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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Speakers?

When you need to organize an event or a party, there are many elements that you have to think through. One of the key points of concern is the music, and a good speaker would work wonderfully for this. It would create an ambiance of fun and excitement and make sure that every invitee enjoys the tunes in high-quality.

However, when it comes to choosing speakers for outdoors, you cannot buy just any option you see. You need to consider factors like the surroundings, the occasion, and even the bass you need. Overall, you must focus on these following points when you are getting outdoor speakers.

1. The necessity

Source: Sound & Communications

Before selecting any outdoor speaker, you need to think about what you need it for. For example, if you plan on placing the speakers in the garden or near the pool, consider weatherproof and waterproof speakers. Contemplating why you need it would help you assess the speaker options’ features better and choose one that would give a satisfying performance.

2. Types of outdoor speakers

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There are specifically two types of outdoor speakers; Bluetooth-enabled speakers and permanently mount speakers. Depending on which you prefer, you can opt for either. There are other distinctions too, and some that you can customize as per convenience.

Depending on your condition, you can choose from the following.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

The great thing about these speakers is that you can stream the music without wires, connecting with a tablet or smartphone. You can carry them around more easily, which is good because you should not leave these types outside permanently. Only some models are resistant to water or weather specifically.

Many of the Bluetooth-enabled outdoor speakers come with a built-in WiFi system. If you buy such a WiFi-enabled outdoor speaker, make sure that its connection is within the range of the home computer system.

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  • Permanently-installed speakers

You can choose these types of outdoor speakers if you want detailed surround sound. It works best in a small backyard, porch, or a deck region outside the home. They are almost like the indoor speakers, except these have a mounting hardware attachment that you can attach the speakers on. Plus, they are safe from cold, sun, and rain elements due to the weatherproof covering.

Some of these options attach to the wall of the house and provide good sound quality. You can more or less install these without outside help; although, sometimes taking some assistance is necessary. Many of them also have enclosures and paintable grilles.

  • Whole-home audio system with outside speakers

You can also decide to add an audio system to your whole home. In this, people can attach outdoor speakers to the system for a more convenient effect. You can take the help of professionals to power and plan the system around your home layout.

There is a wireless option of this, too, like the multi-node system type of mesh router. This works over a WiFi system, and you can stream the music and listen to it both inside and outside the house.

Source: The New York Times
  • Stereo-input speakers

Some options come with only one speaker in their stereo configuration. You can use these stereo-input speakers in the smaller nooks more easily instead of regular stereos, which have two or three speakers. Also, if you have too large a space, your speakers may be spread apart. You can put this equipment in between the two speakers for more uniform sound quality.

These outdoor speaker options have inputs for both right and left channels. And there are two tweeters here that take care of the separation of the stereo channels. It would help if you used four-conductor cables to handle them.

Also, make sure that you get a good receiver for your outdoor speakers. It would help you get the maximum output from your speakers. You can check this detailed post covered by TheTechSwag for the same. You’ll get a detailed guide how to make the right choice and choose the best amplifier for your outdoor speakers.

  • Stake-mount speakers

Some speakers come with the in-ground stakes option to sit or mount in the garden or patio. Many of the models have expandable functions when you add eight or fewer satellites to it. They are permanently fitted into the area you choose, and thus, are made with weatherproof properties.

An interesting point of such speakers is that many of its types can blend well into the natural background. On the other hand, others have smaller and round structure, and they are not too distracting. And some of them bury well into the soil because they are designed to do so.

Source: Crutchfield
  • Volt system

In case you want to play music in discreet regions outside, you can use the 70-volt system for that. They are more commercial-use-friendly, and they use one amplifier for several speakers. They cost lesser than some other options, too, and provide efficient sound quality.

3. Construction material

Source: Crutchfield

It would help if you took note of the material that constructed the outdoor speakers too. The main reason for this consideration is the environment you live in where you want to install the speakers. Not to mention how the weather there is; consider if the area you stay at has too much hail, rain, wind, heat, dust, etc. In case you live in high weather conditions, you should buy an outdoor speaker made of weatherproof elements.

4. Music choice

Source: Audio One

It would be best if you chose an outdoor speaker based on your music selection too. Some music genres sound better in specific speaker styles. For example, if you like listening to R&B and Rock, you should opt for speakers that have good bass sound.

5. Wireless VS wired speakers

Source: Which.uk

For the sake of easier installation, you have to consider between corded and wireless speakers too. The outdoor speakers with cords provide good quality music and are a good choice, like bookshelf speakers. They come in different sizes, shapes, and some are water-resistant as well. But, they are not portable, and the installation process is complicated.

Wireless speakers are easy to use and carry around and are very easy to install thanks to the lack of many wires. These mainly run on WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. However, they are not immune to interference in the signal, affecting the smooth listening experience.

All in all, when you are focusing on buying speakers for outdoor use, you should focus on these factors. Based on them, you can correctly select the best one for your circumstances.

7 Critical Roles Of A Trust Attorney | Upholding Your Will, Your Wish & Beneficiaries

There is a lot with regards to trust terminology, inheritance laws and asset distribution that you should understand before you ask your trust attorney to draft a will / final testament/document for you.

What Is A Trust?

In the simplest language, a trust is a legal entity/document. It is created by a person who is rightly called a trustmaker. This trustmaker owns the assets that are to be transferred to their next in kin or their legal heir(s) who are their beneficiaries under the law. The person in charge of the trust assets is known as the trustee and they are handed the responsibility of ensuring that these assets are used only for the purpose that has been intended for them in the trust/will of the trustmaker. The biggest reason to create trust in the first place is to allow the trustor to control their assets even after their death for the advantage of the beneficiaries.

Following Are The 3 Primary Parties To A Trust And Their Essential Roles That They Have To Fulfill

1. Trustmaker

The trust maker has probably the most important role in this scenario. They are also called the trustor, settlor, grantor and by many other names. The trust maker brings the trust into legal existence by the way of drafting a document with the help of a will and trust attorney intended to convey to the beneficiaries about what is to happen to their assets after they have passed away. A trust agreement is a written document that contains instructions regarding the asset/property inside of the trust.

