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Sunset Ocean Wave Coral Aquarium Dispersal Titty Fins

Photograph by John Peterson and not John Burton (son of Radio host at K96) who stole my whispering voice in Round Rock Texas I created in 1978 under a hypnotist that thought he could control something that possessed me to attack and scare a whole town for fun.

If they only knew who really owned that voice! The curser himself and no other than Mister Dangerous Himself. The man who they called Hairyman... A friend to Sam Bass the outlaw who disappeared with a loot that had a special Spanish Gold Doubloon in it. With a secret emblem on it that meant death to whomever touchath or take of it. Then we ate Jack's Sparrow! ;o) To hopefully destroy the curse!

aquarium coral Bone by the looks of cheekythegnome Clause to Doom Curse to Whom Listen danny carter decor disneydan doubloon eliastereo90 errrr flesh off Frieghtening Voice Hairy Man Jack's BonesJack's Finger Bone Jack's Sparrow magic nakid Puppet Puppet Master Puppet of Tools reddauug Round Rock she's probably naked spanish treasure String Puppet Texas TharrR The Devil Himself things thirst titty fins weird weird women wench Whispering Towers Who's Bones? whosever will woman wretched

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