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Ways to Spend Less While Boosting Your Net Worth

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Everyone has their own favorite ways of chopping a few dollars out of monthly budgets. The following seven strategies might not be the most obvious, but they work well and have the advantage of being painlessly simple. The overall goal, if you employ all the ideas, is to not only slice expenses but to increase net worth. The techniques work best when done together, as a sort of step-by-step financial renovation project. Some are short-term and other longer-term approaches. See which ones work best for you, remembering that they reinforce each other and deliver the best results as a group.

Buy Precious Metals

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Many working adults view precious metals, like gold and silver, as something of a mystery. They’re not at all. In fact, you can strengthen your portfolio by keeping about five percent of it in precious metals. As a general rule, all your extra money, after paying bills, should go toward investments, retirement accounts, an emergency fund kept in a savings account, and representing about three-months’ income, and paying down debt like credit cards, car loans, and mortgages.

When you purchase metals, there are several ways to go about it. ETFs, exchange-traded funds, are a simple way to buy shares that directly track the value of one or more metals. Other investors prefer to take on indirect exposure to gold and silver with mining stocks. But you won’t always get a similar price move advantage with mines because they don’t track metal prices in real-time. Finally, you can buy bullion coins in just about any size and weight of your choice. By far, the most popular are one-ounce silver or gold coins minted by the U.S. government. Consider storing them in a safe deposit box or home safe.

Refinance Student Loans

If you have any education debt, refinancing can be a major plus for your budget. When you work with a private lender like this site on refinancing your student loans, your benefits are three-fold: you instantly chop monthly bills, there’s a chance for a better interest rate, and your repayment period is more manageable. One reason you can get a better rate is that your credit is likely much better now than when you took out the original loan. After several years of working, owning a home, and establishing yourself, it’s probable that you can snag a lower interest rate on student debt via a refinancing agreement. The online application is simple and quick, so there’s a big incentive to check out your options.

Contribute the Maximum to Retirement Accounts

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Aim toward contributing the maximum to retirement accounts. However, if you have a 401k, that might not be possible due to the much higher limits. So, use IRA guidelines as your cutoff point for funding. And remember, each member of a married couple can contribute the max per person every year. Retirement funds represent solid, net-worth assets. Unfortunately, too many people neglect to fund their IRA or don’t put in the max while they’re young.

If possible, use a payroll automatic-deposit plan to place a percentage of each check into your IRA. That way, you never see the money and won’t have to worry about moving it from a bank account into a separate retirement account. Under-funded IRAs are more common than people think. Too many younger folks figure they can do it later, but never get around to paying the proper attention to their golden years.

Record Every Dollar You Spend

Someone once said that knowledge is power. Equally true is the fact that self-knowledge is super-power. When you take the time to track every dollar you spend for a month or two, you’ll gain important insights into your spending habits. In fact, the single best way to rein in excess spending is to first do a self-audit. Use credit card receipts, bank statements, and other records to keep tabs on where every dollar goes. Once you know that, it’s much easier to slice and dice the monthly budget and cut out the fat.

Break the Savings Account Habit

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It seems counter-intuitive to say savings accounts are not important, but they are. Except for the limited purpose of storing your emergency fund, savings accounts are not where you should stash your extra money. Your hard-earned cash should be working for you in an investment account, money market fund, or in hard assets that appreciate (like precious metals or works of art). Savings accounts were designed for banks to meet legal requirements and to make money. They were not designed for individuals, so use them as little as possible. You can even keep your emergency fund in a short-term money market rather than a savings account.

Sell Every Unneeded Thing You Own

Your garage, attic, basement, and storage cube hold several hundred dollars, perhaps thousands, in untapped wealth. If you’re like most people, you assume it’s too difficult to sell or just not worth the hassle. On the contrary, it’s easy to leverage the power of a digital camera, the internet, and local sales or consignment outlets. For the really big, hard to ship stuff like used cars, bed stands, and furniture, hold a yard sale. For smaller items, use one of the larger online sellers with a big reach. Whatever doesn’t sell can go to charity, a friend, or a local church.

Work with a Financial Pro to Set Savings Goals

There’s no substitute for professional help when it comes to long-term money goals. Plus, buying an hour or two of a CPA’s or licensed financial counselor’s time won’t set you back more than a couple of hundred dollars, at most. It’s money well spent. To get ready for the session, bring a copy of your detailed budget and a list of all your assets, even the ones you think are unimportant or too small. Experts do one thing very well in that they understand averages and financial capabilities because they’re seen it all. Their objective eyes can give you a realistic range for what your savings goals should be, and their opinions are backed by the evidence in front of them as well as their own experience with other clients.

How To Find The Right Company To Handle Your Sash Window Repairs

Wooden windows are very durable, but they also require repairs and refurbishment. Problems can arise not only with glass but also with pulleys, frames and other elements. Sash ones can stop opening, or wooden rods can change their original positions and block the window opening. If you have any problems, you need to contact a specialist. You only need to choose a suitable company, which will carry out the restoration of wooden windows in the shortest possible time.

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Solid reasons to-avoid UPVC

If you need to replace your windows, think about installing a glass unit made of different material. But it’s not necessary to choose PVC windows, even though this material may seem more durable and modern. A new insulating glass unit will look quite attractive, but such have a shorter service life than windows made of natural wood.

Wooden window manufacturers offer modern versions of insulating glass units — they don’t contain weights and pulleys. You can install blocks consisting of a combination of a pulley and a spring inside a wooden window. This will make them more durable. It also reduces the weight of the window.

A sash window repair specialist will be able to install additional glazing for wooden ones. Double glazing enhances energy efficiency while reducing heat losses. Two separate glasses are mounted, and the space between them is filled with argon gas. You will notice that the room gets warmer without changing the windows to plastic ones.