Source: Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Revocable & Irrevocable Trust

There is also a revocable trust wherein the trust maker holds the power/ability to revoke, edit / amend or make any changes in the terms of the trust. However, an irrevocable trust is going to do away with that ability of the trust maker. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while creating an irrevocable trust.

2. Trustee

A trustee is handed over the complete control of the property and investments of the trust maker. The trustee is responsible for following all the instructions contained in the trust document as to the appropriation and distribution of the property of the trust maker. As a trustee, an individual is responsible for the investment of trust funds and is also entrusted with the task of ensuring that none of it is misused or misappropriated. Any trustee that is found responsible for misappropriating trust funds or using them for any personal gains and purposes shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties. They might even be removed from their position as a trustee of the agreement depending upon the severity of their activities.

Source: Everplans

3. Beneficiaries

These are the individuals that will eventually own the rights of use of the property mentioned in the trust document. They are the legal heir of the trust maker. This is the party that is going to enjoy the benefits and uses of the trust assets. The beneficiary to any trust agreement is entitled to receive the trust assets in more than one ways. The assets might be distributed to them outright or may be kept in a trust and paid out in the form of benefits or compensation/reimbursements as and when the beneficiary incurs any expenses. Depending upon the reasons for setting up a trust and keeping in mind the best interests of the beneficiary, the manner in which the trust assets should be expended and the timing of such expenditures will be decided upon by the trust maker.

Is The Role Of A Will And Trust Attorney Limited To The Creation Or Administration Of A Particular Trust?

No, the role of a trust or will attorney is not confined to these 2 activities alone. He also has the following duties and responsibilities:

Source: Bioplastics News

1. Matters Of Estate Planning And Taxation

A will and trust attorney also assists in the matters of estate planning, wills, trusts, and inheritances. One can also seek their help in matters of taxation and business laws.

2. Advice And Guidance Relating To Estate Planning

Several trust and estate attorneys also give valuable advice for estate planning, trust and estate administration, wealth management, drafting of wills and documents, charitable planning, gift tax matters and trust documents, and the like.

Source: Law Offices of Gerard Gjertsen

3. Protection And Distribution Of Properties

Trust lawyers are also responsible for drafting plans and procedures to protect and distribute the properties of the trust maker. This is to maximize the benefits accruing to the beneficiaries after the death of the settlor.

4. Protection Of Assets AgainstBioplastics Newssuits

There might be lawsuits and taxes that can be filed against the assets of the trust maker. The lawyer will be responsible for creating documents intended to protect those assets against any such subsequent procedures.

Source: pexels.com

5. Evaluating The Client And Their Capacity

The trust attorney is also responsible for evaluating the capacity issues associated with the recipients of the trust. They will ask the client certain questions that will be relevant as to the terms and conditions of the trust assigned to them to ascertain their suitability.

6. Maintaining The Intended Manner Of Distribution

There is typically a predetermined/preselected manner of distribution that the trust maker always expresses a desire for while drafting a will. The last will and testament of the trust maker should always be carried out according to those wishes expressed in the document. The lawyer will be responsible for the division of the properties among the beneficiaries in the explicitly expressed manner and in no other form.

Source: justiceeducation

7. Execution Of The Trust

It is entirely upon the vision and wisdom of the will and trust lawyer as to what type of trust they recommend to their clients. The trust document is going to specify the rules which shall be followed by the trustee throughout.

Final Thoughts

Choosing proper trust is very critical for the safety and effective distribution of your assets after your passing. Remember, if your living and trust lawyer is expected to deal with a rather large estate, the entire procession and distribution might get a little more complicated. Therefore, weigh your options and have a closer look at the many variations of trusts that you can choose from. For any more assistance and legal guidance, do not forget to connect with someone like Grennier Law today.

Pros and Cons of Different Varieties of Swimming Pools

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There are a couple of options when it comes to choosing a swimming pool. They include a vinyl liner, concrete and fibreglass pools. Each has its pros and cons. We understand purchasing a pool is a big decision and you want to be sure you are choosing the right one. We’ve put together this article to help you decide which pool choice is best for you.

Advantages of a vinyl liner pool

image source: platinumpools.com

When it comes to the cheapest initial outlay for a pool, a vinyl liner is a front runner. This may appeal to people with a limited budget.

You can choose the shape you want your vinyl liner pool to be

Traditional vinyl liner pools come in a standard rectangle shape, although for an added cost you can customise the size, depth, and shape of your vinyl liner pool.

Disadvantages of a vinyl liner pool

Image source: unspalsh.com

A substantial disadvantage that comes with a vinyl liner pool is that the inner vinyl lining needs replacing every 5 to 10 years. This can become quite expensive over the lifetime of the pool with the average price of a vinyl liner costing approximately $4,000.

The liner isn’t very durable

An additional downfall to owning a vinyl liner pool is that the liner isn’t super durable like the surface of fibreglass and concrete. They are prone to splits and tears. These can be caused by outdoor items getting blown into the pool by wind or dogs scratching the sides.

They can house algae and bacteria

Image source: sunrisepool.com

Most of the vinyl lining is nonporous, however, ‘dead spots’ such as the seams and under the pool ladder are areas of the pool that are prone to algae and bacteria growth.

Advantages of concrete pools

Unlimited shapes, depths, and designs

Possibly the biggest advantage of choosing a concrete pool is having the option to have any design or style you want. Concrete is preferred by people wanting a certain shape or depth for their pool that they cannot find in fibreglass or vinyl liner pools.

Strong and durable

Image source: leisurepools.com

Concrete pools are exceptionally strong and should last more than 25 years. The interior surface will last around 10 years before it will need to be resurfaced.

Disadvantages of a concrete pool

A higher level of maintenance required

Image source: unsplash.com

The interior surface on the concrete pool is highly porous. It creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.  They are notorious for algae infestations that can be hard to eradicate. It is suggested to brush the surface every week to avoid this occurring.

Higher doses of chemicals needed

As stated above, concrete pools are susceptible to algae and bacteria, this means you will spend more money on chemicals to resolve the issue. As concrete is alkaline-based, it can alter the chemistry levels of your pool water. It will cost more money in chemicals if you are having to balance the levels constantly.

