5 Tips and Tricks for Using Your Amazon Gift Cards

Without any doubt, the tech giant that is Amazon is famous worldwide for its online store that serves hundreds of millions of customers every year. The fact that you can find whatever you need on their service and have it delivered safely and within a reasonable amount of time is all the people want, and nobody does it better than Amazon. While they started their life as an online bookstore, they are not a multinational technology company that deals with all sorts of cloud, ecommerce, digital streaming services, computing, and AI. All one needs to know about its success is that it is among the Big Five companies in the USA information technology sector, sharing the market with such giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Experiencing continuous growth for decades, it is mostly famous nowadays for its online store that is the go-to way of most Americans as well as people from other countries when any kind of shopping is considered. The deals, discounts, and incentives businesses offer on their products if you but they off Amazon cannot be overlooked and huge sale periods around holidays and important days of the year are the best chance to score otherwise expensive things. Arguably the most interesting thing about their offers however are their gift cards which the customers simply adore and cannot seem to live without.

In this article we are going to talk about Amazon gift cards, more precisely, the useful tips and tricks you need to know about if you are to use them in the best way possible. Make sure to read through the article carefully so that you do not miss some key information. By the end you will know all there is about gift cards and how to use them. In case you wish to learn more, make sure to visit this site.

Amazon Facts

Before we move on to the information about the gift cards, we want to give you some stats and information that will surely make you trust this company more and want to buy from them instead of other sources. For one, the company’s revenue in the last quarter of 2024 was $125.6 billion, and that is the year of the COVID-19 pandemic we are talking about.

In terms of popularity, you should know that during a single month of September 2019, more than 150.6 million people in the USA alone accessed the dedicated Amazon application. These are staggering numbers for a single month of a single year, and it shows exactly how popular this website is. What is more, over 89% of buyers say that they are far more likely to return and buy products from Amazon again over any other ecommerce service. To make things even better, USA-based business sell 4,000 items on Amazon every minute, while there are 1.9 million active sellers.

The best way to use the site is to be an Amazon Prime Member, which comes with all sorts of deals, benefits, and shorter delivery times. Right now there are more than 150 million prime members which make the core of the die-hard fans who probably use the system for all of their shopping. Speaking of shopping, electronics category is the most popular one in the USA, and has been for years. It is estimated that more than 44% of all shoppers regularly buy electronic products and gadgets.

About Gift Cards

Now that you know who you are dealing with when shopping off Amazon, it is time to evaluate the best use of gift cards. Everyone knows what these are and how they work. Basically, you can either buy cards that already have certain value, or deposit however much you want onto one and have that balance on it. Gift cards are among the best and most frequently used gifts (duh) that people give each other, both in situations when they do not know what else to get and when you want to give somebody something useful and meaningful. We will now give you some tips on both gifting and using the cards yourself.

1. Mind the Occasion

The point of gift cards is not only to give someone credit to shop for whatever they need. There needs to be some thought put into it at least in terms of design and occasion. Luckily, Amazon has numerous occasions to choose from. You can choose birthday, anniversary, new baby, thank you, congrats, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and quite a few others. They sport different designs and symbols to follow the big moment and help you stay within the spirit of the big event at hand.

2. Use Envelopes and Gift Boxes

Giving somebody a card is great, but you should try to make it as special as you can particularly when or if the card is more valuable and heftier than usual. Amazon has all sorts of gift boxes and special envelopes for their cards that will make the whole gifting experience even better. They too come in many designs, from the default orange and black that follows the well-known color scheme of the company, to many other solutions.

3. Great Mass Gift

If you have a group of people to buy gifts to, like your employees or colleagues, and you do not want none of them to feel less special or even left out, Amazon gift cards are the best choice you have. Get them all the same type of card, with the same balance, and let them buy whatever they need. You will no longer have to think for days what to get your male colleagues or employees and what the ladies would prefer, and then balance the costs so that everyone’s gift is equal.

4. Use it Soon

Amazon has a one-year expiration date on all of their cards, so make sure you use them soon after receiving them. While this seems like enough time, people have had their cards expire while evaluating for too long what to use one on. And you can never know when the person has actually bought it and when the card was issued/activated.

5. Redeem the Balance

The most effective and safe way to use the card is to redeem the amount form the card. You do not have to save your physical card and worry about losing it. Simply sign in to your account, go to “Gift Cards & Registry”, and pick the “Redeem a Gift Card” option. Once you do this, the amount will be safely and securely stored in your gift card balance and you will be free to use it whenever and however. Once it is there, it cannot expire.