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How To Choose The Best London Company For Your Sash Window Repairs

When choosing a company that will repair your windows, it is important to focus on the experience of its specialists. There are many offices in London that restore wooden windows. Some of them offer a limited range of services, while others can restore a glass unit after any damage. The most common problem is deformation due to excessive moisture. Especially often restoration is required in houses that are made in a certain style and are of historical value.

To restore windows in such buildings, it is important to preserve the unique design of the facade. Sash works must be carried out with great care. Specialists will restore windows, install additional glazing so that you won’t need to obtain permitting documents from special services.

Other difficulties that may arise during the use of wooden windows include:

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  • sashes can be damaged by termites or other pests;
  • fittings may be damaged;
  • condensation forms inside the sashes;
  • smallest cracks in the frames or their loose fit lead to drafts;
  • windows don’t fulfill their functions, i.e. they let cold air or street noise through.

A qualified sash window restoration specialist, having the necessary equipment and knowledge of the specifics of his work, will carry out the restoration of window sashes as soon as possible. Those companies that have been working in this market for many years use innovative methods of restoring wooden double-glazed ones.

Before signing a contract with a new company, you must study the principles of the services. It is worth studying the price list, which includes the costs of the materials used and work performed. You can also get guarantees and support in case of a repeated breakdown during the warranty period. So you will know what the money will be spent on and what quality of services the chosen company offers.

Source: Wandsworth Sash Windows

Specialists must carry out the restoration in full without transferring some work to other companies. Timber window double glazing company can renew the windows. Double glazing allows you to enhance the security of your house. Attackers will not be able to open the sashes from the outside, so your property will remain intact. The installation of sturdy and reliable fittings that cannot be broken is another advantage.

Strengthening the structure of a wooden window improves sound insulation too. Single sashes may let uncomfortable sounds inside a room, like car noises, screaming of children, and so on. Thanks to the additional glazing, you will no longer be disturbed by what is happening on the outside.

Timely repair of windows will allow you to save on heating costs in the winter. Such windows provide a good level of thermal insulation. The room will heat up on a sunny day, and it will become warm enough, because warm air will not go outside, while cold air will not penetrate the building. You can also choose glass with a low emissivity (Low-E). It has a reflective metal oxide coating. Sunlight will be reflected into the inside of the house, and the room will heat up much faster.

Source: Esk Glazing

Wrapping Up

Popular companies will also offer information for you to conduct repair works yourself. Some problems can be solved by the customer without spending money on calling a specialist. For example, sashes can be difficult to open due to the clogs of paint after re-painting. To solve this problem, it’s not necessary to pay for the services of a professional; it’s not difficult to remove excess paint using simple tools.



Remove Date Stamp Watermark From Photo – All You Need to Know

Digital cameras often leave a date watermark on the frame. Most people don’t worry about the dates initially. But when they want to share the pictures someday, they find that it becomes a big deal.

But in fact, there are some simple and quick solutions. In this article, we have gathered the best tools to remove the date from the photo for different systems.

  • WatermarkRemover (Software Application)
  • Remove Object from Photo (Android)
  • Photo Retouch (iOS)
  • Apowersoft Watermark Remover (Desktop)
  • WebinPaint (Online)

Why to remove date from photos

You have taken photos and forgot to deactivate the timestamp function of your camera? On your old digital photos can you still see the data? When organizing your photos, a date stamp can be handy. However, as soon as you want to print or publish your photos, it becomes very annoying.

There are many different watermark remover software on the Internet that remove dates from pictures in a very complex and cumbersome way. With Watermark Remover you can easily remove the date from your photo. Watermark Remover is a user-friendly image editing program in all languages. Not only can it remove date from your picture in a flash, but it also helps you with many other practical things like removing people from photos. Try it yourself in the free trial version!

Software to remove Watermark from photo

Watermark Remover is a very useful tool with which you can delete any logo, watermark or date that has been inserted into a photo manually or automatically.

This program restores the colors and textures that correspond to the part that covers the logo trying not to leave visible marks or, at least, not appreciated at first sight.

Watermark Remover offers very good results in a couple of clicks. Its use is as simple as running the program, opening the image with the logo and selecting with the mouse the area where the unwanted watermark is located. The program will ‘draw’ in red the area so that the application will recognize and automatically remove the logo.

The application is capable of erasing watermarks in batches, so that you don’t have to erase the same logo on each picture again.

How to remove date stamp from photo with Watermark Remover

As the name implies, Watermark Remover is a program that has been developed specifically to allow you to quickly and easily remove writing and other “noise” from photos. The software includes an intelligent image reconstruction system that naturally covers the spaces where writing used to be, allowing you to easily remove dates, watermarks, logos and anything else. The software can be used free of charge for 30 days, but it does not allow you to save your projects; to remove this limitation and continue using it even after the trial, you will need to purchase the full license.

To install Watermark Remover on your PC, connected to your web site, press the green Download button and wait for the software installation file to download. When the download is complete, open the .exe file you obtained and follow the simple guided procedure shown on the screen to complete the setup: press the Sip button and then Okay, Come (twice in a row) and finish.

Once installed and started Watermark Remover, press the Add Files button … place in the center of the program’s main window and select the image you want to retouch. Then press the button that represents the pencil located in the Instruments box (on the right), change the size of the chosen instrument through the adjustment bar located under the Radio heading and follow the letters of the writing you want to remove trying to be as precise as possible. When you are done, press the Delete button (bottom right) and, if everything went in the right direction, the writing will disappear as if by “magic”.

To save the output image (function available only for those who purchased the license), press the Save As… button in the upper left and choose the format and location to save the file.


Alternate ways to remove date from photo

  • Remove unwanted object (Android)

Remove unwanted objects is one of the best tools that can help to remove date watermarks, logos, watermarks, people, stickers, text and any other unwanted object from photos. It uses a special algorithm to gather pixels near the object you removed, so that the image looks very natural.

