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Escrito a la muerte

Lenore, Lenore my dear Lenore you are so dead that I want to cry for any sake of emptiness, feeling so lone so plenty, you mean the sorrow of something that never ends, a song for the life in which you never joy while alive, oh my sweet lenore, let me cry for my own salvation, for the joy of the mean and my exclamation, a prey to heavens, for dead and frustration create the monster within me, destroy the soul within she, there is no way that the angel can bring you to life, no empty sapces for the life, no fully complement of death, bring the light and the sorrow.
Un cantico fúnebre para ella, dos veces Muerta, porque murió tan joven
-Poe, Edgar Allan
El poema es mio y si no me creen aqui estan los originales: http://cadereytiano.blogspot.com/2009/12/escrito-la-muerte.html

y el original de Edgar Allan Poe, solo fue la inspiracion:

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Cynthia_sosa On 14/12/2009

Lenore!!!!! es mi iddola!!!!
ujajaj stan con gans todos los capitulos de lenore
mal el final que llore pero luego lei el comic i me dioo muchaaa risaaa

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