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Destiny is blind. It does not care for our needs and wishes, what we want or not. It's a shame really, because the only thing i need is you, and yet, you always seem to escape right through my fingers, like water or sand.
And i can't blame any other, no man or god, only myself.
When i'm with you, the words will not came out and my heart beats so damn fast... i want you, i need you.... now and always.

The absolute, world-engulfing love that i feel for you is now part of who i am, like a arm or a leg and i can't imagine myself without it.

That's the thing, i love you, and always will, but i'm not really sure that i want you to love me... i don't want to corrupt your world, to stain it with my touch.

We kissed, more than a decade ago, and to this day, it's my most cherished memory, the one where i go to when i'm about to lose my strength... you don't have a clue of the strength you give to me, almost everyday.

You are my angel, my light in a world of darkness and my compass when the reality makes no sense.

I love you. And always will

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