  • Get the application from your Google Play Store.
  • Run the application; Choose the photo that is date-stamped from your gallery to the application.
  • Select the date on the photo and touch the process button, and the application will automatically delete it afterwards.
  • Finally, save the photo to your device or share it with your friends.
  • Photo Retouch (iOS)

Photo Retouch is an iOS application that allows you to delete dates from photos and videos on iOS devices. It also has some editing features such as quick fix, clone stamp, whitening tool, and image processing restore function. As for the stains on the photo, you can remove them and get a perfect photo with it. But the free version has limited features.

  • Go to the App store and download the application.
  • Open the application; touch the plus sign icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap “+”> “Import from roll camera” and select the photos you need.
  • Tap the edit icon at the bottom; tap Delete objects, and select the date on the photo.
  • Once you highlight the date stamp, it will be automatically deleted. After that, you can then save it to your iCloud or storage.
  • Apowersoft Watermark Remover (Desktop)

Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a desktop tool that can remove the date stamp from the photo for Windows users. It also has a free online version. But you get a better experience with the Pro version. It has three selection tools to choose the watermark, no matter if it is text, logo, signature, person or any object. Its batch processing feature also works very well. If you have hundreds of images to handle at once, this program is highly recommended.

  • Download and install the software on your computer by clicking the button below.
  • Run the program and click on “Image”. Then, under “File”, select “Add images” to import the photos.
  • Highlight the photo on the right side and mark the date mark with one of the three selection tools.
  • Remove the watermark from the photo
  • Preview the effect in real time and, if OK, press the “Convert” button to wait for the magic to happen.
  • WebinPaint (Online)

WebinPaint is a free online tool that can easily remove the date from the photo. This online service can also magically delete unwanted objects from your photos. In addition, WebinPaint can repair old photos, erase wrinkles, remove skin blemishes and more. It is not only an object remover, but also a photo retouching and correction application.

  • Go to the official website.
  • From your interface, click on the “Load Image” button and choose the photo you need.
  • Once you have uploaded your photo, click on the red circle on the left side of the screen.
  • Highlight the date stamp and press the “Delete” button.
  • Finally, click “Download” to save your work on your computer.
  • Delete image watermarks

In Conclusion

Now you know how to remove the date watermark from the photo on different devices. With those tools in hand, you can easily remove anything from your photos.

Key Principles of Weight Loss Diet Planning You Need to Know

Diet is a crucial thing when anyone wants to lose weight. Many people get scared of the word ‘Dieting’. They think of eating nothing and starving the whole day. Well, the concept is quite not fair. Dieting means consuming healthy food with balance and nutrition. The important thing is that you have to eat right, not less. Going to a gym or do loads of exercise will not give the desired results if you do not follow the right diet.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider what we are eating and how it is affecting our bodies. Before indulging yourself in such a thing, you have to plan a few things. In the following write-up, we will discuss the diet planning that everyone must be aware of. Many diet experts like Dr Govinda Krishna give necessary details about foods to eat for losing weight. There are certain things that one must consider while taking a weight loss diet.

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Start Considering the Balanced Diet

The word balanced for the food comes when a person consumes adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It is necessary to get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food. Hormones in every person’s body work differently, and therefore, whatever they eat responds differently.

Everyone has a different metabolism, and therefore, the number of efforts will also be different. It is necessary to exercise, take good sleep, regenerate your energy, and much more, along with a balanced diet. There are certain principles that one must follow to get everything in control.

Source: The Conversation

Principles of Weight Loss Diet Planning

1. Energy is Neither Created, Nor Destroyed

Every person knows a little about the food that they must eat or avoid. We even do not know how many calories we are consuming in a single day. Whatever we see or crave, we grab and eat it. We must check how many calories are taking and how much our body needs. If you observe, it is the first law of thermodynamics.

Our body gets energy from food immediately, or it gets stored for later use. Now, you might understand the concept. If you take more calories than your body requires, then you will gain pounds. You must consume fewer calories so that your body burns it, and you will lose extra pounds. It is better to avoid unhealthy food to stay healthy and fit.

Now, you might be thinking whether there is any limitation of this principle. Well, yes, because many people do not know how many calories they are consuming. Many factors, like, metabolism, exercise, energy levels, etc., are different in every individual. Therefore, everybody needs different amounts of calories.

The genetic factor is quite necessary to consider. While estimating and calculating the number of calories, many people mistake and take a lot more than expected. It is necessary to avoid things with time because your body will get malnourished if you do so immediately. Everybody is different, and it is important to understand before doing anything.

Source: Quora

2. Consider Food Categories

There are three categories of food, i.e., Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates. It is important to balance them to get adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals. You have to keep an eye on various categories and how you are consuming it. Let us discuss these categories in detail.

  • Protein: It is a macronutrient that people consume quite less than required. It is necessary to consume for toning and strengthening muscles. It is necessary to give fuel to our body, which is possible with protein. You can get plenty of protein from sources like eggs, yogurt, fish, milk, meats, etc. If you are vegetarian, you can consider hemp seeds, nuts, tofu, legumes, etc.
  • Fats: It is another crucial macronutrient that works as insulation to substrate the hormones and make vitamins like K, A, E, D, etc., soluble. You can get fats in different ways, like trans, saturated, polyunsaturated, monosaturated, etc. If we talk about the unhealthy ones, then you must avoid Trans fats. The healthy fat is the Unsaturated one, which you can get from various oils like avocado, olive, fish, etc.
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You can also consume good fats from dark chocolate. There is a misconception that if you consume a high amount of fat, you will become fat. But you have to consider the right amount as per your body needs.

