Most Useful List of 30 Adjectives That Start With T

What is an adjective? Simply speaking, an adjective is word that describes or modifies a noun. It provides detailed information about a noun, showing attributes like color, shape, size, and more. T is widely used and seen letter in the English language and there are quite a lot of trendy adjectives that start with T.

Due to a large number of T adjectives, sometimes it may be hard for you to choose the top-notch ones. Considering this, we decided to compile a truly useful list of adjectives beginning with T without rare ones that almost nobody uses to waste your time. Without any delay, let’s get into the adjectives that start with T from Greenopolis.


1. Talented

Definition: having a natural ability or skill

Example: One of the things I like about working here is that everyone is so talented.

2. Tall

Definition: One of the things I like about working here is that everyone is so talented

Example: The Sears Tower is taller than the Empire State Building.

3. Tasteful

Definition: attractive and chosen for style and quality

Example: Their house is very tasteful, but it doesn’t have any soul.


4. Tender

Definition: gentle, loving, or kind

Example: What you need is some tender loving care.

5. Terrible

Definition: very unpleasant or serious or of low quality

Example: We have just received some terrible news.

6. Thirsty

Definition: needing to drink

Example: I was hot and thirsty after the basketball game.


7. Thankful

Definition: happy or grateful because of something

Example: I was thankful that the meeting didn’t last long, because I had to get home.

8. Thrilling

Definition: extremely exciting

Example: The book is a thrilling adventure story.

9. Tight

Definition: a tight feeling is an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in part of your body, caused by illness, fear, etc.

Example: Some people experienced tight chests after exercising in areas of high pollution.


10. Timely

Definition: happening at the best possible moment

Example: The change in the exchange rate provided a timely boost to the company’s falling profits.

11. Tiny

Definition: extremely small

Example: Just trim a tiny bit off my hair, please.

12. Tired

Definition: in need of rest or sleep

Example: I was so tired when I got home from work last night that I had a quick nap.


13. Tolerant

Definition: willing to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them

Example: People in Italy are more tolerant of children in public places than in Britain.

14. Total

Definition: including everything

Example: Can you give us an idea of our total losses?

15. Toxic

Definition: poisonous

Example: These substances can be toxic to humans.


16. Trendy

Definition: modern and influenced by the most recent fashions or ideas

Example: He writes for some trendy magazine for the under-30s.

17. Twisted

Definition: strange and slightly unpleasant or cruel

Example: The letter was clearly the product of a twisted mind.

18. Typical

Definition: showing all the characteristics that you would usually expect from a particular group of things

Example: I must look like the typical tourist with my shorts and my camera.


19. Talkative

Definition: talking a lot

Example: She’s a lively, talkative person.

20. Thin

Definition: (of the body) with little flesh on the bones

Example: Did you notice how thin her wrists were?

21. Tremendous

Definition: very great in amount or level, or extremely good

Example: They were making a tremendous amount of noise last night.


22. Troublesome

Definition: causing a lot of problems for someone

Example: Her hip has been troublesome for quite a while, and she’ll probably need surgery on it.

23. Tactful

Definition: careful not to say or do anything that could upset someone

Example: Mentioning his baldness wasn’t very tactful.

24. Tangible

Definition: real and not imaginary; able to be shown, touched, or experienced

Example: Other tangible benefits include an increase in salary and shorter working hours.


25. Technical

Definition: relating to the knowledge, machines, or methods used in science and industry

Example: The computer company ran into some last-minute technical problems with its new disk drives.

26. Teenage

Definition: relating to, involving, or intended for people between the ages of 13 and 19

Example: The government is clamping down on teenage drinking.

27. Temporary

Definition: not lasting or needed for very long

Example: The ceasefire will only provide a temporary solution to the crisis.


28. Terminal

Definition: extreme, when referring to something unpleasant or negative

Example: She claims that the shipbuilding industry is in terminal decline.

29. Thoughtful

Definition: kind and always thinking about how you can help other people

Example: Thank you for calling when I was ill – it was very thoughtful of you.

30. Thorough

Definition: complete, very great, or very much

Example: It was a thorough waste of time.


Congratulations on reading adjectives that start with the letter T till the end. We hope you find them terrific, tasteful and thoughtful. As one of the most common letters, T actually have both many positive and negative adjectives. So you can use them to describe anything around you, like a person, a feeling, a place, an event and more.

And did you find the exact descriptive words that start with T that you are looking for? you can use them when writing an essay, an Instagram post, a greeting card, or just improve your vocabulary. If ever you need T adjectives again, don’t forget the best source will always be right here waiting for your return.