How To Analyze Any TikTok Profile: Free And Easy Way


There is no denying the simple fact that TikTok is one of the biggest things in recent times.

And while the platform is very different than other similar social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok is still massive with millions of active users. As a matter of fact, the platform has the highest user engagement, easily surpassing its competition.

But one thing that TikTok lacks is the ability to analyze profiles for free. Not that the platforms don’t allow you to do this, very few people understand how to analyze the reach of their content.

So if that’s something that interests you, here is how to analyze any TikTok profile, very easy and of course, free.

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How To Check Your Own Analytics?

First things first, we have to focus on ourselves. And while most of you have already seen these features, there are indeed ways for you to analyze your profile.

Fortunately for you, the platform itself allows you to do that as it has a built-in analytics section. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it. On TikTok, there are two types of profiles; regular and pro.

Regular profiles cannot access the platforms’ analytics section. This is an obvious drawback as you could use your TikTok profile for business purposes. But no business is effective if we don’t know how our content impacts our viewers. You have might 100,000 views on your videos, but what good is that if you can’t access key statistics such as demographics, age, etc. To access your own analytics, you simply have to navigate to your profile and click on the three horizontal dots. These dots will take you to the settings page of your TikTok account. Once there, you’ll be given a wide range of options to access. You’ll see stuff like Privacy, Security & Login, Balance, TikCode, and many more features. These are separated into two categories, Account and Content & Activity.

To access the analytics, you will need to navigate the “Manage Account” section. Once there, you’ll see the “Switch to Pro Account” option. Like we said earlier, you can’t access your account’s analytics without paying for it. This is the only way to do that if you’re going through the application. The Pro features start at $20/month. This means the app will charge you $20 each month for the Pro account. But like we mentioned earlier, again, there are other ways to do that.

Let’s see how to do that for free.


How To Analyze Any TikTok Profile for Free

As with any sort of application out there, you can always find free ways to access the paid features. And TikTok is no different as the popularity of the platform has created all sorts of useful tools to help you get the most out of it.

One way to access analytics for free is to find 3rd party software that does that. And luckily for you, we have just the right one for you to try out.

To analyze any TikTok profile, compare posts, see statistics, and determine the efficiency and reach of those posts make sure to visit Popsters.

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What Features Are You Getting When Analyzing TikTok Profiles?

Analytics and statistics are two keywords that get thrown around very easily. This is especially the case in the digital marketing space. But none the less, these two words are very important, hence why digital marketers pay a lot of attention to them.

When using free software to analyze TikTok profiles, here are the features you’re getting.

  • Profile Overview

The most basic feature you’re getting is “profile overview analytics”. That is very important for your profile because you must know who is visiting your profile. For example, websites like do a good job. This is the section that allows you to track statistics related to your content and video views. In addition, you can also see your follower count. While TikTok allows you to see data for the past 28 days, with some of these tools you’re getting lifetime data.

The profile overview feature is important as it is a generalized summary of your activity. Whenever analyzing TikTok profiles, most navigate to this section.

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  • Content Insight

Content is the most important part of TikTok. Since the only type of content on the platform is video content, it’s vital that we know how it performs.

Depending on the software you’ll be using, the videos will be showcased in different ways. Some might give you the highest-performing videos first, while others will simply show them in chronological order. But regardless, you’ll mostly have the option to switch between categories.

While 3rd party software does an excellent job of tracking content insight data, TikTok is more reserved about it. For example, if you do indeed have the paid version, then you’re probably aware that “Video Views” only gives you data for the past 7 days. To see videos older than 7 days, you will have to navigate to another section, the “Trending Videos” section.

Many users are confused as to why the platform showcases content insight, but it is something that paying users have to deal with it.

If you want to see further data on your videos, you will have to tap on each one individually. When taping on a video, you can see data such as views, number of shares, average time spent watching the video, traffic source type, and many more.

This is something that both the platform itself and 3rd party software allow you to see.

  • Follower Insights

For many digital marketers, the follower insight section is the most important analytics section. That’s because data such as this allows you to modify your content in ways that will suit your followers more.

If the vast majority of your followers are teenage girls, for example, then it’s only natural that you post content that will be relatable for them.

The follower’s insights section will give you data such as gender, demographics, where your followers come from, and of course, the number of followers you’ve gained/lost on a daily, weekly, and monthly level.

This section is very important, and no doubt you’ll be using it plenty.