  • Carbohydrates: This macronutrient is the least important. But it does not mean that you should not consume it. Carbohydrates provide energy to our brain and maintain the levels of glucose in our blood. If you stop taking it, then also it does not affect your body.

There are many diet plans like Keto, in which there is no consumption of carbohydrates. Well, this approach is not for everyone. If you consume it in a large amount, it will convert into glycogen and then into fats. Therefore, you should control the intake of carbohydrates.

Source: medibank

3. Food Composition

This principle is about the quality of macronutrients that one must consume. We should eat healthy protein, fats, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. Even you can try SEA MOSS. Carrageenan is one of sea moss’s main bioactive compounds. Some research on red seaweed suggests that carrageenan may potentially prevent weight gain. You can order sea moss supplements from website like SEA MOSS Power. It is important to avoid fast food that is unhealthy for our health. One should limit the intake of sugar in cookies, ice creams, and other low-quality foods.

It is necessary to check what you are eating and in what amount. When you keep an eye on your intake, it will be easy for you to lose weight. You must consider the quality of food composition to stay healthy and fit.

Source: Medical News Today

The Bottom Line for Weight Loss

Dieting is not difficult if you understand the right way of eating quality and healthy foods. It is necessary to plan everything to stay in order. A balanced diet is about consuming the right food and checking what you are eating and what amount.

When you manage to do such things, then you will easily lose weight. It is necessary to understand our bodies and check what food will suit them best. After that, discipline for healthy dieting is a must to become lean and fit.

What Are the Signs You Need to See a Urologist

The popular belief that urologist is the same for the men that are gynecologist to women is completely wrong because they are specialists who can treat everyone’s urinary tract problems, and add to that, the male reproductive organs. So, we can say that the bladder problems, or the urinary issues in general, should be addressed to the urologist first, who will perform a few examinations, or collaborate with a nephrologist until the problems are solved. Men should regularly visit this specialist, especially when they see they have some reproductive problems.

Regular urology examinations will help you see if everything is fine with you, and that’s the only way to discover prostate cancer in the early stages, and get proper treatment.

If you are interested to learn more about everything that a urologist covers, you can pay a visit to Dr Paul Manohar and read the great informative content, so you can recognize if you have some symptom, or eventually some suspicious problem with your health, you can’t really address right now. Since we are still in a state of the pandemic and visiting clinics is not recommended, except for urgent cases, you may need to sign a virtual meeting with the specialist, or get an online consultation, until they decide to arrange a real-life meeting, for further examinations.

People who need help from this type of doctor, usually have these symptoms, that are leading them to ask for help:

Source: Medical Travel Asia

1. Urinary infections

There is no person in the world who didn’t face some urinary infection at some point in life. Mild symptoms can be easily treated with tea and cranberry juice, but some people have even bigger problems. If the infection doesn’t stop after one or two treatments with antibiotics or natural supplements, such as d-mannose, you need to visit a urologist, who will examine your pelvic area, but also the whole urinary tract, to find out what is the problem, and give you proper therapy. Sometimes, you will need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory pills, but also to avoid every food or drink that may potentially cause bigger problems for you.

Source: Revere Health

2. Irregular urination

If you don’t urinate enough, or you do it too often, you first need to ask yourself if you drink enough water, so your urinary tract works well. But, some people may have overactive bladder or even urinary incontinence. These conditions should be treated by a specialist urologist, because they may affect your general and social life badly if you need to run to the toilet every half an hour. But, if you don’t urinate regularly, and you don’t have an urge to do that, you may need to check why is that, and see how it can be resolved as soon as possible. When we urinate, we are helping our tract to do its job, to clean the blood from the toxins, and let the excess water to leave our body.

Source: Ironwood Urology

3. Signs of blood in the urine

This is not something you should ignore, even if that happened only once. That’s a sign of bladder or kidney cancer. If you see blood in your urine, you must urgently sign an appointment with a specialist urologist for a detailed examination, and see what is the problem. Don’t let the situation get worse, because you don’t want to call your doctor when it’s too late, and the treatment will be even more complicated and painful.

Source: Advanced Urology

4. You have kidney stones

This is also a common problem that many people have. The most common symptoms are lower back and abdominal pain, the weird color of the urine, or a bad smell that is not usual. Once you have these pains, that can be extremely strong, you will have to pay a visit to your doctor, who will send you to a specialist named a urologist. A lot of patients who experienced kidney stones say it’s the worst pain ever, and the women compare it to childbirth. There are a lot of medical methods that will help you get proper treatment for this problem.

Source: ZOMG! Candy

5. Erectile dysfunction and fertility problems

Men shouldn’t be ashamed of this condition, because the sooner they get help, the treatment will be easier for them to handle, and they can get back to their normal sexual life. The urologist can’t help if the reasons are psychological, but they can surely check if there is some physical reason for that. When it comes to fertility, this doctor can also help, but they should collaborate with their fertility colleagues, so they can both find a proper solution for the problem.

Source: Healthline

6. You have prostate cancer symptoms

You can’t diagnose yourself, because some of the symptoms may refer to another condition, but in general, if you have to urinate very often, and you wake up in the night to do that, you have difficulties with urinating, or you have a feeling that no matter how much you do that, your bladder is not empty, you may have a prostate cancer symptoms. Furthermore, blood in the urine or in the sperm is also a sign that something is wrong and you need to call a urologist to examine you and give a proper diagnose. Prostate cancer is very dangerous, so you need to pay a visit to a doctor, even when the symptoms are mild.

Ignoring your health problems and unusual symptoms is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Not asking for help may lead to serious diseases and health issues. If we don’t react urgently once we feel unusual pain, or we are trying to explain why something happened, and find reasons for that in your lifestyle, and so on, then you are not a responsible person, and you are acting badly to your health and well-being.

