders and watching yourself speak in a mirror.

7. Be Present

When people see you engrossed with your gadget and not interested in what’s going on around you, they’ll likely not want to approach you for fear of being perceived as a disturbance. Therefore, get engaged with activities around you and pay less attention to your phone.

If you feel alone in a gathering, you may casually press your phone at intervals. This tip will help you look not too occupied with it, thus inviting others to chat with you.

8. Be Kind


When others perceive you as kind, they’ll be sure to talk to you. You may use compliments or render assistance to show your kind nature.

Also, carrying others along who seem excluded during conversation will portray you as a thoughtful person. Others may keep quiet during conversations because they feel uninvited; however, by making an effort to ask for their opinion, you may discover that they have so much to say.

If a new person is around you, ask for their name and introduce yourself, too. Don’t just appear to be talking to the person or people you know. Similarly, don’t discuss issues this new person has no idea of, and help them understand an inside joke if they appear lost.This attitude will help you to enjoy new relationships.

9. Create Conversations

Being approachable doesn’t just involve being open to conversations. It also pertains to starting conversations as well. This action helps you build relationships even with people who may not share similar backgrounds and race with you.

Before going for an occasion, make a list of conversation topics you’d like to discuss. Ensure that they’re issues that have to do with the event and you know a lot about them.

Also, include a topic that’s quite trendy and simple. This topic may be about a song, movie, or news. That way, you can be sure that whomever you’re discussing with can contribute. This behavior helps show your good approachability level.

10. Look Presentable


Hyatt Simons’ quote about looking presentable to improve approachability says, “you may not be approached because of the way you’re dressed.” In other words, looking shabby in appearance is uninviting. Thus, put on clothes that are well ironed, neat, and smell nice.

You may put on distinguishing items like clothes with funny or nice captions. However, don’t go overboard with it. Wearing odd items may make people find you weird, reducing your chances of being approached.

11. Smell Nice

Wearing a nice perfume is alluring and may stir conversations through compliments. Therefore pick a good cologne that’ll leave a positive impression on people about you.Ensure your body and clothes are clean to enhance your good smell. Also, brush your teeth and use mouthwash for better effect. This action will help people feel comfortable around you.

12. Watch What You Say


An event may be half-filled with people who may be scared about what others think about their fashion sense, skin color, or looks. Therefore, to be more approachable, be conscious of your remarks.

Avoid passing rude comments or using others as the butt of your jokes, as these can damage your reputation.Portraying yourself as emotionally intelligent will endear others to you. Always drop nice comments and when trying to criticize others, use a constructive and friendly approach.

13. Have a Commendable Character

Inculcate and practice some human virtues like trustworthiness, loyalty, and compassion. The more people can see you exhibit these positive characters, the more they’ll love to approach you.Similarly, avoid disloyal attributes; never stab your friends in the back or let others down. It shows others that they can count on you. This attitude will help you to enjoy new relationships.

Finally, from the above tips, you can realize that being approachable doesn’t just involve waiting for others to hold conversations with you. It also involves being the one to approach others. Therefore, endeavor to create a relaxed atmosphere for yourself and others to be their true self.