What Happens if Your Amazon Account Is Deactivated

The number of Amazon seller accounts has been continuously increasing, especially during the previous year because of the pandemic. The sales have also been flourishing with more and more potential buyers. This isn’t very surprising considering the popularity of the platform.

However, the company has a long list of strict rules that both sellers and buyers have to follow. If you have broken one of these, you probably face amazon suspension. In the following article, we will explain what this means exactly and provide you with tips on how to ensure this never occurs again.

What is Amazon suspension?

If the software detects that you haven’t been adhering to the rules, your account will be blocked or suspended. You won’t be able to conduct any work during this period. However horrendous it may seem, ASIN suspension is the best possible scenario. Why? Well, because you can send an appeal and have your account reinstated.  On the other hand, if you get banned, that’s it. You can no longer access the platform, and no, you cannot simply create a new account.

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What can you do?

Going back to our main topic, suspension, there are several things you can do. We know how frustrating this is for you because you are losing money with every passing minute. Still, you have to keep emotions in check and follow the company’s policy and procedure.

When you face amazon suspension, it is time to write an appeal. Now, when it comes to this, it may be a tricky task for some people because you have to prove that you have been wronged. It is vital to write the best appeal and include all the necessary information. If this seems like an impossible task to complete on your own, you should hire professionals such as Younglanesappealservices.com. Their team consists of ex-Amazon employees who fully understand how everything works. Basically, they can offer guaranteed amazon seller reinstatement. Once you explain the issue to them, they will write an appeal, and you will have your account activated in the shortest period of time.

On the other hand, you can fight this on your own. The first thing you have to do is understand why this has happened. Go back and analyze your activity and try to pinpoint the moment it all went downhill. The next thing you have to do is contact Amazon representatives and write an appeal. Make sure that it is detailed and that you include all information you possess. Lastly, if you have authorization from the brand to sell their merchandise, make sure to include that document as well.

Why has this happened?

You probably want to understand what caused the ASIN suspension. After all, it is the only way to prevent it from occurring again in the future. Well, as already mentioned, you have probably violated one of the company’s policies. Remember that these rules exist for a reason. The company’s main goal is to ensure the best user experience, both for sellers and buyers, so you will have to face the consequences if you break one of these.

Next, if your overall performance is decreasing, the same thing may happen. Yes, this can also be a factor because this is a competitive platform. Due to this reason, the company mainly focuses on thriving accounts, so you don’t only have to work hard to boost your income but also to meet these requirements.

Finally, if you have been selling a restricted product, this will most certainly happen. There’s not much to say about this. The merchandise is prohibited for a reason, so make sure to remove it from your list.

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How to prevent this?

Lastly, here are some things you have to do to ensure that this situation will not reoccur. First of all, you have to check all the merchandise you offer. Make sure that each item follows the company’s policy. The products that are illegal and unsafe are prohibited. It won’t take long for them to find these on your list and shut down your account. The same rule applies to counterfeit items. The company has zero-tolerance for these, so you shouldn’t even try selling them. If they find these, and they will, not only will your account be banned, but all your funds will be frozen. They will also dispose of your merchandise in the warehouse, so you will be left with nothing.

Furthermore, make sure that your buyers have the best experience. Yes, an unsatisfied customer can report you and cause ASIN suspension. The easiest thing you can do is download the Amazon Seller App that will enable you to stay on top of every message and request your receive and respond immediately. Similarly, you have to keep the late shipment under 4%. As already stated, it is a competitive market, and the customer’s experience is most significant. If you don’t manage to meet this requirement, your performance will fail.

In addition, you have to be sure that every item is labeled and categorized correctly. This is especially important if you sell used merchandise. Check that the description of each product is appropriate and truthful. If you sell a used item that is not the same as you describe it or is missing some part, you can be certain that you will face some issues the moment the customer receives it.

Never use duplicate accounts. This is strictly prohibited, and the company sees it as a direct violation of its policies. If you want or need to do this, you will first have to obtain their authorization. Otherwise, you risk suspension.

Finally, there is a matter of reviews and feedback. If you mostly receive negative reviews for some time, the company will take an interest in your account and may decide to deactivate it. What’s more, you should never try to trick them and buy positive reviews. Yes, some sellers do this but keep in mind that this is another violation of Amazon’s policies. Instead, you should work hard on keeping your customers happy by fulfilling their requests.