Surely, all these examinations and urologist visits are stressful for the patients, but if you want to maintain a good health condition, and prevent even worse problems, you have to visit your doctor, be honest, and tell them what exactly is happening. That is the only way they can give a proper diagnose, and treat the condition properly.

Protecting Your Net Worth After Job Loss

For many, the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2024 has taken their jobs and life savings. If you’re concerned about making ends meet and losing everything you’ve worked hard for, you aren’t alone. The fact of the matter is that even those with extensive professional experience and educational credentials can find it difficult to become employed again. The more you earn, the higher your cost of living, which means you have a tremendous amount at stake that can vanish in only a few months if you don’t take the right steps.

This guide will offer some suggestions on how you can preserve your financial investments and net worth after being let go from your job. During this difficult time, it is imperative to focus on what you can do rather than sinking into the growing feeling of helplessness. By acting as fast as possible, you can avoid stagnation, fear paralysis and preventable loss. While there will have to be some tough decisions to make, if you put your future stability ahead of your present attachment, you will be able to protect your most valuable assets and rebound more easily.

Source: Bookkeepers.com

Divide Your Needs from Your Wants

Being financially secure ultimately affords you luxuries that might have come to feel like essentials. But after losing your job, even if you received a generous severance package, you need to discern exactly where your limited funds are going and how to maximize their value. First, list all your monthly expenses. This includes housing, car payments, insurance premiums, utilities, groceries and any memberships or subscriptions. Now, deduct any that are not absolutely essential; this can give you an idea of how much money is being put toward non-essential expenses, and how much you stand to save if you cut them out. Self-discipline goes a long way here, particularly when it comes to buying more expensive brands and small indulgences, like coffee out.

Strive to downgrade subscriptions and plans as much as possible; do you really need premium cable for another $100? You can also check whether your auto insurance policy has coverages you don’t really need and adjust it accordingly. What’s most important is finding ways to preserve your most high-value assets, and this is done by reducing or eliminating anything that is not valuable or able to be easily resumed or replaced at a later time.

Source: The Morning Call

Don’t Cash Out Your 401(k) Yet

While you may not be actively contributing during this time, it’s important to keep your 401(k) employee-sponsored plan going. It should be protected as a long-term investment rather than an emergency aid. You can use ThinkSaveRetire to find the best lender to apply for a payday loan online to cover any costs that have piled up during your unemployment. It may not completely pay off everything, but it can put you in better financial standing than you will be if you impulsively cash out your retirement accounts. Under the CARES Act, however, you can take up to $100,000 from a retirement account without the penalty fees. Anything greater will accrue a 10 percent waiver fee and have three years to pay the taxes on it. This could consequently become a costly decision that you should not choose unless it is a last resort.

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency

File for Unemployment

Even if you earned six figures, you are still entitled to collect unemployment benefits if you lost your job. This may not provide anywhere close to what you need to stay on top of your expenses, but any income is always better than none. Apply for benefits as soon as possible; application processing has been delayed due to the millions of Americans seeking assistance throughout the country. Do not allow pride or false assurances of getting a new job quickly to dissuade you from applying. Even if you manage to get a new position within a month or two, it is better to have the security cushion of even a small income to count on. If you have several months’ worth of savings, then you can begin to deposit your unemployment benefits and bolster your nest egg as much as possible. The truth is that even a year’s worth of savings can go faster than you imagine when you have no additional income to supplement it; focus on getting help wherever you can.

Source: Pinterest

Reach Out to Creditors

If you have any monthly expenses, including credit card debt, loans and other investments, make sure you reach out to the appropriate parties ASAP. Inform them that you have lost your job, tell them what your current budget is, and ask about their deferment options. You may also decide to refinance and take a lower monthly payment for a longer loan term, or consolidate your credit to make it more manageable. The last thing you want is to skip payments or struggle to keep up with a balance you can no longer afford. For those who have multiple small balances lingering, it could be more beneficial to use a portion of your savings to pay these off in full. Reducing expenses also includes debt, and it’s better to eliminate as much as you can from the get-go rather than risk defaulting later.

Source: Investopedia

Explore Mortgage Forbearance

Foreclosure has been delayed until December 31, 2024 for all GSE-backed home loans, and you have a right to request mortgage forbearance for up to 180 days if you lost your job or experienced other financial difficulties due to COVID-19. Suspending or reducing the cost of your mortgage can make the difference between keeping your home and being forced to sell or losing it to foreclosure; you will still be required to make up any missed or delayed payments, but many find that putting this expense on hold for a short period allows them to stay financially secure until they find employment again. For most, their home is their biggest and most valuable asset. If you decide not to modify your mortgage in any way, make sure that this is the first expense you calculate and deduct from any savings.

4 Most Luxurious Casino Resorts & Hotels in the United Kingdom

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Gambling has changed quite a lot in recent years mostly thanks to the dominance of technology and the internet. Their influence on all branches of entertainment cannot be disputed, which is evident with most things from video games and movies, to gambling. However, the dominance of traditional casinos is yet to be overtaken by the techie future we are rapidly approaching. These establishments simply have too much to offer to people to go away easily, and many do not want technology to take over all aspects of their lives.

This is particularly true with more luxurious casinos that also double as hotels. These gambling resorts are not only some of the biggest, best, and most famous places for gambling in the world, they are also popular as tourist destinations because most of them are located in very appealing cities. The absolute leaders are in Las Vegas of course, as any average adult can name at least three hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. But what about the rest of the world?

Well, for starters, not many think of Europe as a huge gambling destination. Apart from Monte Carlo, there are not many cities known for that type of fun and pastime like Vegas and Atlantic City have. In reality, a lot of countries have famous resorts that draw in players and tourists from all over, none more than the United Kingdom.

