Avatar znojzoo

Happy Birthday Clark!

We can't believe this little boy is 3!!!!!

We had a nice day at home just hanging out. Now it is Super Bowl time. GO PATS!!!!

On February 05 2012 10 Views

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 14/02/2012

I know I have already responded to this picture, but fotolog is having issues!! I love you Clark, more than the moon and back. I look forward to every single Friday morning at 6:30 AM.....and enjoy every minute of the next 11-12 hours with you!! xo GramsZ

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 05/02/2012

Happy 3rd Birthday my wonderful grandson!!! I love you SO much!! xo GramsZ

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 05/02/2012

Happy happy 3rd Birthday Clark! I hope you had a super fun day! We had a blast at your party yesterday!

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