11 Backyard Design Tips From a House Flipper

If your home already looks like a million dollars on the inside, it might be time to start paying some attention to the outside of it. You want your landscaping and backyard designs to turn heads. You want them to boost your home’s curb appeal. Take a look at these fantastic tips from professional house flippers. This profession knows how to make the best of a backyard, so you will not want to miss these tips.

1. Lay Out a Path of Your Favorite Stone

Source: The Spruce

Not only will a path through your garden make your guests feel more welcome, but it will protect them from walking through grass, as well as protect your plants from being trampled upon. Use a cohesive stone with colors and a texture that will tie in with the rest of your landscaping. You can make both the outside and the inside of your home look like a dream.

2. Establish a Few Decorative Planters

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In addition to plants growing from the ground, a few large planters can look charming with some blooms growing from them. Make your own artsy mosaic-style planters, or re-purpose vintage ones. This is a great opportunity to recycle and make the backyard of your home look even more inviting. Planters are also great for a mobile garden. Plant some herbs in your portable containers and you can move them with the sun.

3. Create a Fire Pit

Source: Good Housekeeping

Even if your backyard is very small, it definitely has space for a gas-powered fire pit. These can come in any shape or size and can make the environment cozy and comfortable (this list has some great choices). Arrange some squashy chairs around your fire pit to make an entertaining area that your guests will not want to leave. A fire pit can make your favorite campfire treats or just provide a merry blaze for you to enjoy. There are many types of fire pits available, but a gas-powered one is very reliable.

4. Put in a Relaxing Hammock

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The most important aspect of your backyard should be that it is comfortable and can entice you to spend a few hours out in nature. One of the best ways to do that is to add soft furnishings that will be as visually appealing as they are wonderful to sit upon. Include a hammock in your favorite shade to create a comfortable place where you can relax and forget about the demands of the world but also let your individuality show. Hammocks may be bought from everywhere in the world, both hands made and mass-produced.

5. Make It Entertainment Central


Once your garden is charming and exactly to your taste, you might want to think about adding furnishings so that you can use it as a place in which to receive visitors. Add some bright and cheerful lawn furniture that will put people into a festive mood. You can customize the arrangement by choosing fabric for custom seat covers or by adding a fun tablecloth. Create a bar cart with just a potting bench and your favorite bottles of beverage.

6. Section Off Different Areas

Source: One Kings Lane

If you have separate areas in your backyard that are for different activities, adding a garden wall is a simple project that can put up a barrier between them. Add a mirror or use the wall as a small gallery for your most beloved artworks and it will get a new depth or flair. This is a great way to create little rooms, some private areas or establish little zones for a specific type of work. Any walls that you install can be completely customized to fit into your area.

7. Make Over a Shed

Source: Sunset Magazine

A standard piece of equipment in many backyards is a typical garden shed. Generally used for storage, these sheds can be put to so many uses! The first thing that you have to do is assess the area that is available to you. Do you have an existing shed or do you need to purchase a new one? If you have an existing shed, make sure it is all cleared out. Once you have a structure, you can decorate it however you wish. Use bright colors, an interesting palette or fun vintage finds. There is no wrong way to design your shed.

8. Make a Play Area for the Children

Source: Raising Children Network

Whether you have your own brood or just want to make your backyard inviting for the children of your guests, adding an area that is just for them to play in your backyard will make yours a home that is not to be missed. As well as providing some open space for them to use up some of their energy, think about providing equipment for them to use, like a jungle gym or a sandbox where their imagination can really come to life.

9. Light the Way

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Not only do you want people to use a path to avoid trampling your plants, but you also want to make their journey easier. When the sun goes down, even the smoothest and most stable of paths can become treacherous. Add a string of LED lights to show them the way to go and cut down on the chances of them tripping and falling. LED lights can come in any shape, color, and glow intensity, so you are sure to find a set that can fit perfectly into your style.

10. Plan an Enchanting Evening


Once you have designed your backyard to suit your needs and your style seamlessly, there is only one thing let to do. Invite all your family, friends, and neighbors over to enjoy it. With comfortable, beautiful furnishings and ample opportunities for recreation, your backyard will be sure to delight any who come across it. Keep it well lit throughout the day and the night and you can be sure of being safe at any time. This is a great place either for a larger gathering or a more intimate, family-only affair. Your backyard can change the whole dynamic of your home.

11. Elevating Outdoor Spaces with Long Planters

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Long planters, an often-overlooked accessory in landscape design, have the unique potential to transform outdoor spaces into an enticing green oasis. By thoughtfully incorporating these planters into your backyard layout, you can introduce a vertical aspect to your greenery, dramatically enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

These elongated containers offer ample room for an impressive variety of plants, allowing you to showcase cascading flowers, trailing vines, or vibrant foliage in a beautifully structured manner. Whether positioned against walls or fences, or standing alone as a centerpiece, they create visually striking displays that captivate and enchant.

Experimenting with a blend of vivid annuals, evergreen plants, or fragrant herbs in your long planters can add a delightful burst of color and texture. This array of greenery brings a dynamic element to your backyard that can be tailored to your individual aesthetic and preferences.

Beyond their visual allure, long planters are also a practical asset. Their linear structure makes them ideal for forming natural dividers, elegantly screening off specific areas of your outdoor space. This feature adds an additional layer of functionality, enhancing privacy and compartmentalizing your garden.

Ultimately, the charm and versatility of long planters lie in their ability to infuse your backyard with a unique sense of beauty. By exploring this underutilized design element, you can create an outdoor haven that truly resonates with your personal style while embracing the serenity of nature.