In the UK, there are some truly marvelous places where you can relax, enjoy the luxuries of life, and play your favorite games. In this article, we will explore the best among them. If you perhaps like modern ways more and prefer gambling online, the UK also offers numerous online casino services. Make sure to read more on this website if you are interested in this.

1. The Ritz London, Piccadilly

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Among the most iconic and visited hotels in both London and Great Britain is the always-elegant and splendor Ritz. This establishment offers the guests a unique experience, like any other Ritz hotel in the world. There is nothing that can mimic it and you definitely have to visit it in order to believe it. The resort has numerous luxurious rooms and suites, as well as a Michelin star restaurant that employs some of the best chefs in the world. Of course, it serves afternoon tea to guests.

The Ritz Club is the name of the casino on the premise and the place where any guest can play dozens of different casino games and drink some of the most premium and tasty beverages in existence. Whether your go-to game is blackjack, poker, roulette, or some of the slots, the fun never stops at the Ritz in London as everything is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are always full of guests so maintaining world-class service is the top priority of all employees.

2. The Z Hotel, Bath

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Just outside of the capital of London lies the famous historic city and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country, the city of Bath. While it is famous for the remains of the Roman culture and their astonishing architecture, Bath also offers something very modern and luxurious to its many guests. The Z Hotel offers 149 bedrooms to tourists and gamblers. Located in Saw Close, the heart of the social life of the town, it is a part of a casino complex right across the Theatre Royale, the oldest in the UK. The Z has three floors and every single room has an en suite shower room and everything a luxurious stay cannot go without.

To make things even better, the famous Bath Spa and the Roman Baths are within walking distance. This means that anyone can stay here, even if you do not like gambling. Speaking of the casino, there are 18 gaming tables inside, 35 slots, and 24 automated terminals. For a small town that is one of the most important tourist destinations in the whole UK, this is more than enough!

3. The W Hotel, Leicester Square

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Located in the West End in London, The W is one of the most stylish, chic, and popular hotels in the capital of the UK. Every corner is sophisticated and lavish, and it truly does not take much for you to feel important and luxurious once you step onto the premise. Glamor is of the utmost importance in this part of London, where the rich and powerful reside. The always-full Leicester Square is the perfect place for such a hotel, as well as for an extravagant casino.

Situated near the Soho, multiple casinos are located around it including The G Casino, Napoleon’s, and The Empire. Three of the best casinos London has to offer will be right around the corner from your room. Apart from gambling, there are marvelous restaurants inside and every single room oozes luxury and carefully picked high-end décor.

4. The Genting Hotel, Birmingham

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Just when you thought that everything on the list was going to be in London, here comes The Genting, a fabulous casino resort in the famous city of Birmingham. This place is a mix of high class, tranquility, luxury, and heavy indulgence. Therefore, the perfect place for anyone who likes the riches of life and enjoys living an exciting and fulfilling life. When you become hungry, the world-renowned chef Andy Waters has a restaurant here, but you can also choose Zizzi, Miller & Carter, or Las Iguanas. The Genting International Casino is a part of the Resorts World Birmingham, and it is truly a gem worth visiting and playing in.

If you seek nothing but the best from your leisure time, entertainment, and gaming, Genting will not disappoint you since they always bring the latest from technology and utilize it in their services. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a long-time gambler. At this resort, you will feel right at home.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As you can see fellow gamblers and luxury hotel lovers, The United Kingdom truly has a lot to offer when it comes to high-end casino resorts. While these four are some of the best ones you should visit in your lifetime, other popular cities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have many more. It would take ages to mention all of them. Therefore, make sure you start with these, and then maybe you can check out some of the rest!

6 Ways to Make the Audience Part of the Presentation

Most of the audience do something else than listening to the co-worker presentation; they admitted themselves in a survey conducted with the help of Harris Poll. 28% send text messages, 27% check or send emails; and 17% take a nap! It is a daunting task to hold the attention of the audience when the human attention span has reduced to eight seconds in recent times.

But you can make the presentation riveting, stirring and appealing by making the audience a part of the storytelling. Nothing is more absorbing than an audiovisual narrative, using a slideshow maker to compose your presentation in a more gripping and engaging fashion. To be a good orator you need eloquent skill and confidence, which comes from experience. The spotlight on the stage would not make you nervous any more but will be a tool to brim you with confidence.

Source: 100mentors Blog

1. Break the ice

In the bigger picture, everything around us is a presentation. Brands use social media to promote their products. A great presentation can win the heart of a stranger across a mobile screen. But the audience consists of individuals with different moods, mindset and taste. Some simple tricks can rejuvenate the entire audience, and put everyone on the same level. Break the ice, to reset their attitude and get their focus back on the presentation. Ask the audience to exchange greetings between them, or put up a few questions, which they like to hear addressed during the presentation.

Source: Forbes

2. Storytelling

Nothing is more alluring and fascinating than a year of a story from a great orator. Stories are nourishment to the brain and mind during the presentation. Storytelling fascinates the audience across all age, gender and social, economic status. When you start a story, the audience becomes eager to know what happens next. A few legends, myths in the story make it more fascinating. Start from the status quo and then slowly reveal the path of betterment. You make the audience aware of the present situation and provide some simple solutions to improve the state. Every human being wants to better the problem; the audience will be hanging on the edge of their seats, fuming to hear the end of the story.

Do not pay too much attention to the technicalities or the content of the slides. A perfect presentation is the infusion of perfect story and flawless, forceful delivery. Both these factors are dependent on each other; to make a memorable presentation, you must work on both these aspects.

