6 Fall Makeup and Skincare Tips for Upgrading Your Look in 2024

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It is said that makeup can not only make you look better, but it will also change the way you feel about yourself. We use it to hide some flaws and accentuate our good parts. Even the smallest bit of concealer can help you hide those dark circles around your eyes, and with a little bit of mascara, you will feel like you can take over the world. In the past, it was thought that these products are made only for women, but nowadays we realize that you can use it no matter your gender. Every person has a different preference for their favorite products, and some of us want to use just a little bit of them and have that natural look, while others want to go all-in and show their creative skills as well. No matter if you go for a natural or glam look, you probably know what the latest trends are, and this fall there are some things you should know about.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips that you can use to upgrade the way your skin looks in 2024 and we will talk about the fall beauty trends. We will tell you what you should do and avoid, but at the end of the day, you should know that every skin is different.

1. Clean your face

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You should do this at least two times per day. It should be the first step of your skincare routine, both in the morning and in the evening.

You can use different products and know that based on your skin type, you should choose the cleanser, toner, and face wash. Choose to use as many or as few products as you want, but make sure that your skin is free from all the products you used last night, or in the morning. You should never go to bed with a face full of makeup, and you should never skip this crucial step.

2. Hydrate

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When we say hydrate, we mean that you should do it inside and out. Drink enough water every day, but don’t forget about your skin as well. Hyaluronic acid is something that is extremely beneficial for most people, and if your skin is too dry, then you can apply it on a damp face so it absorbs it faster. If needed, apply Panthenol and other products that will give back that healthy glow.

3. Choose the makeup based on your tone

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Now let’s talk about different makeup trends. The first thing you should know about the fall makeup tips is that you should choose the products you use based on your skin tone. Experts recommend that you should not shy away from bold tones, and unexpected colors. If you want to go for a more natural look, then you should know that this fall blush is trendy. So, put some on your cheeks and you are good to go.

Before you do anything else, make sure you use a face primer, and know that this product will make the difference between your makeup staying on all day long or it sliding away after just a few hours. According to Mira Beauty, there are a variety of products you can choose from, and you should purchase one depending on your skin type and the finished result you want to get.

4. Trends

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When it comes to fall trends, one of the things that are recommended is bold lips. Burgundy is the color of this season, so you can purchase a few lipsticks in different red shades, and show off your beautiful lips. When it comes to eyes, winged lines are still trendy, and now you can go with an even bolder look. Don’t be afraid to make that cat-eye even bigger, and keep your eyes the focal point of your face.

If you don’t want to go full glam, then choose a mascara that will make your eyes bigger and that will accentuate your natural beauty. You can also go with some subtle smoky eyes, nude lipstick, and be ready for a night out.

5. Sunscreen

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This is something you should never forget, no matter the season. The biggest mistake we make when looking after our skin is that we think the sunscreen is important only when it is summer and the sun is burning our skin. The reality is, no matter if it is cloudy outside, raining, or the middle of the summer, you have to wear sunscreen.

This is one of the biggest fall skincare tips we can give you – don’t forget the sunscreen. Layer it as the last part of your routine, and if needed, reapply it throughout the day.

6. Daily routine

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Every person should have a daily skincare routine and they should follow it. We know that some days it is just too hard to layer all the products because you are going to be late for work, or you just want to go to bed. However, you should try to do at least the basics.

As we mentioned before, sunscreen is a must, but you should never go to bed with it. Cleanse your face or even better double cleanse it, apply your moisturizer or your night serum and you are good to go. On days when you have more time, do the full routine.

Is there a product that you always come back to? Do you have a brand you swear by? Know that no matter what you read online, and no matter what the beauty influencers say, you should follow what your skin tells you. Just because a product is recommended by someone, it does not mean it is going to work for you.

Figure out your skin type, and depending on that, use the skincare products you need. Know that you should use our recommendations only to adapt them to your personal skin, style, and personality. When you test products out, always first put them on the inside of your forearm, wait at least 24 hours and if you don’t have any inflammation or redness, then you should put them on your face. If something does not work for you, you should not continue using it. Follow these tips and trends, but know that the final decision is only yours to make.