12 Best Tools for Amazon FBA Sellers

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If you want to sell on Amazon (FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon, the process is very easy.

With the right products and marketing strategies, you can start an Amazon business that makes money all the time and makes a lot of money at the same time. If you sell on Amazon, it doesn’t matter where you are located. A lot of people are going to be competing for your business, therefore employing Amazon selling tools is essential.

You can also boost your sales if you have access to the following list of 12 Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) selling tools:

1. “Jungle Scout”

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For product research, this is one of the most effective tools. It is used for monitoring your Amazon inventory and for improved product listings.

Supplier Database is another tool that helps you finding new suppliers for your products and also helps you learn about the companies your competitors work with.

It has a promotions function which can also be used to run full promotional campaigns for your Amazon products. Which could help you sell more of them. If it didn’t work for you then you have a 14-days money back guarantee.

Visit this site for a detailed review of the Jungle Scout tool.

2. “Helium 10”

This tool has almost all of the features needed to boost sales and grow a business. It has more than 20 tools to choose from. The company’s main services are the optimization of listings, product, and keyword analysis.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a free trial of this tool, which lets you play around with some of the tools before you sign up for one of their monthly plans.

3. “Viral launch”

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It comes with several additional features that will facilitate you in running your Amazon business. It offers a service named “Product Launch” as soon as you download and install it. It will be able to assist you in improving your product launches throughout Amazon’s various marketplaces.

Market intelligence is an additional helpful tool, which is used to evaluate any product idea that you have, and decide whether or not it is commercially feasible. So if you’re then interested then you can also enjoy the free trial.

4. “Seller Labs”

This is also a multi-function tool that allows you to monitor sales, reviews, and profits, so you can sell more to make more money. Commercial version of this tool includes Quantify & Feedback Genius, Ignite, and Scope, all of which have a lot of data that can help you make your work easier. There are other inventory management and data visualisation tools that can be used, too.

Amount that you pay for this software is based on how many sales your business generates on Amazon. It costs $99 per each month for the monthly plan or $79 for each month in annual plan if your annual sales are between $50,000 and $250,000.

5. “AMZScout”

Source: zeamzseller.com

It is a great tool that allows its users to figure out fees on Amazon, improve their listings, or come up with profitable product ideas. It provides you a clear look at how many products were sold in each year.

You may pick between the Amazon seller bundle and the pro extension with this extension. Both the pro extension and a web-based version of the software are included in this package. Competitor analysis can also be done with it.

6. “Sellics”

Sellics can perform both (Pay Per Click) PPC and (SEO) Seach Engine Optimization. Major features of this tool are following:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Products research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Inventory control
  • Profit monitoring

It takes care of your Amazon business analytics and data to give you the relevant data about boosting sales. To use this tool, you can choose from three versions: one for sellers, one for agents and one for vendors. Here you can get free trial period of fourteen days.

7. “SellerApp”

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In the world of e-commerce, SellerApp is used by companies that sell on Amazon. It can also help in boosting sales, marketing, and operations better with help from this tool.

The main features of this SellerApp are (Pay Per Click) PPC advertising automation, a keyword finder, calculation of the margin of profit. All these features play an important for making more profits. In this extension, you get a free trial period of 7 days, no matter which plan you choose.

8. AMZFinder

It is also a great tool for Amazon sellers. It helps them look at emails, client feedbacks, and orders management. “AMZFinder” can help you to get more positive ratings and reviews. It costs $19 per month for Customer Email Plan, and it costs $29 per month for the Review Management Plan.

9. “Keepa”

Source: techacute.com

Keepa is used by sellers on Amazon that gives them information about product sales and price changes. The price, browser extensions, graphs, and a regularly updated product database.

One of the most important things about Keepa that it lets you look at data for a certain product over a certain amount of time. This allows you to get more actionable information than you would have otherwise. While some of its services are free to use, and its membership costs about $19 for each month.

10. “IO Scouts”

“IO Scout” is used to find items with little competition and high profit margins. This could let you make products for a less competitive market.

When people download it, they get things like Amazon fees calculator. In its Chrome add-on, you can get the information directly from Amazon.

11. “Unicorn Smasher”

Source: unicornsmasherpro.com

“Unicorn Smasher” finds products for the beginners. It will enable be able to get a lot of information and see how many people will buy your products. For free! It can enable you to find the product that can help you get more business. Its Chrome extension of this tool is very user friendly and has some basic tools for monitoring and tracking.

12. “ZonGuru”

“ZonGuru” provides 15 distinctive services. They are all based on automation,

data analysis, and searching new products. It is designed to help businesses to find more profitable opportunities, finding trending products, and find trustworthy suppliers.


You may utilise a variety of tools to help you enhance the listing of your items, increase sales, and build your brand’s popularity, whether you’re just starting an Amazon business or you are an experienced and old seller on Amazon. All these tools (FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon tools are loaded with so many extraordinary features and functions that are going to help in expanding your business and getting huge profits. So you can choose one or more relevant tools according to your requirement.