Source: Marketing Land

3. Visual effects

Viewers watch over 6 billion hours of video on YouTube alone every month. Research conducted by the University of California how visual attention affects and activates specific brain cells. The paper was published in the journal Nature on 26th June. Despite the deep impact of visuals, few presenters utilize this powerful tool. Videos make the presentation more engaging, appealing. Visuals have an inherent characteristic of evoking human emotions, which otherwise would have been challenging to bring out. Please select a suitable video which will reinforce the narrative, and set the right ambience for it. You will get many templates from VideoCreek to make the presentation more exciting.

Structure; the flow of the narrative should be smooth and seamless. Before you add anything on the slides, videos or content, please put them in black and white. Make sure the points, the ideas you want to incorporate further are relevant and ensure linearity and succinctness. If you are using slides as a visual aid, make sure you present them in sequence, and your views must not be recurring and monotonous.

Source: Prezi Blog

4. Keep it short and sweet

If your speech is long and meandering, the audience loses their attention pretty soon. You want to make the presentation engaging, not to test the patience of listeners. After half an hour, the audience looks restless, edgy you risk diluting the whole presentation and leaving the audience little to take away other than an ordeal. Famous spokespersons have always kept their speech short and sweet with well-thought phrases and sentences meaningful and impactful. JKF`s renowned line “It’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” leaves the audience speechless, making them think over the few lines. Quick, dry wit gives your statements the punch, clout which makes the audience think.

Source: Presentation Guru

5. Simplicity has its beauty

After initial warming up:

  1. Go to the core concepts and essential ideas of the presentation.
  2. Continue with the style with which you have started; you cannot afford to jump to monologues if you have created with some daring ironic phrases and dry wit. If you have activated the speech with a pleasant tone, you must carry on with it, throwing little jokes here and there.
  3. Keep the mood upbeat.
  4. Do not deviate too much from the core structure.
  5. Move one point from another in a logical, rational fashion, giving sufficient emphasis on crucial information and coming to a sound conclusion.

Keep the presentation as simple as possible, with lots of room for interaction. The main aim of the presentation is building an interpersonal relationship with the audience, to engage with them not to preach about the product in monotones. Ask questions, or encourage them to ask questions. Incorporate some elements of doubt, which opens to the discussion, make them part of the presentation, not a mute spectator.

Source: Diane Gottsman

6. Infuse a sense of humor

Some of the best speeches, remembered, applauded, viewed and heard by millions feature plenty of humor. Bring a smile to the face of the audience, the universal sign understood across the world. The infusion of humor on your speech will break the ice, and make the audience feel at ease. Do not be sarcastic; do not hurt the feelings of the audience to be humorous. Use beautiful, heart touching language, charisma, wit and humor to convey your message. Sometimes a silly innocent joke evokes the inner child of the audience. Instead of power, speaking uses language, which is close to the audience`s heart. The more serious the situation, the heavier is the air, the jokes will make things lighter yet more powerfully it will hit.

How Live Casino Games Function?

Do you have a strong desire to play live games in a casino but cannot fulfill this desire as there is no casino in your area? There is no need to worry as you can now play live games in an online casino just like you play in a brick and mortar casino. And for countries as Norway where there are no land-based casinos at all, live casinos are a great way to feel a real casino atmosphere staying not only in the own country but also even at own home since a wide range (examples check at NorskCasinoHex.com) of live games are available for Norwegian players online.

A live casino is a new form of gaming in online casinos where players are able to take part in games as they are played inside a casino. You can experience a table game from live dealers and place bets just like you do in a physical casino. All this has been made possible through live telecast and communication through Live chat. Are you wondering how all this stuff do function from a technical point, let’s take a look!

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In a live casino game, the experience and communication of players sitting in different parts of the world decides whether it is a success or not. If this virtual live game makes you feel as if you are sitting inside a brick and mortar casino, you are likely to get hooked to live casino games. Here it is important to understand that a live casino game is just like any other sporting event that is telecast over a video link. This live streaming is done from a real casino and gamers around the world can place bets and they communicate with dealer as if they are sitting next to him.

If you are a gamer joining an online casino game live, you can see different casino tables that are shown using special cameras. For example, if it is a roulette table, the action is shown from the top and other angles in such a manner that it gives an immersive experience to you on your laptop or smartphone. This virtual reality is even more enchanting than standing right there around the table in a brick and mortar casino. There is no one to obstruct your view of the table and the ball that rolls and comes to rest. In fact, you are able to experience adrenaline rush as special cameras show the ball twirling in slow motion as it comes to a stop.

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In live games, a player can participate in table games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, etc., and can communicate through instant chat not only with the dealer but also with other gamers who are taking part at that moment. This is where live online casino games differ from games that are not live such as slots. In a sot game, you play with the machine and there is no one else to share the experience, but in a live game, you get a chance to interact with other gamers.

Technology plays a critical role in ensuring the success of an online live casino game. After all, the reputation of a gaming site is dependent on the smooth functioning of the live table game being streamed live over a video link. It is this reason why online casinos make use of only the most reputed and trusted software. Some companies that make world class software for online casino games are NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming, and Playtech among others.

Source: AJC Gambling

Also, you can play a live table game on your smartphone or computer according to leisure time available to you. However, you have to play according to the rules and the stage of the game as it progresses on the table. If you have any queries or doubts, you have live chat to talk to the dealer or other players.

Despite their immense popularity among the gamers, it has to be understood that live online casino games require considerable investment on the part of the casino. It is because of these expenses that live online casino games are offered by only a few casino websites. There is a requirement of at least three rooms for a game to be telecast live via a video link.

Source: Scatters Casino

Live studio

This is where the table game actually takes place. Cameras record the event and telecast it live over the web.

Software room

This is where all the technology is at play to make it possible for gamers around the world to participate in a live game.

img source: gamblingsites.org

Analyst room

This is the room where analysis of the telecast and the activities of the gamers are overseeen by experts.

