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Female - single - 06/05
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 Flag UY [email protected] , Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay

i'm ana ,, 17 years old . City: Maldonado, Uruguay .. uhmm well i'm not sure about how many things i like but i love music .. a lot like ,, very much as in "music gets me close to spirituality sort of thing" .. well i think that's kind of exhagerated but .. ok i LOOVE to put on my hearphones and forget about almost everything -- i can't forget going to the toilet or that could end up in dissaster :P okok ,, getting serious now .. i have different tastes in music such as indie , pop rock/punk , screamo , metal , grundge , indie , alternative , underground , classical , some oldies .. sometimes i seek for acoustic songs mostly .. i hear lots when i try to feel calm about almos everything ¬¬ ... i sing since i was eight years old and i practice with my best friend santi bur we don't have a band or anything like that ^^ (i`d love to) i also like photography , sometimes bright colours sometimes darker .. i really like how people express themselves with their own bodys and style , but not in a model way .. but more outrageous like .. for example in japanese culture we have oshare kei , visual , key , scene people that's why i have some links that leed to makeupmassacre , japanesetyle , prototypexpeople , monsterxpeople , oshare_style , deco_decora , drop dead heart which is a clothing line that's very cool .. whic leads us to art bassically .. i like it a lot you can do art in t-shirts as well as in some white wall ... i like contrast playing with every colour and texture ,, put stuff together and create things .. i like movies also ,, comedy .. romance..horror (and that's my favorite) especially nosferatu .. it's kindda funny and scary at the same time)¿? well ,, whatever uhmm drama , old stuff like pride and prejudice, vanity .. i like books horror or romance or the two things mixed up together .. some vampiric teenage romance like twiligh ,, see that i could add to my life just for an hour or two .. xD ok ,, actually i'm studying to become a designer and i do projects with my friends and stuff .. hopefully i'll have my own clothing line since my family is in that sort of thing and all .. and i hope you gwt to open your eyes and read this final line unless you didn't get asleep while reading all these ... xoxo ana

Music : i listen to: 3OH!3/A Thorn For Every Heart/ AFI/Alessana/All Time Low/Alexis On Fire/All That Remains/All American Rejects/Allison/Amber Pacific/An Cafe/Bless The Fall/Blue October/Boys Like Girls/Bullet For My Valentine/Chiodos/Cock and Ball Torture/Dashboard Confessional/Deep Purple/From Autumn To Ashes/From First To Last/Glamour To Kill/Garbage/Gold Finger/GooGoo Dolls/Hey!Monday/Hollywood Undead/Kelly Osbourne/Kings Of Leon/Love Hate Hero/Mayday Parade/Megan Mccauley/Nirvana/OK!Go/Papa Roach/Paramore/Plain White T's/Secondhand Serenade/Disturbed/Snow Patrol/Sum 41/The Academy Is.../Sonata Arctica/t.a.t.u/The 69 Eyes/The Stiff Dylans/The Ting-Tings/The Veronicas/The White Tie Affair/Yellowcard between others ...

Movie, TV Show, Book : t.v shows: scrubs (makes me laugh really hard) , some scenes of the worst weeks also .. but i watch whatever .. i like cooking shows xD

Sports : gym...lately :P

Digital camera :

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