Not a good option for a salt chlorinator system

Image source: pinterest.com

Whilst you could use salt in a concrete pool, it is not advisable. Salt affects the surface of concrete pools which will result in your pool needing to get resurfaced more often than generally required. Salt for a concrete pool is a highly expensive choice.

Expensive initial and ongoing costs

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pool to build, a concrete pool isn’t the choice for you. An average concrete pool installation is anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on the size and design you want. They require far more effort and chemicals than vinyl liner and fibreglass pools. They require an acid wash every 3 to 5 years and resurfacing a concrete pool costs around $10,000. This will need to be done every 10 years.

They take a long time to build

Source: poolanddeckconcepts.com

Vinyl liner and fibreglass pools take a matter of weeks to install whereas concrete pools can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete.

Advantages of fibreglass pools

Minimal upkeep required

A benefit of owning a fibreglass pool is that they require very little effort from the homeowner. The interior surface of a fibreglass pool is virtually nonporous making it resistant to algae and bacteria. As a result, they require far less money and time to keep them clean. Fibreglass pool owners generally spend a quarter of the time and money that vinyl liner and concrete pool owners do.

Quick installation

Once you have chosen your pool, it’s just a matter of getting it delivered and installed. This process can take as little as 7 days.

Extreme tactile strength

Advances in fibreglass technology allow them to be built with superior strength. They are designed to have a slight flex to accommodate earth movements and will not puncture or crack over the lifetime of the pool.

Contemporary designs

Image source: unsplash.com

Most fibreglass pool designs have a modern appearance and if done well can completely transform any backyard into a beautiful focal point.

Suitable for a salt chlorinator system

Saltwater is an extremely popular choice as it is not as harsh on the eyes and skin as traditional chlorine. Salt does not damage the interior surface of fibreglass pools. However, it is very abrasive on concrete and it erodes the metal and aluminium coping that is found in vinyl liner pools.

An asset to your property

Image source: unsplash.com

If you ever make the decision to sell your home want to be sure that the pool you have chosen is going to attract buyers not to deter them. Buyers want a pool that is cost-effective and simple to look after. A fibreglass pool is the easiest pool on the market to maintain.

They are suitable for practically any site

Fibreglass pools can be built in-ground, partially above ground and above ground. They can be constructed to suit virtually any backyard.

Disadvantages of fibreglass pools

Image source: unsplash.com

The initial cost is more than vinyl liner pools

It is cheaper to install a vinyl liner pool than a fibreglass pool, however, it is important to consider the ongoing cost that is required of a vinyl liner pool. Replacing the vinyl liner every 5 to 10 years will work out to be far more expensive over the pool’s lifespan. Fibreglass does not need replacing at any time.

A fibreglass pool isn’t customisable

A disadvantage to a fibreglass pool is that you are unable to have an extremely deep pool or a specific shape or design. Although many reputable fibreglass pool companies have a huge selection of pools to choose from. The likelihood of you not finding something to suit your home and lifestyle is slim.

So which pool has more pros than cons?

When it comes to the overall cost across the lifetime of the pool. A fibreglass pool is the best option.  They are more money to install initially than vinyl liner pools but don’t need constant interior replacements or resurfacing like vinyl liner and concrete pools do. They are easy to maintain, and they require the least amount of chemicals to keep them clean. Unlike the other types of pools, they are highly compatible with saltwater.

If you require further information regarding the suitability of a fibreglass pool for you home, give visit NewcastleSwimmingPools.


Truth About 5 Myths of Sex

Sexuality is a subject that many people are interested in, and sex is one of the few things that attracts the curiosity of almost everyone, men and women, young and old… There is a lot of information that is spread and assumed to be true, when in fact it is not. The fact is that the ease with which anyone can get information on the Internet has made infoxication widespread throughout the world.

In sex in particular there are countless widespread myths that most people think are true, when in fact they are not. Some of the most popular according to Skokka are the following:

1. Vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms

Source: Rosie Rees

Although it is common to differentiate between orgasms, the reality is that it is the clitoris that is involved in each and every orgasm that any woman enjoys. Even in girls who claim that their orgasms are exclusively by penetration, the truth is that the clitoris is intervening directly in their orgasm.

The orgasm in women, on an anatomical level… is caused by the clitoris.

2. Circumcision damps the pleasure

Source: Women’s Health

It is a popular idea that by removing the protection from the glans, the glans becomes more insensitive over time. This statement is not based on any scientific study as studies have shown that not only was there no loss of sensitivity and pleasure in the glans after the circumcision, but many subjects claimed that the glans area was more sensitive after the operation.

3. Aphrodisiac food

Source: Med Decisions

Aphrodisiac foods are becoming more widespread. And more and more it seems that there are foods that produce an alteration in the hormones that bring about an immediate desire for sex.

Unfortunately, no scientific study can guarantee that a particular food product will have such an effect. Some supposedly aphrodisiac foods, such as oysters or chocolate, have no study behind them to support the veracity of such effects.

It is true that if substances such as adrenaline decrease in the body and vasodilation of the sexual structures occurs, it can make it easier for the sexual organism to become aroused. Therefore, what is really involved in having greater excitement, is to drive away stress and anxiety.

Discover, together with the beautiful escorts, what you have always had doubts about. Although a good advice that will always be positive for anyone is that, if you have doubts about sexuality, important doubts, go to a sexologist who can dissipate in a professional way those unanswered questions.

4. Masturbation is a man’s business

Source: Promescent

Men may be less shy confessing that they masturbate than women. This is understandable in a world where a girl who likes sex can be considered a prostitute. Whereas masturbation can be a manly thing for men to admire.

The reality is that, beyond what can be confessed in public, both men and women masturbate. Masturbation is a healthy practice.

Moreover, contrary to what many people think, this is far from being due to the fact that men and women who masturbate have unpleasant relationships with their partners or lovers. In fact, masturbation can be a perfectly good sexual practice within a couple.

5. Women are less interested in sex

Source: She Xposed

Another myth that has been considered true since time immemorial. It’s not that men are more interested in sex, they are simply freer to express it, probably motivated by the previous point of this article.

