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*** On 26/12/2005

agregame a tus favoritos pleaseeeeeee<A HREF="http://laguna_beach_mtv" TARGET=_top>http://laguna_beach_mtv</A>

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Yòò On 26/12/2005

ya t estoi agregando mucha suertee ___&#9829;yòò i feli navidààh!!! =D

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Laguna On 25/12/2005

muy buena la footoo... muy linda pagina... amo a laguna beach y a stephen tmb! jajaadios pasaate cuando quieras<A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A>

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Pirujitàà! =) On 25/12/2005

holàà! besho besho flog! =) musha suerte HTTP://FOTOLOG.TERRA.COM.AR/AMAR_GLAM [email protected] BUENO ESTO ES PARA LOS QUE CREEN EN LOS DESEOS.. UNOS DICEN QUE FUNCIONA OTROS Q NO.. NO PIERDES NADA CONINTENTARLO.. VAMOS HAZLO! * Para ti mismo di el nombre de la unica persona del sexo opuesto con quien quieras estar (tres veces) * Piensa en algo que quieras lograr dentro de la proxima semana y repitelo para ti mismo (seis veces) * Piensa en algo que quieras que pase entre tu y la persona especial que dijiste en el n° 1 y dilo a ti mismo (doce veces) * Ahora haz un ultimo y final deseo acerca del deseo que escogiste. * Despues de leer esto tienes 1 hora para dejareste mensajito en 15 fotologs diferentes y lo que pediste se te hara realidad en 1 semana. Que tus días estén llenos de logros y tus noches de sueños tengan kuidado cn los ke decen adioss_suerte! Besàso!.

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Juli su fans 1 On 25/12/2005

a buena son las 3 re fashion me gustaria que me escribieran a mi meil [email protected] me gustaria conocerlas y tratar de chatear con ustedes las quiero mucho juli su fansssssss

Avatar letieki_

Letieki_ On 25/12/2005

aiiqe dioasas!qe capo/avos

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Dani_lokita22 On 25/12/2005

amoooooo laguna beacchh ... pasate x mi flog i mirá mis f/f jajaja vos directo a mis efeees.=)adioCitoo !Danii. =)

Avatar maria

Maria On 25/12/2005

Kristin: A party girl, Kristin is a junior who rules the popular clique of her class and holds her own with the seniors. She's confident and sexy and always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her turbulent relationship with Stephen. Having moved from Chicago to live with her dad in Laguna, Kristin is the newest addition to this power clique. Strong-willed and assertive, wherever Kristin goes, drama follows. LC: She's the girl with everything. A beautiful mansion, the finest designer clothes, a pool overlooking the ocean -- she's got the life. But when she leaves the bubble of Laguna for college, things start to fall apart. LC and San Francisco don't mix.

Avatar maria

Maria On 25/12/2005

LAGUNA BEACH·THE REAL ORANGE COUNTRY Stephen: Stephen's a senior who lives the So-Cal dream: surf, sand, and plenty of girls. His good looks and charm make him the most sought after guy in Laguna Beach. Always the life of the party, Stephen has no fear...unless you count making a commitment. Born and raised in Laguna, Stephen takes full advantage of having the ocean as his backyard, from skim boarding before class to working at the local surf shop after school. Stephen's senior year should be abreeze, especially since he's already been accepted to his number one college choice for fall. The only real dilemma he has to deal with is juggling all the girls in his life. Two girls in this clique want to make him their own. Before the summer ends--who will he finally end up with? Jessica: Last year, Jessica was with nice guy, Dieter. This year, she's with Laguna's bad boy, Jason. And what a difference a year makes. One of Kristin's best friends, Jessica loves hanging with the girls. When it comes to her chaotic relationships with boys, she can't seem to get it right. It's her last year at Laguna High and it is filled with drama. Will Jessica stand up for herself or will she continue to date the wrong guys? She's also hot on the latest gossip in town -- and isn't afraid to kiss and tell.

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Vikiles On 25/12/2005



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