7 Tips on Getting Stronger in Pokemon Go

Pokemon has been a massive part for people who were born in the 90s, and since its launch, Pokemon Go has been everywhere.

Playing the game is particularly easy because you only need to walk and catch any Pokemon that you meet. However, the game is more than that. You can only carry a limited number of Pokemon; as such, you need to pick the strongest to build teams.

So, if you are new to the game, and want to execute the right things to get strong fast, here are some tips you must follow.

1. Prepare Yourself to Move

Although this is quite apparent, this Pokemon game badly needs you to move around a lot. As such, before you begin, you have to understand that if you are serious about playing Pokemon Go, then you will need to carry your smartphone or tablet with you and go to places where particular monsters appear or take advantage of in-game events.

Source: RespawnFirst

2. Hatch Your Pokemon Eggs and Use Incubators Strategically

The Pokemon eggs you obtain from gifts or PokeStops will help you acquire Pokemons along with candies and trainer experience. Once you placed an egg inside the incubator and traveled the needed distance (Eggs distance varies from 2km to 10km), it will hatch.

Each player begins with unlimited incubator use (the one with infinity symbol), but there are instances where the game will reward you with incubators that you can use three times. If you want to buy more, then you can buy some in the Pokemon Shop; still, you need to use the incubators strategically.

For you to make the most of your Eggs, here are some tips for you.

  • Use the 3x incubators for eggs that need 10km travel
  • Use the infinite incubator for eggs that need 2km travel

By applying this technique, you will be using those incubators, particularly effectively. Additionally, you have to stay active and read the event notice because there are special events that slash down the hatching distance of your eggs.

3. Catch Them All

Even if you have the evolved form of the Pokemon, you still need to catch every Pokemon you can find to receive more candies and transfer it to the Professor to have more candies. Also, you will receive stardust whenever you catch a Pokemon, which you can use to power up your strongest monsters to max or to unlock another Pokemon skill.

Source: Polygon

4. Don’t Force Yourself Catching a Single Pokemon

It is not a guarantee that you’ll capture every monster you meet unless you are using Pokemon Go cheats, so do not waste your Pokeballs on Pokemon that are too powerful. Check out more tips and tricks on robots.net and advance even faster!

So, how would you know the ones that are easier to catch? When you meet a Pokemon, there is a colored ring that surrounds it, and the smaller it is, then the higher the chance that you’ll capture the creature.

Also, the ring color plays a huge role here. If it is green, then you can capture the Pokemon easily. If it is yellow, it will be quite harder, while color red means the monster will be challenging to obtain. Still, if you need to capture that powerful Pokemon, then you need to use Berries and stronger Balls.

5. Boost Trainer XP Before Powering-up Pokemon

Your trainer skill will depend on the XP you have. So, you will progress through the levels of experience, which needs more experience each time your account levels up. As you keep on leveling up, the rewards get higher, plus you will hatch and evolve Pokemon at a higher level.

Powering-up Pokemon when your XP is low will cost you more candies. So, it is most effective to save those power-ups of Pokemon until you reach level 20 or higher.

To help boost trainer XP quickly, try these methods:

  • Use the Lucky Egg when you are playing actively
  • Evolve common Pokemon like Rattata or Pidgey
  • Catch every Pokemon you encounter
  • Fight with friends to obtain XP from defeating Gym leaders
Source: VG247.com

6. Send Gifts to Friends

After adding some friends, it is best to send them gifts, and for them to send you one in return. These gifts are an excellent source for obtaining stardust and Poke Balls, especially for new players.

7. Raid Participation

Raids are one of the best parts of playing Pokemon Go. They usually give a chance to capture a rare Pokemon as well as earn experience. You will know if there is a raid happening near you along with its location. Also, the icons below designate how powerful the raid boss is.

Source: Forbes

To Conclude

Pokemon Go is a worldwide Augmented Reality game that captured the hearts of every Pokemon fan. The game is easy to understand, and both adults and kids can play it, though the young ones would likely need your supervision for safety purposes.

So, if you are one of the many who has the potential of becoming a Pokemon master, then applying these tips can help you start your Pokemon Go journey effectively.