Apart from the fact that society always treats a man who talks openly about sex and his promiscuity better than a woman, as the Canadian girls could quickly confirm. Another reason is the way in which sex is understood between the two genders, always in general terms. The fact is that women tend to relate it more to love, something that does not happen so much with men.

Although the reality is that, fortunately, society is moving forward and the differences between men and women and their way of understanding sex, or anything else, are becoming increasingly fine.

In short, men and women are interested in sex in the same way, only they face a social judgment that does not exist for men, and they may also understand it in a more loving way.

Source: BBC

As we have seen in the article, some statements can be taken for granted without being so. But it is also possible that the opposite is true. That some things assumed to be false, turn out to be true.

Because what each person thinks they know about sex is due to different things. On the one hand, personal experience, what someone has lived, both alone and with others. On the other hand there is the sex education received and the comments of friends and/or family. But without doubt, what has most influenced is what you can see on the internet, whether it be video, audio or text.

A clear example is the porn films that are published on the main adult content websites. With them, young people start discovering their sexuality to give themselves pleasure when they are alone. This becomes a problem when the image of sexual relations is formed on this basis. Because, after all, they are actors and actresses who are preparing for the stage.

Source: AskMen

So when it comes to the real experience expectations exceed reality, as happens most of the time. That’s why it’s always advisable to experiment and try for oneself. Open your mind and discover your own sexuality, without prejudice. Everyone has tastes, fantasies and is more or less sensitive in each area of their body. So, for all this, it is always recommended to try to forget everything you think you know about sex, and try to feel and discover by trying yourself. Discover what you enjoy most in bed, what posture, what movements, what toys… There are endless possibilities to try.Because this is how you can really end up knowing about sex and enjoying it fully. Differentiating all those false myths that circulate around from the truths about sex.

Getting Your Pool Summer Ready – Pool Safety Tips

Image source: unspalsh.com

A swimming pool provides a source of entertainment and fun for children, however, they do come with inherent risks. When the weather is warm, we use our pools more than normally, so there is no better time to ensure that your pool is safe and ready to use come summertime. Here are our pool safety tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Put pool safety rules in place

Image source: unspalsh.com

Ensuring that children are safe around water is everyone’s responsibility. As a parent, it should always be your priority to watch your children when in the water, no matter how confident they are. You can make swimming safer for kids by putting some pool rules in place. Explain the rules clearly and reiterate accordingly. Here are some basic pool rules that should be followed:

  1. No diving in the pool
  2. No running
  3. No pushing anyone under the water
  4. No rough play
  5. Young children can only go in the pool with an adult

Tip 2: Ensure you have a compliant pool fence

In all parts of Australia, it is mandatory that any body of water more than 30cm has a compliant pool fence in place. A pool fence can drastically reduce the risk of drowning and it is the most effective solution to prevent accidents. Your pool fencing must pass strict Australia rules and regulations to obtain a certificate of compliance. It should be maintained regularly and any signs of wear and tear or damage should be seen immediately.

Some of the pool fencing rules as mentioned by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission:

  1. The pool fence must be in good condition with no holes or damage
  2. Any climbable horizontal bars need to be at least 90cm apart
  3. It must be 1.2 metres from the ground and if it is a boundary fence it needs to be 1.8 metres high
  4. There must not be any holes bigger than 13mm in the fence
  5. Vertical bars or support struts must not have a gap of more than 100mm between them
  6. There is not to be a gap greater than 10cm from the ground to the start of the pool fence

Tip 3: Your pool area should be free of climbable items

Image source: unspalsh.com

The area around your pool is called the non-climbable zone. Its 900mm from the outside of the pool area and 300mm on the inside of the pool area. Nothing should be placed in this location that can be used to climb on by children. This includes things such as pot plants, large rocks, and trees.

Tip 4: Water quality

The quality of your pool water isn’t probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think of pool safety however, it is important to maintain the correct chemical levels of your water to ensure that bacteria and algae don’t grow and manifest. Swimming in a dirty pool can cause illnesses such as diarrhoea, swimmers ear, and staph infections in the nose, eyes, and ears. On the other hand, overdosing your pool with chemicals can cause skin reactions and irritations. Maintaining your pools water levels can be done by purchasing a water testing kit, checking the levels regularly and adjusting them accordingly. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can get a professional to take care of it for you.

Tip 5: Learn CPR

Image source: unspalsh.com

Learning how to do CPR is a valuable skill that could be used to save a life. CPR certificates are easily attainable and can be done inexpensively. Pool owners should update their CPR skills as required, hopefully, it’s something that you will never have to use but it is comforting knowing that you can assist if an emergency situation was to occur.

In addition to knowing how to perform CPR, pool owners should also think about getting an ACLS certificate as it would give them additional skills needed to save a life in case of emergency. That shouldn’t be a big problem because there are places such as AdvancedMedicalCertification where you can get your ACLS certificate by taking an online course.

Tip 6: Ensure you have CPR signage

In addition to learning CPR, up to date, CPR signage should be positioned in a spot near the pool. They contain relevant information on the DRSABCD steps and how to do it properly.

Tip 7: Teach your kids to swim

Image source: unspalsh.com

Here in Australia, we are surrounded by water, swimming is embedded in our culture and it is an essential life skill that all children should learn. Teaching children how to swim reduces their risk of drowning drastically and will educate them on water safety. Make sure that the swimming teacher you choose is fully qualified and has a nationally recognised certificate of attainment.

Tip 8: Provide floatation devices

Even if your children have had swimming lessons, floatation devices can be used as an extra precaution. Life vests and arm floaties are popular choices and can be worn by children of all ages and swimming levels.

Tip 9:  Look out for hazards

Image source: unspalsh.com

You should always check to ensure that furniture, toys, and other objects haven’t been left near the pool area. Check for slip hazards and ensure that your pool chemicals are stored safely and out of reach of children.

Tip 10: Always supervise children

It is crucial that children are always watched when near or in the water to decrease the risk of drowning. Adults should be at an arm’s length for children that are not confident swimmers and in the pool area for older kids that are confident in the water. It may seem like a simple thing to do, but if you are having a get together with family and friends and there’s a lot of people around, it’s easy to assume that others are watching the kids when actually no one is. It is an idea to allocate a pool supervisor and take turns with the other adults to ensure that someone is always actively watching the kids.

