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HAIL!!! IT'S ODIN'S DAY!!!!!!!!!

To the sound of MANOWAR!!!!!!!!!

The Sons Of ODIN (Immortal Version)

...Onward into the heart of battle
Fought the sons of ODIN!!!
Outnumbered many times
Still they fought on
Blood poured fourth from their wounds
Deep into the earth
Vultures waited for the broken shells
That once were bodies
But ODIN alone would choose the day
They would enter Valhalla
And in their hour of need
He sent forth unto them The Berserker Rage!
Now gods and men
They rose up from the ground
Screaming like wild animals
Such is the gift of absolute Power
No blade or weapon would harm them
They killed them and horses alike
And all who stood before them died that day

Hail Gods Of War!!!

ALL HAIL ODIN!!!!!!!!!


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