8 Must-Have Accessories for Motorcycle Riders

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Motorcycling is a fun, cheap and quick way to travel and commute. The feeling of freedom and it gives is beyond anything. This joy and freedom can become your death wish and a cage when not done right. Luckily the needed safety gear and accessories are available. When riding motorcycle right and proper accessories improve the riding experience and comfort. This means having the following motorcycle accessories is a must for motorcycle riders, just like having a gremlin bell to protect the rider while on the road.

1. A helmet

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Without a doubt, the helmet is the most important. Motorcycles are more likely to crash and because you don’t have protection like a car taking care of safety becomes important. There’s more, the chin bar and forehead are high impact areas. Thus, wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet that protects properly could save your life. Plus, full face helmets offer better coverage and protection. Buying a cheap one might let you save some right now but think about all the medical bills you would have to pay if anything were to happen to your head. While selecting a helmet buy the one which is comfortable, and certified. DOT, ECE, and SNELL are some certifications you can look or ask for. If you want to learn more about this topic, visit sportsbikeshop.co.uk.

2. Eye protection

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In many states of the US, it is compulsory to wear glasses or goggles having safety glass or plastic lenses. If you do not want to wear some glasses with a helmet then your motorcycle must have a protective windshield or windscreen. Not obeying the law will get you fined leaving you with more chances of injury. Small particles like dust get in the eyes making you uncomfortable so controlling the bike becomes difficult. Don’t overlook the importance and safety a pair of protective goggles would provide.

3. Motorcycle clothing

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These essentials change with the weather. In winters, a motorcycle jacket that would keep you warm. Heated, waterproof windproof, and motorcycle jackets with warm inner liners are a good choice. Whereas breathable or ventilated motorcycle jackets are good for summer motorcycle riding. A high-visibility jacket or vest is also necessary to let others know of your presence at night.

These days motorcycle jackets and with CE approved armor and other protection like foams are also available. A fabric that would protect your skin from abrasions like good thick leather, Kevlar or textile is preferred. Other motorcycle gear like pants, knee guards, gloves, and motorcycle riding boots are all important and should be worn in all seasons. You can check out some of the best clothing pieces on this website – www.vikingcycle.com.

4. Rain suit

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Getting soaked while riding is one of the most unpleasant experiences for a rider. Get a rain suit with you when going out makes you ready for it. Two- or once-piece rain suit, the choice is yours. The rain suit will ensure a dry ride until you can find some shelter.

5. Sunblock

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While riding you might not notice but some skin is exposed to the sun. An elongated exposure can cause sunburn, and it hurts! Applying sunblock to areas like face, neck and more if you aren’t covered properly will save you the pain and discomfort. Having a sunblock lets you wash your face and apply it again when needed without any worries.

6. Crash guards

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One cannot prevent a crash. This is just how it is! Of course, the motorcycle would be damaged but its severity can be reduced with crash guards. They sometimes take about 90% of the damage protecting your bike so you can at least go to a mechanic. Replacing crash guards is cheaper than replacing motorcycle parts.

7. Motorcycle Locks

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Options like electronic, wire, disk, and GPS locks offer you better protection and safety. Lock the bike when getting off even for a short while and take any accessories with you.

8. Forgetting something

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Apart from these, it is recommended to have first aid, tire repair, and multi toolkit with you at all times. Hey, don’t forget license, registration and other necessary documents.

Wearing the proper safety equipment while on the back of a motorcycle is so important. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are on the back of a bike, it’s impossible to control other drivers on the road. If you do find yourself in accident, be sure to reach out to the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Marks & Harrison for help.