Pools safety goes hand in hand with pool ownership

Image source: unspalsh.com

Many of us have fond memories of swimming and having fun with friends and as adults, we know how dangerous water can be. As a pool owner, it is essential to put safety measures in place to ensure that your pool is as safe as humanly possible.

Drowning is still a prevalent issue here in our country. Over a 12-month period from 2018 to 2019 data collected by Royal Lifesaving Australia found that 276 people lost their lives to drowning and with an estimated additional 584 people experiencing a drowning incident that was non-fatal. Children under the age of 5 are most at risk of drowning and attributed to 19 deaths which is a 12% increase on the year prior.

Additionally, 2019 was the hottest summer on record which led to an increase of 17% in fatal drownings compared to the average rate of drownings of the past 10 years.

Children are active and excited to explore the world around them and are naturally drawn to water. It sparkles and splashes, but many do not understand the magnitude of its danger. It’s our job to educate them and ensure that their swimming environment is as safe as possible. We hope the tips mentioned throughout this article have given you some ideas on how to safety proof your swimming pool for this summer.

Companies such as FibreglasPoolsMelbourne produce fibreglass pools that are built to the highest national standard and meet all safety and legal requirements. If you have any questions regarding safety for your pool, get in touch with such team today.

Do Dogs Really Need Sweaters for Snow

Image source: unspalsh.com

Autumn is slowly leaving, and winter is coming after it. Winter is a period that, despite being characterized by low temperatures and cold weather, for many people still means warmth in the soul, a warm home full of smiling people, a festive mood, festive tables, and many gifts. Besides, this period makes us very happy since then we have the first snow. The first snow brings a lot of joy to each of us. We all rejoice at the first snowflakes as little children, and as soon as it snows enough snow we get ready to go for a walk. But the snow can also be the beginning of preparations for the long winter.

Preparations begin in late autumn. They refer to checking our wardrobe. Last winter’s clothes can often be too small or too wide, but they can also be damaged. But we are not the only ones in question. Our pets should also be considered. Winters can be long and cold, sometimes with a lot of snow, so we need to think about our pets. They often want to go for a walk, and time is what can stop them. The most common reason they often know not to go outside in the cold and snowy weather. So we have to come up with a solution before winter comes. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a solution is to buy a sweater for our pet. According to the experts from DeListProduct, we must analyze the behavior of our pet well, to know if it is temperamental and if it will be comfortable with a sweater on. It takes a lot of thinking before we make any decision. Is buying a sweater a good solution? What are the best solutions?

Why and when are dogs feeling cold?

Image source: unsplash.com

Dogs are man’s best friend. It is the most common pet that people choose to keep in their homes. During the time we take care of them, we have a lot of fun with them. Apart from the fun, taking care of pets is an integral part of the time spent with them. We need to make sure that they consume the best food, that they receive the best treatment, but we need to make sure that they are always warm and comfortable at home.

Dogs have a higher temperature than humans, thanks to regular activity and full-body fur. But when they are inactive, that is, lying down, the temperature drops. That is why it is necessary in the home during the cold days to maintain the temperature at an ideal level for us and them, but also to set a comfortable place for them to lie down, rest, and sleep.

Always place a blanket on the floor at their favorite place to keep them warm and comfortable if they are lying down, and it is even better if you buy them a warm, comfortable, and soft crib on which they will rest. Take care of your dog and he will always feel cared for and happy. You will see that by his temperament and playfulness.

Which dogs most often feel cold and need a sweater?

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Winters can be long and cold, not only for humans but also for dogs. This is because they are usually on the floor, which can be cold. They also regularly go for a walk 2 to 3 times. This walk is of great importance to them, so they must always be protected during it. Not every dog ​​needs a sweater. The need for a sweater in dogs usually arises with the age of the dog.

As dogs get older they become more sensitive to change. Also, the need for a sweater arises with each change of weather in the smaller breeds and the breeds with short fur. This is because short fur fails to reach the pet’s body temperature as long as long fur that perfectly covers all perfection and warms the body from cold weather.

Therefore, if you decide on a smaller breed of dog or a breed with short fur, try to get the dog used to wear a sweater from an early age, so that when he grows up he will have the habit of wearing a sweater when the weather is cold.

Be aware that some dogs do not want to wear any clothing

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The fact is that not every dog ​​wants to wear any kind of clothing. Although dog clothes are more and more in fashion and are available in different colors, styles, and variations, they can often be a problem for pets. The first reason why not every dog ​​can easily get used to the clothes on his body is the breed. Each race is specific in itself. Some races are characterized by characteristics such as assertiveness, temperament, stubbornness, and the like. With these races, one can hardly reach an agreement, and the same goes when it comes to sweaters and other pieces of clothing and fashion accessories. These breeds could easily be dealt with if we start slowly getting used to them from a young age. This way they will get used to wearing something when they are cold.

Another reason why pets can not wear anything is because of the uncomfortable itching and heat that the piece of clothing itself creates. To prevent any rejection of clothes by your pet from this aspect, it will be necessary to consult a pet shop. There they will tell you exactly which material is right for your pet, whether it creates excessive heat or ideal and whether it will create irritation and itching in the pet. At best, always consult a pet shop expert or online expert, but you can also seek advice from your pet’s veterinarian.

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The end of autumn is the perfect time to make any changes and preparations for the winter season for your pet, especially when it comes to cold weather and snowy days. This is the ideal period to go to a pet shop and look at a comfortable warm bed for your pet, to look at the offer for warm winter clothes, sweaters, and rain suits.

Never forget to consult an expert, a salesperson at the point of sale, or a veterinarian who takes care of your pet. They are in daily contact with many dog ​​owners, but most importantly they have great knowledge and information that will surely help you in choosing and making a decision. Do not waste your money, act in a timely, safe, and responsible manner. And remember, always before the beginning of winter, work with your pet on the habit of wearing a sweater or any other clothing. This will make it easier for yourself, but also for the pet that will never be cold during the walks or while it is at home. Give only the best to your pet because he deserves it. However, it is a man’s best friend!

