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Here Albert, the tiny brown male Nephila clavipes, approaches Lisa from behind cautiously but with high hopes. He`s had his eye on her all day, but so has his rival George (you can just see two of George`s legs in the upper right corner). Now Albert`s teeny little spider heart is all a-flutter: it looks like he`s going to be the winner!

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Avatar cloud_nine

Cloud_nine On 12/10/2004

super trooper !?

Avatar wachendorfia

Wachendorfia On 04/08/2004

It`s a veritable soap opera out there.

Avatar karollinda

Karollinda On 04/08/2004

aiii..morro de medo de aranha ...mas essa foto ta linda

Avatar therese

Therese On 04/08/2004

We`re on the same page today, but I haven`t named mine yet. Amazing, aren`t they? That`s a great shot of the web, too.


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