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My first picture with the Easter Bunny! =D

Denise (age 24), Sean (age 30), and I (age 27) took pictures today. We were first in line in front of about 12 kids. We are a bunch of dorks, but at least we look good doing it ;)

On March 29 2006 81 Views

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Linlohan_ll On 03/03/2007

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Anon blogger On 06/12/2006


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Nikdarippa On 11/11/2006

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Avatar cancer1971

Cancer1971 On 11/10/2006

good luck to you.

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[email protected] On 28/09/2006

hello, how are you

Avatar kryzthyam

Kryzthyam On 01/09/2006

wuaaau!!!!!1genial su pic de hoyun abrazoo bom viernes:)(:

Avatar nikdarippa

Nikdarippa On 30/06/2006

hellothatz a very nice pic! How are u?Like u Greetings For UMiss Ya byebyeKiZzez&HugZ ;-)

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Hai veena its me? keep contact... On 27/05/2006

hai veena its me? keep contact...i am male/23/indian/karnataka/kannadiga...visit my wepage www.geocities.com/mbvenkatesh2006/raichur.html 4 more info

Avatar cookiemonsta

Cookiemonsta On 12/05/2006


Avatar nikdarippa

Nikdarippa On 31/03/2006

hello!Whats goin on?thatz a nice Pic!see ya, byebyelike Uthatz very very very nice!;-)

Avatar kovoor36

Kovoor36 On 30/03/2006

i wanta picture with santa and the easter bunny! my friends laugh! at leats your indulge you!!:)

Avatar suitablegirl

Suitablegirl On 30/03/2006

no, really...HOW old are you? :p

Avatar bincyaleena

Bincyaleena On 30/03/2006

i wouldn't even know where to FIND the easter bunny these days. :-)

Avatar theslazman

Theslazman On 30/03/2006

hee hee hee - looks like fun

Avatar sethocfreak

Sethocfreak On 29/03/2006

That was really funny when the bunny was dancing. It was so damn cute! Wiggle wiggle wiggle....hehehe. Was it a boy or a girl?

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