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i hate waiting for things to happen.. dont you?
i hate when u cant take action, i hate when you wait.

dont you?

I have a music project, so check it out some experiments, see if you like them.

<A HREF="http://www.purevolume.com/yusk" TARGET=_top>http://www.purevolume.com/yusk</A>

some of the tracks bring special features
Millenya - Yusk feat. Mark Hodgkin

Yo Mark my man, the best guitar player in UK.

On January 21 2008 19 Views

Avatar glau_ci

Glau_ci On 22/01/2008

Oiiii~ Yusk foi um prazer t conhecer pessoalmente!
E agr , se kiser dar uma olhada lah nos primeiros posts... soh o começo ...mas jah eh um COMEÇO ! ;]



Glau/ *miss.G*

Avatar thiagogoms

Thiagogoms On 22/01/2008

foda yusk mto bão

Avatar epilef_gdl

Epilef_gdl On 21/01/2008

que onda
sale te cuidas

Avatar gurinhata

Gurinhata On 21/01/2008


always arretado!

Avatar peccone78

Peccone78 On 21/01/2008

wow... what can I say? incredible... really...


Avatar laitlab

Laitlab On 21/01/2008

good style,please look mi site and my flog! (www.laitlab.it) see ya!

Avatar monocrew

Monocrew On 21/01/2008

issu ai yusk...

foda esse trampo do dia 14 pouca definiçao muita informaçao!
da hora!


Avatar third3y3

Third3y3 On 21/01/2008

5 stars!!!! peace

Avatar revolt

Revolt On 21/01/2008

mestre vc humilha nóis assim

Avatar sneakers_fan

Sneakers_fan On 21/01/2008


Avatar prezent_ostil

Prezent_ostil On 21/01/2008

THE RIAL ART good very good

Avatar losquenoduermen

Losquenoduermen On 21/01/2008


Avatar utopio

Utopio On 21/01/2008


Avatar punto_de_fuga_7

Punto_de_fuga_7 On 21/01/2008

itŽs true , if we wait for things to happen maybe they wonŽt ,
but also time is very wise in that aspect ... just a comment ...
nice work with your music project...take care and nice art .

Avatar the_ztar_snyck

The_ztar_snyck On 21/01/2008

buenas ea we de 10000
va que va que estse de lmejor
hay le pasas a postear a los flogs



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