In addition to the experience of playing the table game with other gamers on your laptop or smartphone, you can also enjoy watching the event on a TV channel. Some gaming websites have their dedicated TV channels over which they telecast events to spread awareness about live gaming.

Important components of a live casino game


Source: Casino Journal

Powerful cameras are very important in any live casino game. Just like any other field game, few cameras take different shots of the table while the others keep track of the wheel. Finally, there is a camera that is used to display picture in picture to allow gamers to get shots of the table and the wheel from different angles simultaneously.


Source: Casino Journal

In a live casino game, it is the game control unit that plays the most important role. It is a machine of the size of a shoebox and it encodes the video that is telecast over the web.

The dealer

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Live casino game cannot be played without a live dealer who runs and controls the action. Special training is given to dealers so that they organize the live game and gamers around the world find it just like a game inside a traditional casino.

The monitor

Source: Glassdoor

This is the screen over which the images being telecast over the web are beamed. The dealer keeps an eye on the monitor and takes action accordingly. He can also engage with the gamers with the help of live chat shown on this monitor.


It is natural for you to feel tempted to try your luck in a live online casino game. However, make sure that the live casino allows you to interact with the dealer and other players so you can enjoy the game while interacting with others. Also, check whether you can place bets easily or not. If everything is fine and the casino has a good reputation, you can create an account and start enjoying their live games.

4 Best Roofing Materials for Longevity

If you’re on the market for a new roof, then the first place to look is the various roofing materials.

As you might expect, roofs aren’t built from one or two types of materials. To put it bluntly, there are so many out there that can help you decide when needing to renovate.

But whenever we’re examining and looking over the pros and cons of each, we have to take into consideration one key feature – longevity.

Longevity is the sort of thing that makes sure we don’t get a bad return on our investment. Since building or renovating a roof isn’t exactly a cheap investment, it would be ideal for the thing to last.

And some great materials really do last.

But to understand what material is best for longevity, we will have to go through some of them and see for ourselves.

So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Asphalt

Source: Refined Exteriors

Asphalt is a very common roofing material that many households have. This roof is built by attaching asphalt shingles one next to another for the purpose of protecting your home from the elements.

And this material is actually pretty great when it comes to longevity, considering the price. Apart from the fact that you can install one yourself, it will cost you around $2.30 per square foot to install asphalt.

But what sort of longevity do you get considering the price? Well, experts say that an asphalt roof can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years before needing replacing.

The total amount of replacing over a 100 year period is around 12. If we take the average price of installing an asphalt roof to $4,200 then we can safely say that it will cost you around $50,400 over a 100 year period.

2. BUR (Built-Up-Roofing)

Source: Phoenix Roofing Team

BUR is a popular material that is made out of tar, fiberglass, and felt. This material is very easy to install as all you need to do is essentially lay it out on top of the roof.

The thing to note about this material is that it is very inexpensive. Installation can be a painful job as BUR does smell funny. What you get with BUR is a fire-resistant and water-resistant roof that lasts for decades.

It is estimated that BUR can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. If you are to reach the maximum lifespan of the roof, you will need to do regular inspections and repairs.

BUR is slightly more expensive than asphalt, at around $4 per square foot. If we take a 2000 sq foot roof then we can safely assume that it will cost you around $8, 000. Considering an average lifespan of 25 years, you will need to do 4 replacements over a 100 year period. Excluding repairs, that’s a total of $32,000.

But we do have to take into account repairs and services that install these materials. So whenever on the market for a new roof, you will have to talk to businesses and companies that provide roofing services. Some will give you poor rates while others are much more favorable. And if that’s something you’re looking for, make sure to visit Cavalry Roofing.

3. Wood Shingles

Source: Modernize

When it comes to a more organic look and feel, then look no further than wooden shingles. Wood shingles are usually made from pine or cedarwood; two types of trees that are extremely durable and offer resistance from the elements. But you won’t be simply putting wood onto your roof.

These shingles will need to be properly installed based on certain standards. So naturally, DIY-ing with this one is out of the question unless you happened to be extremely knowledgeable.

With that said, wood shingles are some of the best materials for achieving longevity. On average, wood shingles can last anywhere between 35 to 40 years. This makes them a pretty solid investment. But if its longevity is so good, then what will you pay for it?

Well, wood shingles cost as much as $13 per square foot. In placing wooden shingles on a 2000 sq foot roof, then you will need to fork out as much as $26,000!

Considering the lifespan of 35 years, it will cost you anywhere between $65,000 and $78,000 over a 100 year period.

The costs are understandable much higher than other materials, but you get so much more in return. As always, talk to a professional before purchasing the material to know all the pros and cons of wooden shingles.

4. Metal

Source: Lewis Walker Roofing

Metal is one of the materials with the longest lifespan out there. Some quote metal between 40 and 80 years while others between 30 and 60. It all depends on the type of metal, how much you take care of it, and how good a job you do.

But do know that metal roofs easily surpass the 75-year mark!

This type of roof comes in many variants. Some metal roofs provide a better job than others. Standing-steam metal roofs are made out of large steel panels that provide extra protection against the elements.

And these can cost more than your average metal roof.

When discussing price, what you’ll get as an offer will range in the $18 mark for copper, $13 for zing, and $10 for aluminum.

Naturally, you’ll get very different prices when you do your calculations. But a thing to note is that most will last more than 50 years.

So whichever you go about this, you are making a sound investment. Metal is highly regarded as the best roofing material out there, simply because it offers you so much in return. It is also regarded as the most cost-effective solution for all of your roofing needs, so you should consider it.


While these aren’t all of your options, they are options nonetheless. The ones we mentioned are some of the most modern options that American homeowners enquire about. Consider each one and determine the best for your needs. Maybe an asphalt roof is right for you, or maybe an aluminum or perhaps copper roof.

Your Guide to Refinance Your Car Loan

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