Are Photo Booths Still Popular in 2024?

Photo booths give a lively touch to your parties. Whether it is a bachelor’s party, a wedding reception or a birthday event, photos have become a necessary part of our lives. We capture the moments so we have a lot to cherish afterward. Moreover, photo booths bring a completely different feeling that we cannot achieve through our mobile phones.

Therefore, they will remain popular even in 2024. However, the trend might change. Instead of the old times’ booths, 2024 will be a year for open-style ones. It is expected that the party guest list will become a bit limited this year. So the guest will have more space where a photo booth can be adjusted. Moreover, the open-air party style will become more common.

But the question is where to get the photo booth? You can rent it out from The option to rent out a photo booth will ease your mind. Their portable booths will let you enjoy your parties anywhere you want and with perfect pictures.

You can get an enclosed photo booth that comes with amazing LED lights. Or an open-air one with a range of backdrops. Just go to and get unlimited prints and a variety of props. And if you want, you can also get a host from them, who will provide his services in taking your best pictures.

Another amazing thing is that you will pay according to the package you select. You will have different options to choose from. If you want the booth for 3 hours, you can get that. If more, you will still have plenty of options then.


Popular trends of photo booths in 2024

If you want to uplift the mood of your party, a photo booth will be the easiest solution. And here are the popular trends of 2024.

1. Open-air booths

Instead of the traditional style, open-air setups will be more popular in 2024. You will get the camera with perfect lighting and multiple backdrop options. You can ask for a custom backdrop or a floral pattern. Moreover, ornate walls and bookcase backgrounds are also quite popular. You can choose any one of them according to the theme of your party.

Furthermore, you will get the DSLR camera for clicking the photos in the best quality. Combining this professionalism with the studio-style lighting at home will make your photos perfect. Thus, you will get pictures that you can get in print form and cherish for a long time.

Source: Medium

2. Sophisticated props

Instead of the silly and funny ones, this year will call for a more sophisticated option. We have been using props for a long time now. Some silly hats, funny masks, and statements were more common until recently. The trend of photobombing will become less common. However, having some glamorous masks and props will be best for our Instagram youth.

Looking like a model from the designer fashion week and taking pictures as glamorous as you want. What else do we want? We wish for the best photos that we can post on Instagram and get praise. Therefore, instead of the old props, it would be better to go with photographic optical filters. They will give a professional touch to your photos while making you look flawless.

3. Bubbly background

If you do not want to get a backdrop, you can use the balloons of your party as an effect. The bubbly background is not much to ask for and is not difficult to get that. All you have to do is to blow the bubbles in various directions while taking photos. You can ask your friends to do so. Thus, it will show the true colors of the party while making your photos look good.

Wedding parties usually come with a color theme. Therefore, the balloons won’t be colorful. So you can take decent, runway-style photos at such events. However, birthday parties offer multicolor balloons that will give the perfect bubbly background. Now all you need is some good friends who won’t photobomb your pictures and make them look good.

Source: Pinterest

4. Swiss Chalet effect

Another trendy effect for 2024 photos is Swiss Chalet inspiration. To do so, you will need a timber wall. So if you have wooden walls or similarly painted walls of your home, you can use them as a background. Thus, you won’t have to spend your time selecting the background to meet your party theme.

However, you need to do some floral decorations at the top of this timber wall. This will give a perfectly warm and colorful combination for capturing Swiss Chalet-inspired photos. The warm colors of the wood will also make the photos look peaceful and pleasing.

5. Dramatic backgrounds

You can ask for customization in your backgrounds. So instead of using the old props, why not create your own style. For example, if you have a favorite show or movie, you can set it as a theme for your party. It will also do as a background for your photos. Such dramatic themes will make your party more enjoyable and will bring you a fun experience.

Source: Simple Booth

6. Retro style

Retro style is also becoming a popular trend. Though it depends on your choice but you can use it as a theme for your bachelor’s party. Trying a different thing is always a good idea. Moreover, girls love to do dramatic makeup. So whether it is bringing you to the ’80s or introducing a totally new concept, it will definitely be fun.

7. Gaming theme booths

Photo booths do not come with any restrictions. They offer you the best themes with multiple backdrops. Therefore, whether you want to get a fun theme or a zombie attack, you can get it all. During the pandemic, people have spent most of their time at home, playing games.


Therefore, if you used to play games with your friends, you can use it as a theme for the photo booth.