Your Guide to Smart Toys for Children

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Every parent knows that their child learns through play. Hence, wouldn’t it be amazing if the toys you give to your child are the ones that educate and entertain them? In short, can you provide your child with smart toys that help them with their development?

Yes, definitely. You can browse through the internet for toys suited for specific learning stages of your kids. Toynk has a wide selection of toys for every age and you can categorize or filter your search when you go to their website.

How Babies Play

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Keep in mind that play in your child’s initial year is about discovery. Babies utilize their five senses to learn about the interesting new world that surrounds them. Does an object feel soft or hard? Rough or sticky? What does it do if I drop it? Many plays are composed of mouthing or tasting an object or dropping, banging, or shaking it.,

A play turns out to be more complex and coordinated when your kid builds new motor skills. A good example of this is the following:

  • At around four months old, your baby starts to grasp and reach for objects.
  • By six or seven months, your baby can move the object between his or her hands.
  • At about nine months, a newly developed pincer grasp makes it simpler for them to grab smaller things, such as small age-appropriate toys and blocks.

Through this period, play is normally a solitary activity. However, playing side by side along with other kids or babies and copying activities is typical by year’s end.

At this stage, you are your kid’s favorite playmate.

Smart Toys for Smart Babies

Below is a list of the common smart toys for smart babies:

Push and Pull Toys

This toy will help your baby with balance and the development of big muscles. As they push and pull more, they boost the muscles for running and climbing. They can use such toys to control moving their legs as they develop into toddlers.

Ring Stacker

Did you know that a ring stacker is a toy where rings of various sizes and colors are stacked into a cone? This one is considered a classic toy. Your baby will like biting and holding the rights at the start. They start putting the rings into the cone as their fine motor skills enhance. Later as toddlers, they will begin to know numbers and colors when they stack and count the multicolored rings.

Baby Mirrors

Your baby will be attracted when they stare into a baby mirror as their expression transform. Later, your baby will distinguish the drooling and smiling cute creature staring back.

Your baby will become more familiar once they know that, and hence, they explore more about parts of their body as well as their surroundings.

Nursery Mobiles

We also have a nursery mobile as a smart toy. This one has a dancing figure that will enhance the attention span and support the vision of your baby.

Smart Toys for Toddlers

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At this stage, your baby is building their awareness of objects as well as their function. They love yapping on a toy phone, drinking from a big cup, and stacking blocks. That’s when pretend play begins. That lays the ground for preschool play.

Your baby begins to learn the function of specific objects and will begin to tell the difference between a color and shape.

You can opt for vibrant toys, which are fun to play with. Many toddlers around two years old can scribble with a crayon, stack blocks, or kick a ball at least four tall. At three years old, most toddlers could pedal or a mini tricycle or do basic puzzles.

Your small baby can master new abilities by doing stuff repeatedly. Hence, expect to notice that often as they begin taking charge of their surroundings.

Below are some of the best smart kids for toddlers:

Board games

These are excellent ways to spend time with your toddler. They can also support learning opportunities, satisfying your child’s competitive urges and desire to master new concepts and skills.

Roleplay and pretend toys

These toys are supported with stuffed dolls and animals, such as having a tea party. They help with social and emotional development by teaching your toddler the ideal way to show themselves emotionally.

Toys that support thinking

Smart toddlers can be entertained through play and learn simultaneously. You need to support your kid to play with multipurpose toys where they can learn matching, sorting, counting, colors, and build their fine motor skills at the same time.

Smart Toys for Preschoolers

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Your baby will begin to utilize toys and objects as they’re planned to be utilized. Nonetheless, they will find other efficient uses for them as well. Bear in mind that a preschooler can notice endless possibilities in their surroundings, not to mention they are the creators and masters of everything they see.

Children at this age assume they have powers and are powerful enough to beat monsters. Below are the best toys for preschoolers:


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They enhance dexterity, coordination, and show spatial connection and rational thinking.

Construction and Blocks Sets

Erection a building and finding ways to avoid it from falling enhance your kid’s problem solving and hand-eye coordination skills. Preschoolers utilize construction set and their creativity to make animals, buildings, vehicles, and more.

Smart Toys for Big Kids

Interest and talent begin to firm up. Physical skills are getting fine tunes like big motor skills. Your child learns to skateboard or ride bikes with two wheels. Below are the best smart toys for big kids.

Cards and Board Games

This game supports cooperation and helps your kid deal with their emotions, which go along with losing and winning.

Science Toys

It supports problem solving and discovery, along with science toys. Chemistry sets, binoculars, and telescopes, among others, are the best example of science toys.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cubes have evolved so much these years. They have the perfect combination of math and motorists, plus your kids will have so much fun! We have to recommend Smart cubes, such as GoCube- a totally amazing gift for your teen.

Jump Ropes

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Playing jump rope with friends allows your child to learn how to take turns and play in harmony along with their friends. Jumping rope needs coordination and supports the development of big problem solving and motor skills.

Indeed, toys are an essential tool to help your kid mature and grow. Nonetheless, you should remember that toys are also essential in their development and growth. Hence, make sure you choose smart toys that are suitable for your kid’s age.

We wish you the best of luck! Share your insights with us about this post by leaving your comments down below!

5 Pros and Cons of Buying a New Construction Home

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Purchasing a home that allows you to settle down and live your life comfortably is the goal for many people, especially the younger generations. Everybody wants to have their own place, but unfortunately, this costs money, and sometimes a lot of it.

When it comes to tastes and different people, there’s always someone who will prefer something different than you do. Some find living in an apartment easy and convenient, while others can’t imagine their life unless they live in a house that’s large and roomy with a huge backyard. But, what’s good for the spider is chaos for the fly, and now we’re back to what we mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph, which is that tastes vary based on personality.

However, we can all agree upon one thing, and that’s that living in a freshly built home created just for you is an unimaginable feeling. There are so many pros of this, but a few cons as well, basically just like everything else in life. Thankfully, today we’re here to talk about it, so if you cannot make up your mind or you’re wondering what the good and bad things about this are, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

You’ll know all the important details of the home

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When purchasing a home that was building a long time ago, and people already spent a lot of years living in it, it’s like purchasing a “cat in a bag”. Honestly, it’s not a good thing to do, but it’s the most affordable option, which is why most people tend to go with it. There’s nothing wrong with the will to save money, but extra hidden costs will slowly start to frustrate you a lot, not to mention that they’ll keep your economy on the edge at all times.

