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How to safely update Digiprog 3 odometer programmer

Some customers told us that their Digiprog 3 Odometer correction tool would go blue screen of dead after they tried to upgrade it, and had to send their tool back to us for repair. We later found out that this is mainly caused by wrong upgrade operation. So we decide to write a Digiprog 3 update tutorial, hoping mechanics can update the tool smoothly.

Things you should do before upgrade:

1. Upgrade Digiprog 3 on Windows XP SP3 32bit laptop or desktop.

2. Disable or uninstall the antivirus software on your computer, in case it damage Digiprog 3 software.

3. Connect your laptop to a stable power supply. The upgrade service will take about an hour, so please make sure there is enough power.

How to upgrade Digiprog 3 programmer:

1. Connect the USB to the computer, start your Digiprog 3 (DP 3) AND run Digiloader1.exe.

Digiprog 3a

2. Choose COM8 USB Seria, select Digi1.bin and click the first button that means "ok".

Digiprog 3b

3. Your tool should then become blue screen. If it does not, check your setting and restart the upgrading from step 1.

Digiprog 3c

4. When the tool is upgraded successfully, you will get a dialog window "process end", and then the tool restart automatically.

Digiprog 3d

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