Did the previous owner tell you about that problem with the roof where the water starts leaking inside the home every winter? Did they mention the backyard fence that was repaired about five times and it’s almost going to come apart but they painted it so that it looks brand-new? Not really, all of these things are important details and they’ll start showing one by one when they are least needed. This is why we always prefer and advise others to purchase a home that’s built specifically for them. Because you’ll be the one to know all of these details in case they ever show up, instead of being lied to by the previous owner that’s just trying to get rid of the place.

There aren’t any hidden issues with the house

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When they build a brand-new home for you, it’s going to take years, if not decades for problems to start occurring. This means that you’ll initially pay more for it, but then you won’t be forced to deal with issues for many years to come. Also, if you do regular maintenance around the house, chances are that issues won’t ever start appearing. Can you be sure that everything is built properly? Yes, when the home is built for you, you can be present at the construction site and everything is built according to your plans, so if your plans are flawless, the home will be flawless as well. Premierrealestate.pro is a website where you can learn more about the pros and cons of construction homes at a blog written and led by professionals with years of experience in this sphere.

In case you need more information on this topic before purchasing, the internet is the best way to get them. Use it to your advantage. After all, the money you spend on a construction home that’s brand-new is definitely not a small amount.

You’ll be the first one to ever step into it

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Apart from functionality and all that, there’s a satisfaction factor in purchasing a brand new construction home as well. It’s not all about avoiding maintenance for many years and other similar things. There’s a very special feeling that you get when you walk into your freshly-built home, and it’s irreplaceable. A lot of people who experienced it said that it’s a lot “fresher” compared to moving into a place where people lived for a lot of years beforehand.

It does cost more money to build it

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Now, we cannot really hide the truth, which is that purchasing a construction home that’s brand-new and built for you is very expensive. It will require you to save money for many years before being able to make the transaction. But, is it worth it at the end? Yes, it is. And, it is very important to do research on your neighborhood and the overall location where you want to build your home.

Prices will vary, but so will living circumstances. Some neighborhoods are quieter, others are busy and noisy, but as we mentioned above, every person has their own preference when it comes to these things. Doing research is very important though because the amount of money you’re going to put into this is usually a once in a lifetime type of a thing. Of course, excluding those who can purchase multiple homes during their lifetime.

You need to wait sometime until it’s done

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Last but not least, we have to mention that although this is the best quality of life choice that you can make, it’s also the one that is the most time-inefficient. If you need a home quickly and urgently, this is definitely not the best decision that you can make. It can sometimes take up to two or three years for a home to be built depending on the area and the circumstances, as well as your budget. So, if you want to move in quickly and without wasting any time, you should probably consider purchasing a home that’s already built. But, everything in life has its own pros and cons. You have to weigh them in in order to make the final decision.



Ways Social Media Has Changed the Game for Employee Recognition

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Everyone on this planet has already heard of social media. Indeed, we all have. Others would debate it is the most potent invention since the printing press, while some would say it is only a curse for our regular lives. A few would say it is only a fancy form of telephone. Whatever the case, it has had a massive influence on how incentive, reward, and recognition providers do business.

Take note that social media is a massive network for acknowledging employee achievements, both externally and internally. Your company can offer recognition to superior performance, new hires, work anniversaries, and many more.

That recognition enables team members to engage that works to establish team cohesiveness. An employee can also congratulate one another, keeping up with the company’s current events, and engaging with their coworkers.

Social media can also lessen your organization’s turnover. One research discovered that 39,00 hourly workers using networking sites weekly stayed at their jobs longer compared to their colleagues.

Below are different ways social media changed the game of employee recognition, equipped with ways to use to your company’s advantage.

Helps the company’s recognition program going

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Take note that employee recognition should be consistent. However, it is so simple for it to fall on the verge. The straightforwardness of posting employee recognition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks makes it simple for the program to go in between significant events. It also helps you prevent needing to restart the recognition program.

Social media is an integral part of the entire recognition program. Nonetheless, it should not be the company’s overall strategy. It will help if you’ll combine it with live events such as company-wide recognition meetings, an employee of the month programs, and award ceremonies, among others.

Giving your employees rewards like keepsakes or employee recognition crystal trophies, which are more than gifts, allows them to have a lasting effect beyond social media. Employee recognition awards, in-person events, and social media mix to make the program the most efficient it could be.

Makes employee recognition more fulfilling and valuable

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Did you know that employee recognition on social media is relatively simple? You might be even shocked by its real influence. Staffers love the power to share social media posts that acknowledge them.

Offering public commendation could make the most of the benefits of recognition and the capability to share it with family or friends on Facebook, as well as with business associates on LinkedIn. which makes social media appreciation more efficient. In short, your team will receive double the praise.

Recognition from top executives, supervisors, and managers is the ideal form of employee recognition. It exceeds credit from people outside of the company and teammates. You see, social media makes it simple for people in executive positions to offer commendation. That helps you offer relevant employee acknowledgment with minimal effort.

It’s simple to share the recognition

The best thing about social media is that it allows simple sharing of employee recognition. You only need to open your business social media account, enter your post, and click “Post.” The message must be customized and thoughtful, but you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the best words to use.

Remember that employee recognition on social media is an efficient way for higher executives and managers to demonstrate to their teams that they care, not to mention it’s cost-efficiency.

Makes an excellent recruiting tool

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More and more job seekers are seeking jobs online. Sites such as Glassdoor enable folk to post reviews regarding their staff, not to mention that job seeker could learn about a company from its LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

In fact, it has been found that sixty-six percent of individuals trust opinions posted online. On the other hand, eighty-three percent trust suggestions from family or friends.

So, do you have a substantial social media presence with a considerable amount of positive reviews and employee recognition from your clients and staff? Then that could make it simpler for you to recruit and retain the ideal workers.

Helps establish community

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Building an inclusive company, establishing community, and breaking down silos must be your organization’s utmost priorities. Fortunately, social media helps with all such things by offering staff platforms to engage and connect in ways they might not otherwise. Further, it allows them to provide peer-to-peer (P2P) recognition, which is the most efficient form of employee recognition.

For instance, LinkedIn’s tool referred to as Kudos enables users to make instant and stunning appreciation posts to anyone in their network. That’s a beautiful example of how social media and employee recognition go together.

Your staff is willing for opportunities to acknowledge one another. One survey found that forty-four percent of people would regularly offer peer recognition if they have the necessary tools. You see, that tool is social media.

It transformed people’s expectations

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Undoubtedly, social media and the internet have transformed every person’s behavior. We are currently living in a world of immediate satisfaction. For instance, shoppers are eager to wait for three seconds for a website page to load before leaving the website.

Need-it-now behavior influences people’s lives offline, as well. You like instant gratification when talking about watching TV shows, making purchases, and even employee recognition. Please note that employees do not want to wait for the yearly awards ceremony to know how amazing they are at their jobs. As an alternative, they wish to hear it daily. Social media is an excellent method to achieve that.

Remember that the way you communicate with one another is at the core of engagement and recognition. Social media has spread and undergone massive changes. It now stands as an almost omnipresent commodity. Hence, social media in the workplace is nearly inevitable.

Social media has made the planet much smaller, and everyone’s actions much visible. That leaves fewer excuses for lack of appreciation. That is well worth rejoicing in the long game.

Customer Data Platforms: The Reality Behind the Hype

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The imperative to gather every piece of data stays ingrained in the fabric of enterprise business through a decade after Big Data became the next big thing. The hype has disappeared on big data. However, organizations are still dealing with its impacts. No doubt, today’s hottest technologies are in response to the complications launched by the big data mentality to collect everything.

The hype for big data has been put out to pasture for several years. Nonetheless, big data’s central tenets stay with us: velocity, variety, and volume of data.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) striving to resolve the most complicated challenges of today’s marketers

The worldwide market for CDPs is anticipated to increase substantially throughout the following years. In fact, the CDP Institute attached industry revenue for 2019 at 1 billion USD. It also anticipates the sector to reach roughly 1.3 billion USD by 2024.

On the other hand, ResearchandMarkets foresees the sector will increase from 2 billion USD to 10.3 billion USD by 2025. It will grow at a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 34.0 percent throughout the forecast time.

That massive development is being driven by:

  • the need to navigate complicated privacy regulations
  • the propagation of customer touchpoints and devices
  • higher anticipations for marketers to create real-time bespoke experience across channels

What does it mean?

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Gartner foresaw that the average adult in America would own over six smart devices by 2024. On the other hand, Cisco predicts that the figure of devices connected to IP networks across the globe will increase to over three times the worldwide population by 2024.

Potential customers and existing customers utilize all of such devices to engage with the organizations they do business with. Further, these customers expect such companies to distinguish them whatever device they are using at any given moment.

Did you know that a survey performed by Salesforce State of the Connected Customer founds that seventy-eight of respondents want to utilize various channels to engage with brands depending on context? However, six percent expect brands’ engagements with them to be personalized according to previous engagements.

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That concern is not going to vanish anytime soon. Segmenting the customer data of Salesforce by generations shows that younger associates switch devices more than older. Further, they tend to be including IoT-type connected devices into their range.

It’s worth mentioning as well that customer data security and governance have jumped to the forefront of marketer challenges. That’s because the soup of data regulations continues to increase.

The four technologies Gartner called out as transformative within their latest Hype Cycle revolve around one theme: making data helpful and practical. Those technologies are composed of the following:

  • real-time marketing
  • blockchain for advertising
  • AI for marketing
  • Customer data platforms

Each of these takes a segment of the original promise of big data. They strive to change it into a fully realized part of the martech stack. The hype might be similar – converting all data you gather into relevant, meaningful information.

Nonetheless, new guiding principles have arrived beyond only veracity, volume, and velocity in the intervening decades among the heyday of big data as well as today’s world.

Big data was able to set the table for such principles. Today, people are reaching the time for them to be served up to customer experience teams, IT professionals, and marketers as obtainable goals.

Each of those technologies takes up the job left behind by big data.

However, the best customer data platforms signify the most transformation of the hyped-up tech.

How can CDP help?

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This is where the customer data platform comes to the rescue. In case you didn’t know yet, CDP is a system created for non-IT use to simplify customer data flow through the martech stack and build a single customer view.

Together with the proliferation of potential customer touchpoints, massive expectations, make identity resolution, and cross-device IDs essential for keeping marketers, service professionals, and sales experts present the best total customer experience.

Customer data platforms provide that normalization and consolidation, making the data profiles accessible to other systems as well.

On top of that, remember that CDP vendors look to strive to support marketers deal with the privacy concern. They do this by presenting powerful data governance protocols, which are approved by third party organizations. That guarantee compliance, along with such kinds of regulations and other data security standards.

Image source: unsplash.com

For instance, a lot of CDP vendors are the International Standards Organization (ISO), Service Organization Control (SOC), and Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) certified. Such audits approve best practices around:

Gartner’s hype cycle points to an organization’s need to better act and control their data in a future where data is limited by regulations and consumer expectations commanding rigorous privacy standards. Nonetheless, Gartner’s positioning of CDPs on the Digital Marketing and Advertising Hype Cycle continues the wider trend of controlling the technology’s strategic potential through the enterprise.

Hence, it only perpetuates the continuous segmentation of intelligence and data sources, which make a single view of the customer impossible.

Big data wanted too big for its time. However, the idea of having one source for all your data continues today on the Customer Data Platform. With a CDP, you can deal with enterprise-level volume and a collection of sources through many integrations while allowing delivery channels and such real-time insights.

However, we need to admit that the underlying challenge stays the same: organizing data is a company-wide initiative that is limited through the lens of departments and tools. Big data attempted to transform that. A few years later, organizations are beginning to seriously take the need for an independent data layer designed to inspire massive, structural transformation.

There you have it! We hope you now understand the reality behind the hype for customer data platforms. Hopefully, you find this post helpful and informative at the same time.

What are your thoughts about this post? Share your insights with us by leaving a comment down below!

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